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Monday, February 9, 2015

Lunches and Sweets + Worriers/Pinkwash/Downtown Boys

Continued from the past week. I'll try to do better to post more regularly this week, so as to not overload you. Or to eat more boring food that doesn't need to be photographed.

          Learning to love the West Coast: healthy green juice alongside a book about LA punk.

I made Gena's Adzuki bean, Japanese yam, and cabbage bowl. Such a perfect balance of flavors and combination of texture. AS USUAL.

Rediscovering my love of purple cabbage with this bowl: greens, avocado, tofu, cabbage, shredded carrot with a peanut sauce on top. The peanut sauce was peanut butter, rice vinegar, agave, soy sauce, red pepper flakes, hing powder, and water.

                           Paradis lunch. Chickpea and cauliflower salad with tomato relish.

                                                            Snowing more out here.

Early Valentine's day flower I took from the free box outside the florist. Peacefood chocolate chip cookie.
Guess who's in town?? Jenny from Vegan and So Forth! She was here for a brief trip with one of her beautiful daughters. We had plans to meet up at Dunwell Donuts, but the subways wanted something else. In any case, I got there just before they closed and bought 6 donuts for us. I forgot to take any photos as I was eating, but here are two I took home with me:

                                                           Vanilla with Sprinkles

                                                              And a Plain Glazed.
It was actually a good thing I got there so late; I didn't have to choose from a million flavors. Keeps things simple.
Later that night I went to a Don Giovanni record label show and had an awesome time. Love pretty much every band on that label. If you get a chance to hear any of these guys, please check them out. Especially Downtown Boys.

Worriers: a "melodic punk collective." I'd heard a lot of good stuff about them, but this was the first time hearing the music. Real nice. Bonus: Audrey from Little Waist (another awesome queer pop punk band from Brooklyn) playing bass that night.

Pinkwash! This was my first time hearing about them. They're a punk post-hardcore duo. Just drums and guitar, based in Philly. Blew me the fuck away, even though I wanted not to like them since I thought Downtown Boys were about to play instead and since they took so long to set up with equipment issues. But SO GOOD.

Downtown Boys, who I love and have seen about 3 or 4 times now. They have so much powerful energy. A "bi, bi-lingual political dance sax punk party from Providence, RI." They always get into the crowd and really get everyone moving. The drummer crowd surfs on top of the drum and dives off into people. What more can you ask for?
So yeah, punk music and vegan food = winwinwinwinwinwin. I also ran into Kirsten at the show, the vegan punk friend I met back at another concert over the summer three days before she moves to Colorado! What a magical punk world this is.
TTYL dudes.


  1. Punk abounds! Reads and beats sounds like a good time!

    I need to try Gena's recipes.

    No, Kirsten - don't do it! I know I just read a report saying that we are the top place to move for young people - but I've never seen traffic this bad, and housing shortages spike rental rates! Aaaaah!

    1. Kirsten is pretty resourceful so I think she'll be okay but that is sad news to hear about the city.

  2. One of these days, I will get to NYC and I will get to Dunwell. It will happen.

  3. Jenny really does love those Dunwell donuts! Too bad the meetup didn't work out. I'm assuming you took the concert photos, and I LOVE them. The colors and shapes are so great. If the concerts were half as good as the photos, they must have been amazing.

    1. Oh, well, we did meet up but only after they had closed.
      Thanks, glad you like the photos! I tried not to take too many and focus on the show but wanted to share a few pictures!

  4. Oooo it makes me pine for a show so bad!! We had a brief streak of amazing -metal- shows but the promoter screwed over Deicide and that was the end of it :( Love Japanese yams! Got some good punk karma going on! More sax -you can always ask for more sax.

    1. Ooh Deicide is a cool show though. Can't imagine too many bands make it up to yr parts.

    2. It was! despite being a complete disaster! I'll email you about it cause it was tragically hilarious. We are well suited to snag bands between city shows, we just need promoters willing to put in the hard work finagling. It's a shame she blew it cause she got Kataklysm, Cryptopsy, Napalm Death and Obituary! She was on a glorious roll.

  5. Your days are delicious!
    The nut butter sauce sounds damned good. I'm not so into raw cabbage in the winter but i keep loving it roasted (cut wedges it a little core at the bottom so the hold together). Paradis lunching looks great too.
    Those donuts! Yum!
    And seriously you would think this was the first time nyc had a winter with all the subway and transportation issues.

    Agreed that half an avocado is ideal for the avo toast proportion. Ideally 50/50 avo to toast ratio :)

  6. Hey!!! It was great to see you! Thank you again for the doughnuts!!!!


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