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Monday, January 26, 2015


Heard kinda last minute about the snowstorm headed our way. Who knows how much we'll actually end up with. In any case, I figured it would be prudent to be sure I had groceries on hand. Mondays are my usual prep days anyway, and I haven't been so good at that lately.

Grocery haul: tomatoes, spinach, more tomatoes, avocado, string beans, mushrooms, bread, canned beans

two sweet potatoes, a lemon, and an onion. Also bought carrots that somehow didn't make it into the photo. $20.75 total.

              A quick collard wrap dinner (actually I had two) before heading out for the night.

                      spinach + artichoke hummus, tomato, carrot, mushroom and sriracha.

Had some coffee at my friend's place this morning and headed home. I did not stop for a bagel OR a donut because I knew I was gonna make an awesome breakfast with yesterday's groceries.

Turned the oven on high but opened the window for some air. Haxan investigated the beginnings of the snow, but not for very long. She then retreated to my bed.

"Roasted Things" from Isa Does It - mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes - all with olive oil, s+p, and thyme.

Also, toast with EB and cannellini beans. Kinda like a veganized full English breakfast. But I had coffee, not tea, and no snausage.
                                            Bundled up and went up to the roof. No further.

Finally I made and ate Smoky Split Pea Soup from Appetite for Reduction. I accidentally made it too salty, but it was nicely smoky and spicy from smoked paprika.

Stay warm and safe, you guys! Hope you all have some soup or a pet or a person to snuggle up with.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

From England

Here is Haxan, because I know you have been missing her. I have been too.

Here is a smoothie:

Peach, banana, strawberry, vanilla protein powder, and a handful of spinach with almond milk.

Roasted up a bunch of carrots and tomatoes in walnut oil with salt and pepper to put on salads for the week. So there were a lot of this repeat salad - raw collard salad, roasted veg, tofu. Later added tahini-turmeric dressing and nooch.

     Bought this frozen Daiya pizza on sale, feeling completely uninspired and too tired to cook.

                                                      Not bad. Lots of basil and garlic.

                                              It snowed yesterday. Slushed my way to work.

Spent this morning inside, drinking coffee and reading Claudia Rankine's Citizen. Really loving it so far.

But it was much warmer today, and the snow was mostly melted so I got off my hibernating heiney and biked to my folks' house.
Had lunch there, cooked by my mom:

Broccoli rabe with mushrooms and shallots in soy sauce, quinoa with kidney beans, and avocado + tomato.
They also brought me back an Orange-Lemongrass-Hibiscus infusion from a tea shop in Bath, which was very nice.

Always appreciative of warm things to drink. Ta ta for now, as the Brits say.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Zines, lunches, etc.

First and foremosterly, I finished a new issue of Marmalade Umlaut, finally. It was a fun one.

Breakfast grapefruit carnage:

            Lunch of raw collard salad, roasted sweet potato, tomato, hemp seeds, and nooch.

                                                   Happy Hour drinks with Rachel.

A nice treat. Had to buy breakfast this morning but the coffee shop didn't have BAGELS!!! so I had to resort to running back to Whole Foods for fruit and grabbed this coffee drink instead.

Also unprepared for lunch today, but this was nice instead. WF salad bar: spicy cauliflower, roasted coconut curry butternut squash, and spiced tofu with bell peppers. Interesting assortment of flavors. Staying at the dude's is always cool but I hate having to buy lunch (and breakfast.) In case you couldn't tell, I have been at a loss for where to go for lunch - the WF salad bar is not the most interesting option, but it's the closest and I know there is guaranteed to be something vegan and halfway decent.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Eating while the Eating's Good

Another strawberry-peach smoothie with coconut milk and vanilla protein powder:

More stuff from the WF salad bar:

Detox salad, roasted sweet potatoes, falafel, tomatoes

A salad I made, spinach, radicchio, roasted sweet potato, black olives, hemp seeds, and nooch.

                                                                        Night walks.

                                                                     More cat sitting

                                                        Espresso machine at the folks'

                         espresso, toasted sesame bagel with garlic and chive tofu cream cheese

Oddly, my parents are out of bowls??? Or, I can't find them. So I used the Shen Method on a grapefruit.
Going to PS1 today with Alicia. Have a peaceful Martin Luther King day.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Lunches + Ladies

There is a sale on Abe's mini muffins so I'm buying and eating a lot of them. These are cranberry zest. Not too zesty, but tasty.

One lunch prepared by me, and then two prepared by other people because I've been busy and kind of running around lately.

                 Raw kale salad, sweet potato, chickpeas, avocado, and turmeric dressing.
Whole Food salad bar:

                         tabbouleh, falafel, hummus, shredded beets, and roasted eggplant.

From Paradis. Peanut rice noodles with radishes, cilantro, and sambal roasted Brussels sprouts.
Been eating a lot of citrus.

Here's a cute lil segment from a cara cara orange.
My awesome friend Alicia invited me and a few other ladies to her apartment the other night to talk about feminism and what it means to be a female these days. It was a good time with some really chill people. So lucky to have supportive, creative, intelligent, hilarious female friends in my life.

This is a picture of Alicia's pup, Booger! He was a doll. I'm kind of allergic to dogs but I wanted to throw my arms around him.
From her place, I went to my parents' house. They are in Bath, England, so I am occasionally stopping by their house to take care of the cats (on days I'm not there, other people stop by.)

I was up early and took this photo of Cicero watching the world wake up outside the window.
Enjoy the weekend, duuuudes.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Breakfast, Beer, and Books

On the way back home from my friend's house the other morning I jumped off the train to stop at Dunwell's.
Got coffee and a carrot cake-coconut donut.

It was smallish and cakey, which I like more than yeasted style. It fills me up more. Not that I should be having sugar for breakfast anyway, but whatever.
Later I had a healthier breakfast snack:

                                    Avo toast with black salt, cayenne, and hemp seeds.
It was a cold, rainy day, so I made a warming, filling soup with leftover cooked red lentils.

I sauteed garlic, ginger, onion, and red pepper flakes in coconut oil, added the cooked red lentils and half a can of coconut milk. Added curry powder, turmeric, salt, a bit of water, and spinach and let it heat through. Voila, curried-coconut red lentil soup. Easy and fast.
Later that night, I was scheduled to read a poem at my local library for the installation of some new board members.
Here is how I prepared:

Here is the library, lit up:

And here is me, reading:

Today's meals were simple leftovers.

                                          Kashi with sliced banana and coconut milk

Lunch was raw kale salad, roasted carrots, chickpeas, and turmeric dressing.
Dinner was more of the red lentil soup, and that's all she wrote.
See you soon.