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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Boring Food but Punk Music


                         Creamy buckwheat with peanut butter and molasses. Black cawfee.

Done got some groceries. Avocado, 2 zucchini, cucumber, sweet potato, ginger, snack bar, blueberries, tomatoes, hummus.

                                  And bananas, always bananas. Broccoli and collards too.

                                               Bobo's lemon poppyseed flavor oat bar.
Went out with my folks and cousin to take a look at some of the Bushwick art galleries. Here's me and my cousin, and some graffiti my mom wanted us to pose with, haha.

We stopped at a bar afterward and each had one beer. I think I got a Singlecut, which is a beer brewed in Astoria, Queens.

                 Ho hum, I know, more creamy buckwheat with peanut butter and banana.

                                Collard wrap! Hummus, avocado, tomato, carrot, zucchini

WF salad: roasted butternut squash, roasted bell pepper, chickpeas, kale, garlic tahini dressing
I guess there hasn't been too much exciting food this week, I was kind of busy. I made a curryish soup that somehow went undocumented. Then I saw a friend's band play, and a movie with a cool dude, and a show at C-Squat on Friday:

C-Squat is um...well, a punk squat house. It's technically owned by the occupants at this point, when they bought it from the city for a dollar, after having put a ton of work into restoring the dilapidated building. They have punk shows in the basement and there is now a "Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space" next door. Los Crudos played last weekend (!!) , on Friday I saw Miscegenator and All Cracked Up (which is basically Leftover Crack, but they draw too big a crowd with that name, so.)
Here is some video someone took of the show. I'm somewhere in that pit. Wild times. Feels like home.


  1. That Ginger reminds me of sumthin...

    How come you are always changing your look?

    so when will you have your first post-lenten Bagel? How laden with Tofu Cream Cheese will it be?

    1. Is it a ball sack, Shen?
      Not sure what you mean, I've had my look since 1996.
      I FORGOT ALL ABOUT BAGELS!!! I will get one SOON. Extra cream cheeze.

    2. You are sure forgetting a lot of stuff lately...must pre-occupied with something...something with a ball sack perhaps....

  2. Always bananas, always collards - I can't believe I use to snub bananas? I want to eat breakfast again but with molasses and peanut butter this time! Los Crudos! Be careful in those pits -a place to lose shoes (done it) have your lip split (that too) get kicked in the head (yup) and the worst of all have your vag grabbed (Grrr pisses me off to no end!) I have enough hearing damage from shows past, firing guns and power tools; I'm always on the fringe with ear plugs in, my pit days have passed :(

    1. I used to snub bananas too! Not sure why.
      Yeah I actually got two black eyes at that show, haha! And my cheekbone has a lump on it too... But no lasting damage...maybe the ears, yeah.

  3. Yay for punk rock shows and buckwheat. I know you say buckwheat is boring but I'd forgotten it even existed until now. And now I want some with pb and molasses.

    1. It is a nice change of pace from oatmeal at the very least.
      Everything's better with PB...

  4. Oh man that video gave me all the feelings! I was just at a basement show last week for the first time in ages and had a similar "feels like home" feeling. That said, I did also feel..old. :/ It was still wonderful, but I also know it's not part of my life like it used to be. Or it's still part of my life just in a different way. I think I'm okay with that.

    Love that class war art. : )

    Also, yay for pics of you, we so rarely get to see yr face! <3

    1. Aw, right on! Up the punks! I always end up feeling energized and young! I mean, I definitely need more time to recuperate after a show, but it's nice to know we can still get down! (Haha, is that an old person phrase or what?)

  5. Last week I found a bag of creamy buckwheat at the back of the cupboard — forgot all about it. I wonder if it's still good. I also planted collards, but too late, I know.


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