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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Surrounding Atlanta

Throwback Thursday to before the trip:

                                    I made sure to get plenty of snuggle time in with Haxan

Ate lots of bagels. This was a high protein breakfast: avocado mash on a toasted sesame bagel with black beans, black salt, and cayenne. 

                                               granola bowl with berries and almond milk

        Half a chocolate mint Liz Lovely cookie. I mean, I ate a whole one, but here is a half.

                                                   more bagel: pumpernickel with tofu cc

hung out with my friend Kirsten and some of her friends for an anarcho craft night before I left

                  Whole Foods salad bar: kale, sweet potato, tofu cubes, cranberries, nooch

And upon returning, made an oat bowl the next morning. Oats, blueberries, pistachios, goji berries, chopped dried figs, and chopped dried apricots, almond milk.
For all of you who are concerned I didn't spend enough time with Jarrod surrounding the trip, fear not. That post is next time.


  1. Bagels, brownie, salads, oats and fruit - sounds like an ideal couple of days! Love the craft night!

    1. The craft night was nice! I might have ducked out a little early, but it was pretty fun. I made a collage and sewed a patch on some shorts :)

  2. Mmm I wish I had more than one bagel while in New York, it was the best! I see know why bagels are in your repertoire, we don't know how to do them out west.
    Weird that the publisher would chose a classic romance novel font for an Audrey Lorde book.

    1. Yea, the bagels here really can't be beat.
      Haha! It is a very 80s cover, but I like it.

  3. You ate good before, during and after the trip. Kristen looks cool. Looking forward to reading all about the Jarrod quality time;-)

    1. Kirsten is great! I've written about her before. Always posi events with her.

  4. So glad you actually ate the whole cookie, because I don't trust Shen and it taking her 12 days to eat a brownie sometimes.


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