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Saturday, December 27, 2014


Not too late yet for a round-up, I hope.
Christmas breakfast before some baking:

                                                   Kashi cereal, clementine, coffee
Then to the folks'. I didn't get a picture of the tree! But it looked nice.

My sister, Liz, is back from Spain again, the first Christmas she's been here in maybe 3 years? 4? Not sure, but glad to have her back - not only because she made me a Spanish aperitif at, like, noon:

Then presents, then family, then food.
I've been sick so my mind was not on top of things enough to cook a component of the meal (just dessert, which will tell you something about my priorities.) However, there is always plenty of vegan food.
Liz made a curried butternut squash soup:

The main plate:
Kale with onions, sundried tomatoes, and cannelini beans; roasted broccoli and cauliflower, steamed green beans. The kale and sundried tomato dish was all my dad's doing, and was incredible! Very umami and chewy.

My aunt made a lettuce, endive, watercress salad with pomegranate arils and walnuts with a vinaigrette dressing. Fancy, fancy. There was also brie that she put on top, but I scooped from the bottom.
I guess I make it a point to bring vegan desserts, even when it means the dessert spread is huge, because other desserts aren't always so easily vegan. I made two different kinds of chocolate bark, and Tiramisu cupcakes from VCTOTW.

                         cupcake, fig/fennel/walnut bark, pistachio/apricot/cardamom bark.

Then my sister brought out like five different kinds of liqueurs and whiskey. So, that was Christmas.
My parents bought me a nice armchair. Here is Haxan figuring out what she thinks of it:

That's all! Hope you all enjoyed yr holiday.  Tomorrow I'll do a post on the holiday party from last week.


  1. Love reading about your Mom's big dinners. Lots of contrasts with the fancy china and silver and then the plastic manger scene. Boo hiss to aunty who first 'forgets' you bday and then puts cheese on the Salad. I would keep an eye on her. That chair is a better gift then the plastic bird feeder you got a few years ago. Haxan is gonna love it.

    1. Those are different aunts, but I'll complain about neither this year.
      Haxan already loves it.

  2. What a great Christmas! How nice to be able to celebrate with your sister and to have such a lovely feast! Your plate looks really delicious, and those desserts! Yum! Really nice chair, I'm sure you'll enjoy curling up with a book and some coffee or beer when the weather gets really cold.

    1. Yeah! my brother was here too, that was nice as well. The chair is perfect for sprawling into :)

  3. A chair is a great gift! Glad you had a nice celebration with your family.


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