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Thursday, July 31, 2014

On the Food, On the Books

I used spinach, strawberries, frozen banana, vanilla almond milk, protein powder, and lemon juice. New protein powder:

Sauteed smoky collards and tomatoes with noochy + sriracha'd black eyed peas for lunch.

Went to my mom's house. She had just bought a ton of groceries and wanted me to take a photo:

             zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, endive, mushrooms, plums and peaches.
I also got to hang out with this dude:

Haxan was being supercute that day, too. Don't want her to feel left out. She was trying to pry her way into my strawberries.

Cherries as a next day breakfast:

Lunch of raw collards, avocado, tempeh, tomatoes.

And a Farmer's market nectarine later:

THEN Greg's book arrived!! We went to his house so I could be there when he opened the boxes. He was basically running to his apartment. Here he is urging my little legs to go faster.


This is me, in cat form, in the book:

That's all for now.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Food Fuel

I don't know if I'm still in vacation mode, or if it's the heat making me so lazy lately but I feel like I have been slacking on eating healthily as I ought to be.

Another stir fry. No idea why I've been making these so often these days. This is zucchini, carrot, scallion, tempeh, and rice with soy sauce and rice vinegar served over spinach to wilt.

Sauteed spinach and grilled Daiya sandwich for dinner one night. With onion and tomato in there. This wasn't the easiest to make or eat, and it was really only just okay so I will probably not buy the Daiya again. It might be better if I made pizza or something.
This morning G and I met up with his friend John to see his new apartment (he just moved to Brooklyn from Long Island) and go to a yoga class. This was my first time doing yoga outside my own home!
Fueled up with gluten-free toast with almond butter and banana

 and coffee (and water!)

Breakfast was at 9:45ish and the class was at 12 and this seemed like a fine amount of food/coffee to get through the class. It was 90 minutes long and I sweeeeaaaated but it felt great. We went to Yoga to the People, which is by donation, and I really want to go back soon. I wasn't super hungry after the class but we were near Champs Jr (in Greenpoint - smaller than the original Champs in Williamsburg) so we decided to head over there.
Despite it being prime brunch time we were able to get three seats at the counter. The whole place fits maybe 9 people, so we were lucky. Maybe since it's so small (and near McCarren park) they just get a lot of to-go orders.

                                                           I got a berry smoothie ($6)
Greg and John both got Slams ($12) - this is G's with soysage, french toast, scramble, and hash browns. "You know I'm gonna be comparing it to Sticky Fingers," Greg said. Apparently SF wins because they serve real maple syrup (not "pancake syrup") and Champs' Slam wasn't filling enough for him for the price.
Picked up some groceries on the way home, showered, and made a salad after guzzling a ton of lemon water.
Spinach, broccoli, avocado, carrot, tomato, tempeh. With lemon juice, sriracha, and nooch post-photo.
Anyway, this SALAD is how I wish I were eating more often. Higher raw, more greens, less processed. And I think I have the yoga class to thank for that. After sweating and pushing my body to feel better, why would I want to wreck that with gross food? So hopefully I'll be going to more classes and eating better and sweating the rest of the summer, but, like, in a good way. It's also probably a good thing for me to just not sit in my house afraid of people all the time. Couldn't hurt, right?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

All Over the Place

Tryna get back into the swing of things.
Baking helped:

Banana bread muffins with walnuts and chocolate chips. Recipe from The Joy of Vegan Baking. This is the first time (I think) I used frozen then defrosted and mashed bananas rather than fresh overripe ones, and I think they came out awesome.

Straight outta the oven.
Other prep day work was sauteeing vegetables on their way out:

                                                     kale, zucchini, mushrooms, onion

Also cooked a big pot of rice and ate this for two days' lunch. Veg with rice, scallions, soy sauce, sesame oil, and rice vinegar.
Dinner miso soup:

                                    With rice, spinach, scallion, carrot, miso and spices.

 Didn't have much to make for today's lunch, so Paradis it was: BBQ Japanese eggplant with kale, squash, tomato, and black rice. Interesting.
And G and I went out to dinner last night to Nish Nush, a Mediterranean place near City Hall.

He got this platter: 2 cabbage salads, Israeli salad, hummus, 3 different kinds of falafel, spicy chutney, olives + pickles, and pita ($12.) I helped him eat some. I also got my own falafel sandwich. Good stuff.
Probably more miso soup tonight.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Da Weekend

Hi hi it's been a busy weekend here.
Saturday some friends got married at the Morris-Jumel mansion up in Washington Heights. It was a beautiful venue (the oldest house in Manhattan - and haunted, apparently) and a sweet, fun ceremony.
I had a smoothie in the morning, and a salad for lunch at about 3, not entirely sure there'd be food I'd be able to eat there.

cherry-kale-banana-chocolate protein powder smoothie. The swirls foretell a happy future for the couple.

                          Greg looked so nice! Lots of well-dressed people at the wedding.
                    I never know how to dress fancy, but this was a 7 dollar thrift store dress.

                                                           stashed almonds in my bag

Being bookstore employees, they gave out books as wedding favors. I grabbed Sontag, because I love her. Congratulations Richard + Miguel!! xoxo
Sunday I went for a walk to get a bagel (everything with tofutti) for a late breakfast

Ate some cherries. Haxan was interested in the plastic bag, but eating the cherries, not so much.

