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Monday, July 14, 2014

DC day 2

Although on the first day in DC, we did well enough finding vegan food without trying too hard, Friday we made some deliberate stops.
G and I woke up and were off, braving the Metro (really not a bad system, maybe a little outdated, but the ticket-buying process was da woist! as we say here in NY) up to the Columbia Heights section, visions of Sticky Fingers' platters dancing in our heads.

Well, they only serve platters on weekends but that turned out okay anyway.
Breakfast burrito was big and awesome:

                                   with salsa, iced coffee, and yet another crossword puzzle

The salsa was good on its own, but the burrito was better with sriracha.  There's spinach, tofu scramble, black beans, spinach, and Daiya cheese in there. G said it was maybe the best breakfast burrito he'd ever had. Neither of us has had much experience with Daiya, and thought it was unnecessary but I didn't think it was an overwhelming amount.
We couldn't stop there, though. This is a vacation. Greg ordered a sticky bun and a sweet and salty cookie:

Heh. We shared the bun there and took the cookie to go. The bun was good. Sticky but not too sweet. The cookie was also baller.
Greg took this shot from the bathroom before we left:

We walked from here down to U Street, to the historical African American district (we went into Busboys & Poets, mostly to look around the political bookstore inside, but were not about to eat again after that huge breakfast,) over to a comic book store for Greg, then up to the 9:30 Club, a historic venue if yr into old school punk n' stuff. (Which ummm I am.) Fittingly, some graffiti nearby:

                                                          It even matched my shirt!!:

We stopped into a cafe across the street from 9:30 Club for some refreshing beverages, to rest our feets, and to regroup:

G got a homemade passionfruit soda; I got more iced coffee (maybe not the best idea)
We then meandered around and then headed to P and 9th where my friend Marta's mother owns Queen of Sheba Ethiopian restaurant. There are a ton of Ethiopian restaurants in the city (for reasons I do not know! It would be interesting to find out why) but of course we gotta rep my girl's fam.

                                                   fried vegetable sambusa to start

And G and I split this vegetarian platter - one of each vegetarian dish: gomen, atkilt, salad, misir wot, diffin misir lentil, alicha kik, and timatim & peanut butter fitfit (this one was a little weird) (going clockwise) plus an extra dish of fosolia on the side. A feast.
G took this picture of the wreckage:

Then from HERE, we walked over to Dupont Circle. Finally a couple bookstores, a record store, and some youngfolk. We ate the Sticky Fingers cookie and some cherries for dinner (after stopping at Whole Foods - they were on sale for $1.99/lb!! I couldn't believe it!) and that was basically enough food for the day.

We went down towards the far end of the Mall as the sun went down.

Haha, I got a photo of the White House, but you all know what that looks like. This is the Eisenhower Executive Office Builing, next door. I thought it was way more beautiful and interesting.

                                Us city kids will take a picture of a lawn whenever we see one

                                             Washington Monument, duh, and rising moon

Lincoln Memorial in the Reflecting Pool. Lotsa gnats out that night. Wish I could have reflected on something deeper, like world peace, but there were a lotta fuggin gnats in my face.

Tomorrow: guess what? More food!


  1. Man, even my non-foodblogging friends got excited about that cherry deal! CRAZY. But delicious. Also, I now want both Ethiopian food and a burrito at the same time, and it has now occurred to me that a lot of the elements are very similar...watrito?? :)

    1. I think it was a one-day special deal, but even without that sale, they were only $3.99!!
      Watrito sounds great but intense. Just wrap that one huge injera up and mush it all together!

  2. Another amazing day! Great shots of all of the must see spots, I especially love the rising moon with the Washington Monument. That is a really great capture!

    Sticky Fingers is definitely a bucket list stop for me and the breakfast burrito has always sounded great. It really is huge and looked incredible. The sticky bun is gorgeous! That really is a great sale on cherries too, yum!

    1. Thanks, although there is something on my camera lens that makes it look like there's a UFO too.
      I really hope you make it to Sticky Fingers one day.

  3. Beautiful shots of the monuments at dusk! Perfect lighting, and darn those gnats! How was the humidity? I chuckled about the taking photos of lawns because that's how I am about tree lined streets! Living in a semi-arid state that is 2/3 plains, and 1/3 mountains & plateau - you can "see for miles" all the time.

    Delicious eats! I am so envious of your Sticky Fingers visit, and the Ethiopian restaurant also looks amazing!

    1. The humidity wasn't bad, but it was REALLY hot. Thank god everywhere had air conditioning though.

  4. It's so funny to read about people vacationing where I live...although I guess as a New Yorker you are used to it. :) I live in the DC suburbs and this post made me smile because there are only two reasons I ever venture into the city: the 9:30 Club and Ethiopian food! DC has the highest concentration of Ethiopians in the US, which explains all of the (very delicious) restaurants. And I'm proud to say I went to the 9:30 Club when it was actually at 930 F St NW...although the "new" venue is really much better.

    Love your shots of the monuments!

    1. Haha! Yes, I'm used to seeing people tour NYC; they usually make a point to hit the spots that are too expensive for me, or that I just take for granted. I've definitely lived vicariously through other people's visits to my hometown.
      9:30 Club apparently has vegan food inside too!

  5. So you split the Burrito for breakfast? Was the Ethiopian better than you can get in NYC? I've not heard of Queen of Sheba. You walked a buttload of miles. The Hostel looks fun.

    1. Nooo Greg and I ate a burrito each. For sure.
      It's hard to compare to NY Ethiopian, since it's been a while and I've really only had it here twice but it did seem less greasy, and more interestingly spiced, especially the alicha kik. I think I enjoyed the injera better in DC too.
      We DID walk a buttload of miles. I wanna map it. I'm glad our feet held out and that it didn't rain.

  6. Ethiopian veg platter is calling my name minus that pb weirdo thing.
    Everything seems better jacked up on coffee and heated sriracha.

  7. LOVE that pic of the carnage; so cool you are < 6 degrees of separation from the restaurant. The Eisenhower building is so interesting and I've never seen it; good call. The fact that your shirt was so well-planned is terrific!

    1. Haha, he took a lot of carnage shots! Sometimes I don't like to see them, as they are kinda gross but glad you liked it.


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