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Monday, December 22, 2014

Holiday Liquids

'Twas the week before Christmas and everyone was busy as a mother.
Happy Hannukah, Happy Solstice, Happy Upcoming Christmas. I keep taking photos and not blogging, so I'll have to break up the posts. I'm feeling pretty ill right now so let's all just soothe our eyes and stomachs on soups and beverages of late:

                        Miso soup. Miso, spices, carrot, mushroom, broccoli, tofu, seaweed

Suja special edition Under the Mistletoe on sale. Really good! It tasted like raw chocolate peppermint milk. Ashwaganda tea is the last ingredient in here, which is supposedly an ancient aphrodisiac. Grab some, grab some mistletoe, and grab a warm body. Or give yrself one of those around the back bear hugs.

Another gingerbread smoothie, this time slightly pink due to frozen cranberries! So, banana, milk, cranberries, protein powder, spices, and molasses.

                                       Evolution greeeen juice. To counteract holiday treats.

Coffee!! Possibly not the best for immunity purposes, but necessary in a holiday retail season.
That's all for now. Some real food tomorrow.


  1. I bought a bottle of the Under The Mistletoe as well!

    When are you going to show us what you made for your Christmas gifts this year?

    1. How did you like it? There was another holiday Suja drink too, wasn't there?
      I honestly didn't have my shit together enough this year to make too make things. The homemade hootch is brewing, and I still might make some bark. Other than that, I did some lot of collage work... and gave my more talented friends money for the crafts they do. I'll probably do a Christmas round up post with that stuff in it.

  2. I would totally buy your gingerbread smoothie!! (Assuming you would make me a bananaless version ;) That suja flavor sounds great too. I packed away my juicer yet have been craving green juice and going to green symphony -aka the only veg friendly place worth eating at near my office- for their almond greens smoothie to be sure i stay healthy.
    Your miso bowls are inspiring! I have been doing a copycat of angelika's kitchen miso soup with shredded massaged kale salad added in- somehow takes forever to eat it though....
    Hope you were only derailed temporarily and feel better!

    1. Greens Symphony, haven't heard of it! There is an even closer Liquiteria spot to work, so I have no excuse not to go...but Evolution is a little cheaper.
      Does the oil on the massaged kale make the soup greasy? It sounds a little weird. I'll have to check it out.
      Thanks, the illness just hit today and I feel SUPER crummy but I ate some raw garlic and took a vitamin, so hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow. You stay healthy for the holidays!

  3. Oooh everything looks so tasty! Where do you get the Suja? Whole Foods? That flavor sounds delightful! I love the look and sound of the gingerbread smoothie too. The hint of pink is so pretty :) your miso bowls always look incredible. I'm definitely going to have to make some miso soup soon.

    Feel better and have a happy holiday!

  4. I will look for another Holiday themed Suja tomorrow. Looking forward to your 'round up' post. The Christmas dinner post was good.


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