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Thursday, July 31, 2014

On the Food, On the Books

I used spinach, strawberries, frozen banana, vanilla almond milk, protein powder, and lemon juice. New protein powder:

Sauteed smoky collards and tomatoes with noochy + sriracha'd black eyed peas for lunch.

Went to my mom's house. She had just bought a ton of groceries and wanted me to take a photo:

             zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, endive, mushrooms, plums and peaches.
I also got to hang out with this dude:

Haxan was being supercute that day, too. Don't want her to feel left out. She was trying to pry her way into my strawberries.

Cherries as a next day breakfast:

Lunch of raw collards, avocado, tempeh, tomatoes.

And a Farmer's market nectarine later:

THEN Greg's book arrived!! We went to his house so I could be there when he opened the boxes. He was basically running to his apartment. Here he is urging my little legs to go faster.


This is me, in cat form, in the book:

That's all for now.


  1. I love it!!! Maud the Cat! Serious applause for Greg, way to go! (And I love the shot of the book from what appears to be a roof!)

    Vibrant eats, as per usual! Nice haul, Maud's mom! And lots of love to the kittehs...

    1. Haha I like it a lot too. I feel exactly like this picture depicts me.

  2. Go Greg!!!! That is SO amazing! And that is definately you as a cat :))
    Your smoothie looks nice and thick- how's that protein powder? Did it "fight cravings" for you? Ha! I like their regular vanilla one and have been using the Amazing Meal vanilla for a while now...
    Great haul for The Mom, gorgeous produce there- and the newman's own photobomb is funny. I swear that the newman's italian dressing is a food group for my father, he's been eating and hoarding it since i can remember....
    G looks like such a hipster in that shot!

    1. I love this new protein powder! I was afraid it wouldn't taste as good as the other one (same brand) but it does. It's funny, I'm not really trying to lose weight or pump up the exercise but I do find it really did keep me full longer, which I appreciate. maybe I just used more - the scoop is bigger.
      I didn't even notice the Newman's Own. my mom made me move all the other crap off the counter and take another picture, haha to make it look nicer but that photo didn't really come out.

  3. Mraow! Congratulations on reaching cat status. Amazing. I mean, Haxan looks great, but I think you just win it on the feline front.

  4. Cant imagine what it"s like to be a published author. Any scheduled appearances where he's autographing copies? How does the store feel about it all? Have you framed the pic of you as cat?

    Kudos your Mom's haul and red brick patio. Does she have a blog?

    1. me neither. I publish my own stuff cuz no one else will. He is pretty much his own publicist (and doing a good job) so I assume he will sell and appear wherever he can (and can afford to get to.) The store apparently bought copies. They will sell anything for $. Who knows if the higher-ups will actually read it.
      my mom is wayy to busy to blog. It's just lil old me.

  5. Wow, congrats Greg! What an amazing accomplishment! I love the illustration of you as a cat, it is spot on!

    I love the pics of the kitties as always, Haxan looks especially adorable in that shot! And I don't blame her for trying to get into your strawberries. I'm liking your Twitter Cherry counter too ;) The cherries look delicious!

    1. Yes, I'm very proud of him.
      The cherry tracker is fun but may have come to an end... no more sales lately! Strawberries were good too though.

  6. I really love RAW products and have been totally digging the RAW Fit. The coffee flavor is UNREAL AMAZING.

    Congrats to Greg! And I love yr union shout-out. Solidarity forever!

    1. Cool, I'll try that out, thank you! I think I've seen (or heard about) it on yr blog before.
      Avanti o Popolo!

  7. Wow, love that plate full of black eyed peas & collards - looks so good! Haxan is a cutie, did she like the strawberries :)? How cute, I love that kitty character of you!!

    1. The collards were fantastic. I cooked them with oil, salt + pepper and liquid smoke.
      Haxan couldn't get in :)


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