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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Staycation pt. 2

My weekend is just beginning, suckers!! And today was pretty good. Leaving the house is good. Food is good.

Drank not-enough coffee at home, decided to buy this caffeinated Suja (thanks, Shen! Ya got me hooked again) at work on Friday. Yes, I do go to work sometimes.

         Also ate the slightly smushed espresso bean chocolate-covered Cocomels. Soo good.

The next day I was craving more Cocomels, but the store only sold these. They're good too. Shared some around.

         Dinner sandwich. Toasted GF bread, Tofurky, spinach, onion, avocado, mustard.

Saturday breakfast: toasted blueberry cornbread with Tofutti schmear. I can't eat bagels til Easter, but I had some leftover cc so I had to use it somehow!

salad for lunch: spinach, avocado, carrot, red cabbage, baked tofu with olive oil and ACV

Saturday night I went to see the REAL show that I mistakenly tried to attend last week, haha! I saw Casual Dots with OLDEST!! Casual Dots are riot grrrl/math rock? with members from Slant 6/Quix*o*tic and Bikini Kill; Oldest are kinda metal-y: Mick Barr (an incredible guitarist) and Brooks Headley (old school DC punk, played in Born Against and United Order of Armageddon - now he is pastry chef at fancy Del Posto!) It was SUCH a good show. Really awesome energy.

This morning I got home almost frustrated with hunger. Made a quick, simple smoothie: spinach, banana, coffee flavored protein powder, and almond milk....

                               and a piece of GF toast with peanut butter and apricot jam

Then I headed into the city for research and fun... The research part was going through the ABC No Rio zine library. ABC No Rio is a "collectively-run center for art and activism" and a "venue for oppositional culture" that's been on the Lower East Side since 1980. They have a silkscreening studio and darkroom as well as the zine library, and all-ages punk matinees on weekends. It's one of the raddest places in the city. Fun mural too.

As you can see, it snowed all day, but other stops in the city included Babeland, Bluestockings, a bar, and Economy Candy (I didn't buy any candy, if you can believe it.)

                                                       no one dining outside tonight...

When I got home, I made spaghetti and topped it with sauteed onions, garlic, tempeh, and collards. And sauce.
A good day. I hope to get out and about tomorrow too...but now to read and work on a new zine.


  1. Well, another winner post. I would say those Cocomels were more smashed than smushed. So glad you paired the Apricot jam with PB instead of Tahini. Imaginative Sandwich AND Pasta. Thanks for all the inspiration.

    1. Smashed or smushed, they tasted great.
      Yeah, what was I thinking with that tahini and jam?? Haha, nah, I liked that combo but it was best on that dark rye bread, which I haven't bought in a while.

  2. Great post!! Looks like a great staycation so far!! Where did you find the chocolate covered cocomels with the espresso bean?! I haven't been able to find them anywhere. I can only find the ones without chocolate. Great looking sandwich and pasta. I'm so jealous of that cornbread, it looks delicious!

    Enjoy the rest of your staycation!

    1. Shen very kindly mailed the cocomels to me, I haven't seen them otherwise either.
      One more piece of cornbread to go, this was not actually my best batch but the schmear helped.

  3. Now that coffee suja looks awesome! Glad your show was worth going to see twice ;)
    Crazy morning hunger makes me....hangry. Yeah horrible word but apt description. Pb and smoothies are a great cure. Back in high school after crazy swim team practice i would smear pb on a cliff bar to fix crazy hunger fast. (in the dark ages when it was just power bars-yuck- or cliff bars, which i love to this day)
    Enjoy the rest of your staycation, sounds fabulous so far!

    1. Haha, yeah I should have told the guys how dedicated I am.
      Hahah I hate that Hangry word, but I totally know the feeling, yea.
      Wow pb on a Clif bar sounds super intense! I do like them too, though. Old standards :)

  4. I can see now how anticlimactic last weeks show/the wrong show must have felt, so good it met your expectations! Ugh I feel for you still in the wintery depths of snow. Farmers out west are now listing all the fruit that is blossoming too early for the bees.
    No Rio is awesome! Plus Babeland and Bluestockings, that's a kickass day out :)

    1. Haha, I actually enjoyed last week's show, I was just very confused. But yes this week's was great! I was afraid it was going to sell out at the door (it eventually did) and almost didn't go at all bc I'd be so disappointed if I didn't get it. That doesn't make sense, I know.
      Have you visited NY before?? Yeah, Rio is so amazing to have here, especially since all the rest of the stuff like that has basically been priced out of the city.

  5. you shared them around?! I would have stabbed anyone in the hand with a fork if they tried to take one of those Cocomels. Gig looks pretty good too!

    1. Haha, well, I shared with the vegan co-worker who always gives me treats for no reason! He deserved a throwback.

  6. I neeeed a chocolate covered cocomel! I'm also mad jealous of your snow, so pretty.

  7. Back in prehistoric times before I was vegan, the only candy I really loved was caramel — yet I've never had Cocomels. Maybe I didn't know they were vegan. Have I been under a rock? Your weather is not so appealing to me as the food — especially the salad (as usual), and the spaghetti. I really like the collards in the sauce!


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