And, still vegetable deficient (damn you bagel craving,) made a big bowl of steamed kale and broccoli for lunch. Topped with Daiya and sriracha.

Then Greg and I went to a poetry reading that our friend had set up at her coffee shop in the city. Here's the back of G reading to the rapt crowd.

I read a poem from my chapbook and messed up.
All readers were invited to bring something to swap. I took a Herikmer diamond!
Today I'll probably prep some stuff and try to take it easy after all the BEING AROUND PEOPLE of the last two days. See ya lata.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Back to Reality

Uuuugghhh, not Sticky Fingers food. I can hardly bear to post.
Came home from vacation to a pretty empty fridge, which is always a sad sight.

Yummmm, half a lime!! I bought soup from the drugstore for dinner that night.
The next morning I made a smoothie (protein powder, frozen kale, frozen banana, frozen cherries, almond milk) and went to the store.

                                      Broccoli, avocado, lemons, onion, banana, collards

      pumpernickel bread, cherry tomatoes, roma tomato, zucchini, mushrooms, and mint

                                And tea! There was no caffeinated tea in the apartment either!

 I did a little prep that day, mainly a raw collard salad with avocado and tomato, but what I most enjoyed was this iced mint tea. Added a little stevia, cause that's what I do now, I guess.

Anyhow, I ate the collard salad in two days, and then realized I hadn't prepped anything else, so this was lunch today: stewed spicy tofu and vermicelli noodles. This ought to last about 2-3 meals. I'll probably try to add more veg to the noodles at home, but I had errands to run on my lunch break so this was quick.
The errand was looking for inexpensive but nice looking shoes for my friends' wedding this weekend.
Picked up some black heels but I dunno if I'll be able to walk in them. Still might wear my combat boots. Til then, Haxan has a little box to plop her butt in:

Hope to get back into the swing of making my own meals again soon...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

DC day 3

We had originally planned a different day for Saturday, but we couldn't resist going back to Sticky Fingers for the breakfast platters.

French toast platter, which comes with hash browns (no more grits!) and tofu scramble. I got blueberries to top the toast with, G got "syrple."
Some shots from inside the shop:

                                     cookies, cookie sandwiches, sticky buns, and muffins

                       gluten-free cupcakes, cupcakes, brownies, Silly Bones, and Little Devils

Ka-yyyeeewwwwttt! There is also a refrigerated sandwich section. We considered grabbing something, but didn't.
When we left Sticky Fingers, we stopped at a farmer's market (Saturdays 9-1pm) in a nearby plaza.

Mostly the same stuff as we can find in NY, maybe a little earlier. G was very pleased with the peach.
We took the bus down 14th street to the American History Museum and the Natural History Museum.

Julia Child's kitchen. Greg thought it was cool that she had everything built to her height. It ain't easy to stoop and chop.

                                                     Lyndon B. Johnson dartboard

The Natural History Museum was hella crowded, so we kinda went through quickly, but the Hope Diamond is there, the stuffed animals were cute, we got eaten by simulated dinosaurs, gems rule, there is a butterfly exhibit which we did not want to pay extra for, and little bugs all over the place.
At around 4:30 we took a break to eat a Little Devil (like a Devil Dog) from Sticky Fingers.

But we also needed real food, like actual vegetable sustenance and decided to go back up to Dupont Circle. It was a long, hot, uphill walk and by the time we found something, G was approaching Nirvana and I was a giddy maniac.
We ducked into Commissary, after seeing they had a veggie burger that looked good. The menu was a little confusing - the fries and veggie burger turned out not to be vegan, but, again, the server was really helpful. The burger is vegan if you get it without the bun, so I put that on top of a salad. I was definitely feeling vegetable deficient.

Greg got the burger on a bun, with fries, and a side of garlicky broccoli.
For dessert we ran across the street to the Whole Foods and picked up Ciao Bella mango sorbertto to split. Yea, we ate the whole thing.

We also came across Anna, mashing the biggest bowl of guacamole either of us had ever seen.

Thus veggiefied and fortified, we walked back to the hostel, stopping for drinks in Chinatown (which, really, is like one street of Chinese restaurants, and then a lot of Mexican places and Irish pubs but whatever.)
We left the next morning, stopping at Sidamo again. This time was a little more difficult. I didn't want the whole vegan breakfast so I just asked for a bagel with hummus (since they offer a bagel with cream cheese, but don't have vegan cc) and they weren't sure they could do that so I was like, okay, just the bagel, and then they didn't know how to price that, so they put in the bagel with cc but ran back to tell the schmearer to sub hummus. I guess she had already started to put on the cream cheese, because the (toasted - blasphemy - actually it looked panini pressed, which is even worse - sorry I'm a NY bagel stickler) bagel came out with cream cheese kinda scraped off, and then hummus on top. I hate dealing with situations like that and they were trying to be accommodating, so Greg just took it to eat later.
There were plenty of almonds and figs and snack bars in my bag anyway; I just wanted the bagel. G and I shared a mango smoothie from Jamba Juice before we got on the bus.

I ate a Pure bar on the bus, and some candy while I read. Ha.

Bye DC, it's been real. The coffee's good. Sticky Fingers is great. Still, so happy to get home to this lil darlin. My roommate took care of her while I was away!! I'm so jealous; she probably did a whole bunch of cute stuff while I couldn't see.

Can you see the resemblance? (This one's from the Natural History Museum.)

Now to up the vegetable intake exponentially to get back to normal levels.