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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Stuffs I Didn't Make

Pistachio-Cranberry Muesli from those people who make the chia pods. Complete with tiny spoon in lid. Cute, fine, I should just make this stuff myself.

             "Basic" burrito with black beans, guacamole etc. from Dos Torros. Also fine.

                                         Black bean and corn salsa salad from Paradis.

Avo toast on GF bread with black salt, hemp seeds, cayenne pepper. Still have not stepped up my game to Terry Hope Romero level, but the hemp seeds were a nice touch.

        fiddlehead ferns at the farmer's market. Didn't buy em. I have no idea what to do with em.

                                            Israeli couscous and ratatouille from Paradis.

                                                   Everything bagel without a bite in it.

Met my lovely friend Marta at Bunna Cafe for an Ethiopian "feast for two." Her mom actually owns an Ethiopian place in D.C. but Marta said this was more inventive than what her mom makes. High praise. I also forgot to get a photo of my drink, but it was a refreshing ginger-thyme iced tea.
Now to save some $$$.


  1. I dont know how that Chia Pod company stays in business. i didnt like their product and I have yet to hear tell of anyone who liked it. The Avo Toast looks the best. Not enuf Cream Cheese on the Everything Bagel, the Fiddlehead Ferns can just be sauteed with S&P, my Ethiopian days are over -- it is all heartburn city now for me.

    1. Too bad because I sure am lazy. Liquiteria makes an awesome chia pudding but it's sooo expensive.
      Yeah, the bagel was from Think Coffee and the dude who makes the bagels in the am is kinda stingy with cc. But it's ok.

  2. I can get pickled fiddleheads at my farmers market, the texture was good but they made the brine too salty, I rinsed them off before eating. I've had them steamed too, I'd compare them to asparagus.

    1. Oooh hmm I love anything pickled. Yeah, I've heard the asparagus comparison before as well. They just seem like they need more washing and more prep.

  3. Get the fiddleheads! They're only in season briefly- they don't keep well so buy and cook within a day or two. Best sauteed or as stirfry, and yeah, kinda like asparagus.
    I actually really liked the chia pods i tried but its too easy to make my own for soooo much less. Was the museli seperate or already mixed in?
    And that ethiopian meal- whoah! How could you ever tell what was what??

    1. Yea! I've heard they're only really around for a week or so! I'll check Wednesday, maybe. my roommate loves em.
      I should just make one big chia vat and eat it all week long. Yea.
      The museli was all together - oats, chia, nuts, and cranberries. Plus some sort of sweetener and almond milk.
      Haha I don't concern myself with what's what at Bunna - it's all good, and all vegan so I just dig in. though their mushroom dish and cold beet dish are my favorites, besides the standard lentil mush.

  4. If you ever buy fiddlehead ferns, make sure to almost overcook them! If you don't, you might get a food poisoning.
    The spring my mother didn't recall me to do so, I only blanch* them and got, oh my, so sick. Never ate them since.

  5. You just reminded me that I have about a zillion hemp seed samples I need to eat! Also, buy avocados. Thanks for the PSA.

  6. What a sick Ethiopian spread! I just took someone out for birthday lunch at the lone Ethiopian place around here last week, and man, it was good. I should really get with Kittee's recipes already and make it a regular part of my life.

    I haven't tried those chia pods, and I tend to avoid buying anything I can easily make at home, but I will say those kinds of whole-foods-y snacks are the nicest find when you're traveling.


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