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Monday, January 19, 2015

Eating while the Eating's Good

Another strawberry-peach smoothie with coconut milk and vanilla protein powder:

More stuff from the WF salad bar:

Detox salad, roasted sweet potatoes, falafel, tomatoes

A salad I made, spinach, radicchio, roasted sweet potato, black olives, hemp seeds, and nooch.

                                                                        Night walks.

                                                                     More cat sitting

                                                        Espresso machine at the folks'

                         espresso, toasted sesame bagel with garlic and chive tofu cream cheese

Oddly, my parents are out of bowls??? Or, I can't find them. So I used the Shen Method on a grapefruit.
Going to PS1 today with Alicia. Have a peaceful Martin Luther King day.


  1. Beautiful post! I love the night walk and cat silhouette photos! Ooh, I would have a hard time limiting myself with that espresso machine, nothing better than a fresh brew! Maybe I missed it - which vanilla powder do you use? I'm about out of Vega and thinking about trying something different.

    1. Oh, I looove the espresso machine. It's terrible, I drink it like regular coffee.
      Sorry, the vanilla protein powder I use is Garden of Life Raw. It's pretty much the only brand I buy. I also have a marley coffee flavor, but the vanilla was recently on sale and seemed more versatile.

    2. We had an espresso maker once but burned through it in a year -either we used it a lot or it was kind of cheap, both are true. Low tech now with an aeropress, pour over & a chemex, I really need to add a good french press to the kitchen. When I make espresso on the stove I drink the whole pot - coffee's gotta be strong!

    3. At home I use a French Press - I love it!

  2. it isnt so hard to peel a Grapefruit, is it?

    Spending a lot of time with Alicia lately.

    Picked better stuff off the WF's Salad Bar this post.

    1. It wasn't hard to peel, but it was messy to eat! Do you just spit the seeds out? Pick around them? The membranes are also kinda tough, I tried to pick that off too and just got juice everywhere. But it'll do in a pinch. Plus I feel like I lose a lot of the grapefruit just cutting segments out.
      Alicia and I both went though a fair amount of similar shit recently, and it's good to have a person to talk to. We didn't end up going to the museum, though.
      Thanks, no beets this time, right?

    2. "Membranes;" I hate 'em. Only eat the pulp, but never in juice.

  3. Great post with beautiful meals! A strawberry peach smoothie sounds so good and the color is gorgeous. I'm also jealous of your access to the espresso machine :) gotta love bagels and this kitty pic is the best!!

    1. The smoothie did not disappoint.
      The bagel was only okay, though. Ya win some, ya lose some.

  4. You make me want hemp! I had hemp chutney once at a Nepalese restaurant, and have always hungered after eating it again. Oh Nepal, why are your pickles not more accessilble!?


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