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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Everything Else Lately

Paradis lunch salad. I need to go grocery shopping.

                                       Spinach, quinoa, sweet potato, chickpea salad.

           A vegan, gluten-free chocolate-walnut cookie, also from Paradis. It wasn't great.

Falafel salad from maoz. I had never been here before because I am not super into chains, especially when there is falafel aplenty in NYC, but this was pretty good falafel and a ton of awesome options to throw on. I had a green mix, carrot salad, beet salad, falafel, hummus, olives, a spicy cilantro sauce, and tahini.

                                    Empty bowl with a new friend's political/short story zine.

                                          Another political zine, with raspberry leaf tea.

I'm tabling at the Brooklyn Zine Fest at the end of April. The organizers put together a one-night zine pop-up library to preview some of the zines that will be there. I went and was inspired. It was great.

                At a bar. I didn't drink it, but there was a beer called Worker's Comp! Next time.

                                snacky. This chili flavor rules. It tastes like pizza pistachios!

                            a banana, protein powder, coffee, rice milk, and cocoa smoothie.
                                                                That's all for now.

Monday, March 30, 2015


Coffee and cara cara orange:

Kit's Organic bar. This flavor wasn't great. Too chia-y, which made it kinda dry.

Dates and peanut butter are a quick, easy go-to lately.

or blackberries! 

I was bummed to hear the Whole Soy & Co is closing for real this time! I like their texture and flavors best of almost all vegan yogurts I've had so far. I like the SoDelicious vanilla, but it's expensive!

So I tried to stock up, well, as much as you can stock up on yogurts. They do go bad at some point...

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Isa's Edamame Hummus

Sooo I made Isa's edamame hummus from Isa Does It, with a few spice alterations, just because I didn't have the exact spices it called for - namely, wasabi, which would have made this greener and spicier. Instead I went a cayenne/curry route.

                                               here it is being whipped together

and extra-firm tofu that had been pressed, being cooked up in a hot pan with sesame oil and some salt

                                                                     ~cat break!!!~

Isa suggests serving the hummus/tofu in a wrap with sprouts. I couldn't find sprouts in any nearby stores (but check yr local farmer's markets!) Instead I used a collard as a wrap, sliced some carrots and tomatoes in.

Alternate use: dinner plate. Red cabbage leaves (also used like a wrap,) some pretty yellow tomatoes, hummus, dehydrated black olives, tofu cubes, carrot sticks. Yeah!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Snow food, Spring food

The first day of Spring:

Which meant a lot of this:

Although I did go out in it later and meet my friend. We picked up a 4-pack of this beer:

The next day, in beautiful weather, to CoCoLin for an early dinner, then meeting another friend for more drinks.

This was vegetable pad thai: awesome, awesome. Lots of vegetables and some decent chunks of tofu.

                                                                        at the bar...

I gotta use up the creamy buckwheat before it's too warm to eat. This is cooked with water, then a splash of vanilla soy milk. Topped with peanut butter and banana.
Later, a raw collard salad with carrot ribbons, sunflower feta, and tomatoes:

 That's all I've got from the last two days for you so far.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Mostly Green

More days off have been lovely and productive.

A pistachio glazed/lemon filled doughnut from Dunwell's with coffee while I collage the cover of a new zine...

                                           Evolution green juice for a quick vegetable fix

Baked oatmeal raisin cookies (VCIYCJ), most of which I gave to my friend but saved some in the freezer...

Finished Gena's Buckwheat-Beet-Orange salad with sunflower feta. So pretty and really delicious.

Some Jameson and Yeats for St. Patrick's day. My brother is working in Japan this month and couldn't celebrate, so he asked I drink whiskey for him. I couldn't say no!

           Color-coded lunch! More beet-buckwheat salad, while reading a 33 1/3 about Hole.

Collard wrap with Gena's spinach-mushroom burgers, beets, tomato, and hummus. I've eaten this three times so far.

                                                 Kashi GoLean Crisp with banana

                                                     And here is Haxan on my lap :)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Choosing Raw Recipes

With the beautifulling weather, eating habits are changing. Been spending a lot of time with Gena's recipes which, these days are less raw but still colorful, delicious, healthy, and full of everything good.
From her cook book, pumpkin seed nori rolls:

All rolled up and swirly. Very tasty. There is an option to dehydrate them; I ate them fresh. A filling snack.
Similar in technique, I made her sunflower feta, which is on her blog (I plan on making the whole beet/buckwheat recipe soon.)

I also made her spinach mushroom burgers today (recipe in the cookbook) which are also a base of ground pumpkin seeds, pureed up with spinach, marinated mushrooms, carrot, celery, and spices. They didn't look like much before cooking, and I was afraid I added too much liquid...

But they cooked up pretty nicely. I'll probably eat em in a collard wrap or something, in true Gena style.
Other stuff I ate today:

spinach, frozen banana, coffee flavored protein powder, cocoa powder, rice milk and water smoothie

                                                            pb and apricot jam
                                                     That's all for now. See ya later.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Work Week

Hey there, Hi there, Ho there neighborinos. I have been at work all week :( so here are some packed lunches, snacks at my desk, and no adventures:

Another new bar. Evolution (which makes those green juices I like so much) bar. This flavor was pepita, almond, raisin, and cranberry. Not so sweet and crunchier than LARAbars since it has a nut base, rather than fruit.

            Raw collards, adzuki beans, Treeline cashew cheese, and tomato salad for lunch.

Chelsea Hodson's chapbook-sized essay, Pity the Animal, on commodification of female bodies and the nature of submission. This was a quick read: I finished it on my lunch break while eating a tangelo.

Rice, tofu, grated carrot, steamed broccoli with rice vinegar, soy sauce, red pepper flakes, and sesame oil. Like a stir fry, but cooked separately.

                     Leftover rice, raw collards, tomato, and tofu with Braggs and sriracha.

                                             ABC Cocaroon (chocolate-coconut) cookie

After reading Abby's review of The Bean's new vegan offerings from Champs, and after having that Haymarket pain au chocolat the other day (I believe that was a Champs good too) I braved The Bean's coffee and picked up a croissant. Even though it was late in the day, the croissant was still flaky and delicious. The Bean's coffee is always so bad, though. I guess I didn't really need to buy a coffee since I just wanted the croissant, but it's nice to have something to sip with a pastry. First world problems, I guess.

Today's smoothie: spinach, frozen banana, cranberries, vanilla protein powder, lemon juice, rice milk + water
I still have a few makings for a meal prepared, but thought it would be good to pick up some groceries for the week:

            bananas, tomatoes, hummus, red cabbage, blackberries, portabella mushrooms

                     beets, avocados, collards, scallions, celery, an onion, and peanut butter

It was $28.11 for the haul. I have specific plans for some of it. I'll show ya that stuff tomorrow.