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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Before I Go

brown rice stir fry to get everything out of the fridge for the vacation weekend: rice, carrot, onion, broccoli, peas, rice vinegar, soy sauce, agave, red pepper flakes

Smoothie! This looks like chocolate, and that would have been a great addition if I'd had a chocolate protein powder.
As it was, this had kale, frozen cherries, a frozen banana, protein powder, lemon juice, and matcha.
Courtesy of Paradis: chickpeas with tahini, tomato, spinach, and roasted broccoli.

Also one of their big gluten free and vegan chocolate chocolate chip cookies. This one was unfortunately a little burnt.

Another succulent, with a googly eye and a magic crystal. Love these little plants.
Also, my friend Sage is fostering a cat who has been severely burned. If you'd like, you can donate here to help with the medical costs. She and her sister both do an incredible amount of work helping the cats around the city. Thank you!
Talk to you all next week. 


  1. Oooh what a great sendoff! As always, everything looks delicious. Too bad the cookie was burnt, it looks amazing otherwise. Beautiful stir fry and salad.

    How sweet of your friend to foster the kitty!

    Have a great time in DC, looking forward to reading about your adventure!

  2. LOVE SUCCULENTS! Not sure it merited capitals, but it's too late now. Them and sempervivums - they're all over my flat. I love them almost as much as chocolate cookies, burn or no burn.

  3. So both the Cat and the Cookie were burnt? I think you could have been more sensitive there. Looking forward to your D.C. Recap. Hopefully, there will be no Tahini.

  4. Maybe my blender just sucks but kale in my smoothies never gets blitzed fine enough...i stick to spinach. Sometimes the sludgy colored smoothies are the best!
    The salads you make look way better than the (delicious looking) paradis meal there. I think you could teach them a thing or two about new vegan options they should have. Too bad about the burnt cookie, that's a bummer.
    Hope DC was fun and relaxing for you guys!

    1. My blender isn't great either, but if I whirrr it long enough the kale is mostly blitzed. I also freeze it on occasion, sometimes using frozen kale helps.
      Thanks for the salad love, but Paradis is on point when they are on point (though I go there less these days.)

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one sticking things in my succulents; got to do something to make them want to stick around.

    All of this food looks SO good! Most people don't eat this well right after they've been food shopping.

    That cookie is an abomination!


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