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Monday, June 30, 2014


I TRIED to make my own nut milk (almond-macadamia + dates + water) but might have soaked them slightly too long? In any case, the very expensive nut milk soured. Forced myself to blend it up and squeezed it through cheesecloth anyway, and then it just splurted everywhere. No fun.
Instead of making iced lattes, I am sticking to my usual summer cold brew.

1/4 heaping cup of ground coffee to 1 cup of water, plus an extra half scoop or so of chicory coffee. Let sit overnight. Strain, distill to taste, add nondairy milk.

Avocado toast! I was on a roll with these for a while - there was an avo sale: 5 for 5 dollars. This particular toast has black salt and cayenne pepper on it.

                                                 Health Warrior coconut chia bar

                                                                        a classic

                               overnight oats: oatmeal, raw pumpkin seeds, maca, raisins

                                           kale-coconut-banana-lime-spirulina smoothie

Everything bagel with arugula, vegan cream cheese, and tomato. I think I technically ate it for lunch, but hey, breakfast food.

Rip Esselstyn's cereal - Triple Berry Walnut flavor. I added almond milk, fresh blueberries, and protein powder. This held me over for a lonnng time.

                                                            hello you beautiful cherries

                                                                    yeah yogurt

                                 more overnight oatmeal: oats, protein powder, blueberries

A morning when I couldn't keep much down, I stuck to juice and poetry. Poetry is the best brain fuel. In case you see it or feel like picking it up, this book is amazing.
Here are two non-breakfasts:

                                                          crazy rug, crazier cat: Seneca

                                                      cute little baby aloe sprouting!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Union Square Farmers' Market: Summer

For Ingrid! The Union Square market is so huge it's impossible to take a photo of the whole place, but here are some stalls and their summer produce. Some different stuff from what they have in September.

I liked that this lady had her arms full of flowers. Also, maybe you can see, the Gorzynski Organic Farm sign is crossed out to read Gorzynski Ornery Farm. Ha!

                               Raspberries, strawberries, cherries, currants. Something yellow.

                                                  Lambsquarter is the cutest name.

                                                              Towering Pile of Peas-a

Love these g-d scapes! Was going through old photos and found a white bean spread with garlic scapes I made, and I ought to do that again.

                                                           purple beans, yella beans

                           So many radishes! So many beets! Such color kohlrabi! Fennel fun!

                                        I have been eating so many cherries lately. It's great.

                                      Cherries on the fire escape under summer cloud cover.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Salad, Dumplings - Not Salad Dumplings

Okay, and tonight for two semi-unrelated posts that bookend Terry Hope Romero's Salad Samurai:
I spent the weekend browsing through the cookbook but had a lot of stuff on my mind and couldn't quite get it together enough to buy ALL the ingredients to make a salad, but a couple in particular caught my eye and when grocery shopping (at Trader Joe's in Downtown Brooklyn - I had to go to the DMV a few blocks away,) I picked up a few ingredients to incorporate Terry's techniques into my salad.
This salad is arugula, red onion, tempeh bacon chunks, avocado, and griddled corn (charred in a pan on the stove-top.)

Leftovers: arugula, avocado, tempeh bacon, carrot.

The other not-entirely Terry related experience (ok, really, it was just in the same neighborhood as the MooShoes event, it was just funny because I don't go downtown all that often) is dinner from Tuesday night. Greg gets these very specific yet inexplicable cravings sometimes and the man won't rest until they are sated. Tuesday, he needed dumplings. We meandered downtown towards Chinatown. "Which way is it?" "I dunno, I think we just keep going down!"
After passing a fair amount of perhaps more authentic Chinese eateries, we ended up at Vanessa's Dumplings, old standby of poor college students all over the city (cheap, filling, quick, carb-y.)

We each got a serving of 8 steamed vegetable dumplings. Soy sauce, hot sauce, and a bike polo game in Sara Roosevelt park while the sun went down. Sometimes this city isn't so bad.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


There's other stuff I wanted to blog about but have not yet, but ahhhh tonight's events take precedence. There was work I wanted to get done tonight, but after receiving an email about free/cheap things to do in the city (I signed up to get them daily, but rarely ever read them) at about 4 pm with the subject "TALK SHOWS, MET OPERA, SALAD SAMURAI" I decided to a) read the email and then b) walk to the LES to a book release by an awesome lady of an awesome vegan cookbook (That would be Salad Samurai by Terry Hope Romero in case you aren't following) where free drinks, desserts, and salad samples will be served! Work be damned!

The book release bash was held at MooShoes, the vegan shoe store I blogged about a while back. G and I got there earlyish and looked around at shoes we couldn't afford and cookbooks I already own.

Cookies were out on the counters, but G and I got dinner first like good little vegans. Yea Dawg, an all-vegan hot dog cart was providing sustenance outside.

toppings bar - in the back, unlabeled, are pineapple, kraut, dill pickles, and pickled red cabbage
G and I each got a loaded dawg, which came with all the toppings plus a kale caesar salad on the side. This was 10 dollars.

The dawgs were really good! I actually could have done with fewer toppings so as to taste it a little better, but when we party, we party hard. If you can't read the menu up top, it says the dawgs are soy and gluten free. They were a little soft, but awesome for whatever they were made out of.

Inside was even more food waiting for us.

Macarons and other cookies by Sweet Maresa. (photo by Greg)
Deviled Kale salad with pumpernickel croutons samples by Terry:

my plate (by Greg):

Good stuff. That cookie was kind of peanut buttery? I dunno. It was vegan.
The crowd:

I knew a couple people, but was mostly freaking out, for whatever reason. Coming from work on the spur of the moment I was totally unprepared (and frazzled and tired and smelly) and I wished I'd had some zines with me! I did meet J Legume, Jess's lady, and rambled maniaclly to her (so sorry!) and decided it was time to GET OUT.
But not before getting one more photo...

ahhhhhhhhhh (Isa ahhhh I'm sorry I'm such a weeeeeirdo)
K THAT'S ALL GO EAT SOME SALADS. Also, samurai is a really bizarre word if you look at it long enough and time it so many times.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Celebrate Summer Solstice

Happy Summer! Let's get warm.
I took Thursday off, and baked green tea-walnut biscotti (VCIYCJ) to bring into work on Friday, to make it look like I accomplished stuff.

I also worked a bit on a new zine. A sneak peak:

                 (non-homemade ICED (non-dairy) lattes, that is. more on that another time.)
This morning I walked through the farmer's market and grabbed a few things that spoke to me, to make a seasonal dinner. Ended up with garlic scapes (I can't say no! Those things are so cute) and shiitake mushrooms.

The tomatoes are from the grocery store, though they are showing up at the market too! I just happened to already have them at home.
Sauteed the veg with shallots and olive oil, thyme, salt, and red pepper flakes. Threw them over gluten-free soybean noodles.

Also acceptable would have been the Summer Lovin' Curried Corn and Veggie Chowder from Appetite for Reduction that I made a couple nights ago.

All this cookbook cooking! I haven't bought a new cookbook in a while but this one was much-awaited and I was so so happy to see it come through the store!

It looks awesome!! Terry Hope Romero is a queen. A Queens queen. A Queens vegan queen. The book is organized by season so I'm sure some seasonally appropriate salads will make their way to you soon.
Also in case you were curious YES I have my summer jam ready: