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Monday, May 4, 2015

Fahkin Boston, Ked!!

That's the proper spelling; I checked.
Thursday after work J and I took the bus up to Boston for a hardcore show. It was a short trip but fun as hell.

I didn't eat dinner because my stomach was still feeling a little weird. Kevita probiotic kombucha sounded like a safer bet. This was a great flavor.
The ride up was a little long, mostly uneventful, other than the bus driver yelling at riders and telling us how much he wanted to get home to Southie to his mom's clam chowder (chowdah?)

                                              rest stop selfie, lookin like the bag lady I am
We got into South Station and hightailed it to J's friend's place, where we were kindly put up for the night.
The next morning, out in Dorchester...

Whole wheat bagel with peanut butter and coffee for each (iced for him, hot for me.) Large coffees are actually large in Boston.

Public Garden. It was overcast and a little chilly, but a nice morning to walk around. We went through downtown, the Fens (past Fenway Park), and Harvard Square.

                                                                    Falafel Palace

We stopped in for some treats at Veggie Galaxy. All-vegan baked goods. Citrus Coconut cake for me,

                                                    Chocolate-Cherry cheesecake for J
We dropped our bags at an Air BnB we stayed at for the next night and then headed back into town to the Elks Lodge aka Hardcore Stadium.

This was honestly one of the best shows I've been to. The energy in Boston is way fucking better than in New York. This shot is with Think I Care playing. They are local dudes I didn't know too well, but I was totally blown away. Opening was Boston Strangler, who I dig, and Infest (from CA) headlining.
We crashed hard after the show, having to catch the bus back to NYC the next morning at 9.

                       Fruit cup on the bus, plus an unpictured Luna bar later during the ride.

Reading material for the ride back. Keepin it NYC despite newfound respect for the BHC scene.


  1. If I was lucky enough to live in NYC, there is no f*ckin way I would take the bus to DC or Boston. Makes no sense.

    1. Not even for Infest? I gotta tell you, this city gets old

    2. Ingrate. i got some old books on punk rock I may haul to the PO one of these days. If you dont want em, you can toss wm.

  2. If what you are pulling off is 'bag lady' then -hell yeah- you do it in style ;)
    I like that the batch looks like a leg band. Fast & furious hardcore weekend, you are one lovely, lucky punk!

    1. Haha thanks! Yea it was a rad weekend, we packed a fair amount in. I think we are going back next month for a show encore!

  3. Weekends like this are necessary. They refresh the system.

    1. Just saw ur Philly post. I agree.

  4. Yay for road trips! I can't read "Harvard Square" without hearing in the voice of the Car Talk guys.

  5. hahah yea. J has a pretty great accent too when he wants to

  6. Coconut cheesecake and hardcore? I'd call that a whole weekend of win.


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