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Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Aah it's been so long! I was in Atlanta for a zine fest this last weekend, but am home now. Let's just recap that stuff first because it's most interesting.

my roommate was out of town as well so my mom stopped by to feed and play with Haxan. the cat food was for her, the almonds and banana were plane snacks.

YES I flew!!! I am pretty scared of flying, this was my airport selfie and I'm pretty sure you can see the terror in my eyes, haha.
I stayed with my friends Ashton and Rachel, who are both vegan and really smart and amazing people. Rachel is also an incredible cook. Saturday morning (the morning of the zine fest) she made monkey bread, a gooey sweet tear-away biscuity bread.

The light in the South is much nicer than up here. Every photo I took felt softer and more gentle, I guess I was also just more relaxed down there in general.

This was my table at the fest. Brought down some of Jarrod's zines to sell as well as my Umlauts and a new feminist crit zine. The people I shared a table with were so nice! You can kinda see in the corner of the photo, Erin K. Wilson's comic Snowbird, which I had read a while back, and loved. At the table were her and her friend Andru Okun who wrote a zine about his Birthright trip and his travels through Palestine and Egypt. Both were so cool to talk to - they also let me know about a zine fest they are hosting in New Orleans in the fall, so maybe I will see them again then.

a small haul - the fest was spread out among 3 adjacent buildings and it was kinda hard to get away from my table and look around. (I also didn't want to make my bag too much heavier.) I wanted to meet Osa Atoe, who writes Shotgun Seamstress, but she was away from her table. I DID find the 3 or so Atlanta anarchists, haha, so we talked for a while. Andru's zine is at the top center, and Rachel, who had a panel on abortion stigma, put together the zine at the bottom.

It was a long day of tabling and I really only snacked on almonds and a CLIF bar so after the fest was over, we went out to an all-vegan place (I can't remember the name). I got a black bean burger with vegan cheese, avocado, tomato, and jalapenos with sweet potato fries. Very, very good, though I ate around the bread.

 Rachel, Ashton, and I visited three separate bookstores. This one, Atlanta Vintage Books, takes care of feral cats. 6 of them live in the store.

                                             This shaggy black one made me miss Haxan!

Technically Ashton and Rachel live in Stone Mountain, about half an hour from downtown Atlanta. We climbed the mountain and got real sweaty. This is the view from the top. You can kind of see the city on the horizon.

I took a NAP after that climb while Rachel made dinner because she is amazing. This is a plate of quinoa, spiced roasted chickpeas, crunchy kale, sweet potatoes, avocado, and a corn muffin. Annie's dressing on top. Their friend Ashley (who also tabled at the zine fest) came over and we ate while watching Naked Lunch.
THEN, at about 10:30, Rachel and I went to a 24 hour Korean spa! You get a pair of shorts and a shirt and can walk around going into a bunch sauna rooms embedded with different crystals and minerals! There was also an ice room we lasted about 3 minutes in, despite the heat outside. At the end of it, we got butt naked with a bunch of strangers and got into some heated pools (and a cold one!) It was amazing. We floated home at 2:30 in the morning and I fell right asleep. I tried to channel those blissed out vibes for the flight back Monday afternoon.

I also wore my crystal cat protection shirt and kept some grounding gems in my pocket. Rachel also kindly prepared a lavender sachet for me to take on the flight.
I am writing this, so obviously I landed safely. Thank you SO so much to Rachel and Ashton for feeding, housing, driving me around, and for talking about overthrowing capitalism. The South is a really interesting place...slower and quieter. I'd like to continue getting to know it and its vegans and radicals.


  1. Phew! glad you made it down and back safely. I would hate to wake up and see the headline that a famous zinester died in plane crash. even more glad your mom took care of Haxan after all the cat sitting you've done.

    1. Well I'm not famous, but I would have been, had I died in a plane crash. I actually thought about how brave you were to move to the VI in that tiny plane!!

    2. Yeah, I was fully prepared to die on that plane. Such was my determination to escape the DC Metro Area. But a Zine Fest is also worth risking one's life for,

  2. Sounds like an amazing trip! The South does move at a slower pace (friendliness and hospitality rock, too!), especially when compared to major metropolis centers, like NYC!! I hope you go back to visit, and now you have to go to New Orleans! Can I just say, a book store that takes in feral awesome.

    Yay for flying and another successful zine fest!!

    1. Yea, everyone I met was super nice.
      New Orleans would be RAD, I hope that happens.
      And I agree, all bookstores need cats - even nicer that they help the feral babies.

  3. Sounds like an awesome trip, worth facing an airplane for :)
    I'm still very impressed you write a zine on a regular basis! Must have been fun to be around and with so many other likeminded writers and readers. And that burger looks like a good one.
    Korean spa sounds like it kicks spa castle a$$.

    1. It was a good time, for sure.
      The zine is getting less and less "regular" but I do need an output for all my brain bubbles.

  4. I totally sympathize re: planes. They are the opposite of fun in every way! But it sounds like you got an excellent trip in exchange for it. Also, my AP Euro history teacher always used to tell us about seeing the laser light show at Stone Mountain. I didn't realize you could climb up it at all! Ha! :)

    1. Haha, yes indeed.
      So funny about yr teacher! I wonder just how long that laser light show has been going on.

  5. Congratulations on the flying! It also makes me feel pretty sick and self medicate with vodka on the plane. Trip looks pretty amazing though with all the zines and food. Any chance Rachel does transatlantic monkey bread deliveries?

    1. Yea, I am currently not drinking but definitely considered a pre-flight beer. Rachel is job searching right now, I was gonna tell her to start a blog but a monkey bread delivery service is a much better idea!


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