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Friday, November 28, 2014


Happy Thanksgiving! This year's celebration was nice! A good group of people with not too much food, but all of it delicious.
I had coffee at my friend's place this morning, and it's good he makes it strong, because that was all I ate until snacks at my parents' house around 2:30. Well, I did take time to drink cranberry-apple juice with spiced gin.

                                                     nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnice spice
Took some time at first to chill with tha cats. Here's Cicero staring at the squirrels and birds feasting on seeds in the yard.

Chopped and chopped for what felt like forever, drank some water, cleaned a little. Finally it was time for SNAX.
    marinated artichoke hearts, olives, pistachios, plantain chips, pita chips, and guacamole

We all drank a champagne cheers and kept the boozing coming.

Seneca guarding the table.

I made the Mushroom, Brussels, and Barley bowl from Salad Samurai (subbing farro for barley)
I think my mom was a little skeptical of raw Brussels at first (they are tossed in dressing, like a kale salad,) but everyone seemed to enjoy the dish a lot. I came back with leftovers, so I'm excited to enjoy them for a few more days. The mushrooms on top were nicely flavored and chewy.

          Leeks with vinaigrette is the only other dish I got a separate shot of. These were tasty.

 This is my plate - leeks, a fantastic wild rice/basmati rice/roasted chestnut dish, an amazing acorn squash/tofu dish my aunt made, roasted root veggies, and the Brussels sprout salad. There was also cranberry sauce and other sauteed mushrooms to round everything out. Everything was so good.

This is the dessert spread. Apple pie, vegan pumpkin pie (I bought it from Whole Foods,) blueberry pie, chocolate mousse, vegan white gingerbread, and fruit salad way down at the end.

This is the white gingerbread I baked. It's a Hannah Kaminsky recipe that was in a VegWeb collection. There is maple syrup instead of molasses and, actually, more cardamom than ginger. Very delicate and delicious.

 my dessert plate - fruit salad, smushed pumpkin pie (it was okay,) and a slice of gingerbread.

We brought out various liqueurs (the fam is big on digestifs), both homemade and not. This is coffee liqueur from Spain (from my sister,) which was pretty good. I also had a couple shot glasses-worth of a dear family friend's orange moonshine.

Dorothy Parker shot glass! She is my LADY. It's from a set of literary shot glasses my brother bought years ago. Hemingway is in there, and Faulkner, and.... maybe F. Scott Fitzgerald? IN ANY CASE, that settled Thanksgiving into our bellies and beds nicely.
Good night! Hope you all enjoyed your day.


  1. That's my kind of shot glass set! Cicero looks like a little jaguar watching those birds. Sounds like family times are good times :)

    1. Yea, I like it a lot too. Cicero is a BEAST! They were allowed outside for a while and he chased after squirrels and birds alike. Almost had his own Thanksgiving feast.

  2. Your Mom's parties always look ideal. She even lets the cat on the dining room table! my knd of hostess. I love the fancy plates and sliverware and the candles.

    i cant believe how much food you comsumed. maybe you were able to do it cuz it was mainly fruits, nuts and veg. Why am i the only one who thought the WF's Pumpkin Pie is stellar?

  3. Dang! Only two comments on this excellent post? Kudos again to your mother for her boho style of entertaining,

    1. Haha, aw! Thanks for the support. my mom appreciates it too. I'll pass on the compliments.
      The cats are well behaved on the set table because they run amok in the kitchen, eating whatever they can jump on.
      The pumpkin pie flavor was good, but the texture was a little softer than I prefer. We warmed it in the oven a bit first, maybe that had something to do with its mushiness. Omnis took some home, though, so that says something.

  4. What a great Thanksgiving! So much deliciousness. I am super intrigued by that white gingerbread!

  5. Awesome dessert table. I think I could live off your snax table, too. I would have never considered eating raw Brussels before, had I not seen it here first.


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