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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Vegan MoFo 2014, Day 3: Legume at Pine Box

Soooo sometimes staying at home reading the internet pays off, like when you finally venture into the open and meet someone you kinda half know from the internet.
Like when I ran into Julia Legume at the MooShoes Salad Samurai party a few months back. Julia is Jess's wife, and I really only weirdly recognized her from the few photos of her on Jess's blog. We talked briefly, and then swapped info later online, and have since hung out a few times because Julia is in the city working on Staten Island for the summer.
Tuesday we met up at Pine Box Rock Shop (all vegan bar!) for a few drinks....and some Dr. Cow cheese Julia had bought earlier!

                      (I stole this photo from Julia's instagram feed! my photo is not so pretty.)

She brought cashew reishi and spirulina cheese and girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl, that cheese was amazing!! There is a newly opened vegan cheese shop on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg and I have not gone but Julia did the leg work. SO good. I need to go soon. We ate the cheese with crackers, and drank some beers. (I got two Firestone Walker Pivo Hoppy Pilsners)
Laid back vegan chilling is all I need in life, along with cool, smart, funny friends.

                                        PPK vegan shirt in which to chill with vegan friends.

Ran across the street from the bar to a "natural foods deli" and picked up some dessert in the for of this raw Hail Merry coconut tart perhaps influenced by the two beers. Good choice in any case, if I do say so myself.


  1. I concur. With everything. Dr. Cow cheese, drinks, shirt, and the life statement of vegan chilling. The Coconut Tart is also a spectacular choice!

    1. The tart is so good! I can't believe it lasted two days.
      Hope you get some chill time in soon.

  2. Yes!! Yes, yes and yes! How nice that you've kept up this friendship and what better way to relax than to meet up for booze and vegan cheeze? That shirt is amazing! So adorable! I've never seen that flavor Hail Merry Tart but it sounds incredible. Coconut is definitely a favorite of mine, I definitely need to watch out for that flavor!

    1. Coconut is a favorite flavor of mine too. I like chocolate, but I really think this is the best Hail merry flavor I've had. Get it if you see it!
      I can't even begin to describe how good the cheeze was. And so generous of her to share! That stuff ain't cheap.

  3. Maybe socializing over vegan refreshments isn't so bad.

  4. Yay for cheese and beers with J. Legume! Man, if I lived there, I'd be at Pine Box and that cheese shop on the daily.

    P.S. You asked about Imagine's cheese. They use Teese cheddar for their yellow cheese sauce on nachos and mac. And they make a homemade white sauce for some other dishes, like the stuffed peppers, eggplant parm, etc. They'll also sub out white cheese for the yellow on mac by request, which I think is tastier. :-)

  5. I am already feeling drained from all this socialization. Gotta ask though: you can bring your own food into the bar?

  6. Yay! You got to eat cheese and hang with J.Legume?! I'm totes jealous!

  7. I was eyeing that cake-looking cheese slab on J.'s IG feed; so jealous you got a taste! I love how your socialization theme is working for you. You put yourself out there and you were rewarded!! Wish I was there.


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