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Friday, May 8, 2015

Juicy J

Well this has been a crazy week. I've been all over the place emotionally but underlying it all is a lot of frustration and stress from work which has made me sick! Lots of juice, a few unphotographed raw garlic cloves, some tea.
Also this:

This is J's roommates' dog, Reno! She's yappy but fun to play with, especially since Hax is such a lump. They were out of town for a weekend so we walked Reno. It was good to get out. Sometimes she throws this ring onto her nose and wears it; it's very cute.

Lunch one day - the mediterranean salad from Bite. With some anarcha-feminist reading. The dude tried to clear away my plate before I could swipe the pita into my bag! But I stopped him. Bite has the best pita - it's soft and chewy and they warm it on a grill but it's filling, so I'd rather eat the salad first and the pita later.

                                     Killer XX juice from Liquiteria. Very spicy, very good.

                  spinach/tempeh/red cabbage/cucumber salad with pepper, Braggs, and AVC

           awkward angle of a nice breakfast: LPQ blueberry muffin and coffee with soy milk

a delicious snack: chia pudding with raw cacao, almond milk, maple syrup, and raspberries! I oughta make this.

maoz falafel salad: mixed greens, falafel, onion salsa, carrot salad, beet salad, red cabbage, cilantro sauce, and tahini. No slouch.

                                                          All-Green juice from Liquiteria

J and I stopped by ABC No Rio for Freddy Alva's 1990 hardcore matinee retrospective. It was rad! Terry Romero was there :D I took a shot of this feminist/veg-positive Born Against flyer, bought a zine and a patch. J ran into some friends, we almost got food with them but walked home across the Williamsburg Bridge instead.

As if he weren't the raddest for a million other reasons, J dropped off some vegan rugelach for me at work. I shared.

more juice! This stuff was on sale for pretty cheap at a local grocery store so I picked up this beet juice and one other flavor. It's pretty good, nothing special.

Haxan may be a lump who doesn't play catch or tug of war, but she's my lump who doesn't play catch or tug of war. Also she is way fuzzier and softer and squishier than Reno. She also has a good ability to catch the sun spots.
Enjoy the weekend, peeps.


  1. I'm sorry you aren't feeling well but even when feeling under the weather you manage to have beautiful meals and a great post! Seems like you found yourself a good dude too! I'm especially digging the Mediterranean and Falafel salad (I know, shocking) and that apricot ruggeluch! Yummy! I have always wanted to try to make vegan ruggeluch so I think this is going to be good inspiration :)

    Feel better and enjoy your weekend!

    1. making yr own vegan rugelach sounds really difficult but I bet you could pull it off. I think I will stick to letting hot babes bring it to me.

  2. I tried to make some banana chia pudding this morning because my stomach has been on the blink, but it was the color of grey barf and I had to add blueberries so I could eat it. Seems OK so far.

    Haxan is the best kind of cuddle-lump, and after all, that's what we need isn't it?

    1. Haha, chia pudding is definitely NOT the most beautiful meal. I even have a hard time looking at the frozen brown bananas I pull out of the freezer. Thank goodness for blueberries.
      Haxan is being super cuddly right now :)

  3. Oh man, feel better! All that juice and lots of tasty salads out to do it. :) I want one of those XX juices -- ALL THE SPICE!

  4. Reno is now is the running for cutest pup on a vegan blog, alongside Remy and 89.

    So how stressful can working in a bookstore be? seems like it would be peaceful, plus you're unionized so no fear of layoffs.

    Great looking grub. Gotta give yourself credit for that.

    1. I'll try to get more pictures of her for you at some point. She's really sweet.
      my department at work was basically destroyed and they ruined our camaraderie by parking the managers and a bunch of perky new twits back there so it's pretty infuriating. No layoffs but they can make it as hard as they can for us to want to work there, especially since most of the people in my department have been there for a while and therefore get paid more. Of course they want us gone.

    2. That is why god invented headphones.

  5. Take care, rest and relax, avoid the sick times -I've finally kicked my three weeks of sick suck. At least you've got a uber adorable pooch to pet and looks like you are treating your body to nutrient rich eats and anarcha-feminist readings are always good for the soul! xo

    1. I'm sorry you were sick! The pets are making me feel better - I hope you and Luka chilled as well.


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