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Monday, August 11, 2014

A Pleasant Pop-Up

Hiiiieeee long time, no see, kinda, whatever.
Yesterday was nice and busy. Greg and I met in Brooklyn to BIKE to the Vegan Pop Up, this time at MooShoes (usually it's at Pine Box, and usually on a Saturday when I WORK.) I think this was my first time actually biking into the city!

We got there around 12:45 - earlyish for a Sunday but G bee-lined it for the donuts (after his coffee.) Cake Thieves hooked it up.

They were also selling Mac n' Cheeze (Daiya based) that looked pretty good to me, if slightly too carby (no vegetables,) but, I mean, doughnuts.

From the top going clockwise: Black Forest doughnut, Elderberry-Orange, Peanut Butter Cup, Pecan Praline, S'mores, Fig-Hazelnut.

G got the Elderberry-Orange doughnut. These are fried, not cakey like Dunwell's. He says it was the best doughnut he'd ever had.


                                                        Victorious over the Doughnut.

I wasn't really planning on buying a doughnut but when in Rome, I guess. As the Cake Thieves sign says, "Love Fades, Doughnuts are Forever," so G and I split this one to insure true love forever. This is the Black Forest flavor with cherry jam on top. I plan on doing some recon soon to see if I really like Dunwell's better.
G and I also bought some goodies from Barbara at GonePie:

The table, from which she kindly and sagely removed the pie server, which would reflect too much in the photo. Brownies, Salted PB cups, Tahini cookies, pecan pie, cookie sandwiches, and jam thumbprints were all on sale.

                   We got the two newest: The Blondie, and a Salted Peanut Fudge Brownie.
Other stuff for sale:
Sweet Maresa macarons! These are the ones they served at Terry's Salad Samurai book release party. Unfortunately, I only had limited $$.

               These fancy chocolates looked really pretty but totally would have melted in my bag.
We left for a while to bike around some more, going over the FDR along the waterfront. It was a really nice day for it:

And...then we returned. Had to get a Yea Dawg:

Despite G ruining the dawg with ketchup (I foolishly told him to put whatever he wanted on it), we split this one. Lots of kraut and pickley toppings, no pineapple.
Then we biked home and I drank a lot of water. The end, for the purposes of this blog.


  1. Dude! Doughnuts are forever! Much preferable over love if you ask me. Those all look fantastic. I would have had to go with the PB cup one. And I love that Beet the System print!

    1. haha, it's so not true though! Those donuts were gone in 60 seconds.
      Yea, I have one of those Beet the System shirts! It's a little small but I still wear it cuz it's great. They're all very clever.

  2. i love pop-ups & doughnuts! your day scored double points!

  3. What a fun day! It must be so nice to have a bike again. The pop up has so much amazing stuff and those donuts! OMG! They all sound incredible but I'm definitely intrigued by the praline one. Everything else looks lovely too but those macarons! I've never had one and those are gorgeous. Definitely would have gone for one of those, yum!

    Beautiful bridge pics!

    1. Yes I am soo happy to have that kind of mobility. G wanted me to buy the Praline one but I'm not a huge pecan fan. He suffered through half the Black Forest like a trooper, though :)
      The macarons are so light and wonderful.

  4. This post makes up for your disappearance. I would have gone for the Elderberry Orwnge Donut. Greg is also a gifted physical comedian I see. Reminds me of Tom Green (before he lost his mojo). I definitely would not have shared that Dawg. I am suitably jealous of the whole thing (except riding a bike hurts my butt)

    1. Thanks, I tried. I had a bite of the Elderberry one too - it was a nice citrusy flavor.
      I can see that Tom Green in him! That would mean I'm Drew Barrymore, right? I'll take it! He's definitely a goofy-bodied person...being tall and thin helps.
      Biking hurts my butt too. Oh well.

  5. ok those donuts need to get. out. they look SO GOOD!!!

  6. Mgghhhhdddddd, those donuts!

  7. Views and treats - the best kind of post!! I'm a fan of both Greg's poses and the donuts you chose. I'm so jealous of your bike! I've got the one I want all picked out, but I need to be "responsible" and pay off some stuff first. *sigh*

    1. I totally get that! A dining room table is important.
      Wonder if a trip to NY would be any cheaper - then you could rent a Citibike and bike to vegan doughnuts!

  8. That is the most perfect day i could imagine.... Bikes, coffee, donuts, bikes, and yea dawg....!! Glad that G has a helmet there too.
    Breaking news- over the next two weeks cops are focusing on bike safety- aka handing out tickets- so be extra careful about the red lights and such, my friend got a $75 ticket for rolling a red light with zero traffic anywhere.


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