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Thursday, May 29, 2014


Swiss chard, tempeh, tomato, sprouts, carrot salad with apple cider vinegar, nooch, and cayenne. Alongside a punk biography in St. Mark's Church courtyard, conjuring up living spirits spoken of in the book.

                                     half an espresso chip ABC cookie. 'Twas very good.

Jess' swiss chard-barley-tomato stew. I haven't gone grocery shopping in a long time, subsisting off this mostly, and good thing too - it was chilly today.

                                  Kashi GoLean with dried cranberries and almond milk

                                                      We're gonna have a Taco Party tonight.

Chips and salsa, G and I each got a burrito that was impossible to photograph so you'll have to imagine. G got his regular Santa Cruz with avocado, sauteed spinach, rice, beans, tofu sour cream, etc. I got a Nopalitos burrito with garlic, refried beans, roasted red pepper, potatoes and nopalitos. We ran into my friend Esther and her boyfriend here! It was crazy! So we all sat together and, like, noshed.

WW wrap with jalapeno hummus, carrots, tomatoes, swiss chard, and sprouts. I like these sprouts a lot - they are fennel, alfalfa, and radish - so they're nice and peppery.

K TTY'allL

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A Bloody Mess

Or, at least as bloody as a vegan food blog will get.
Some photos I forgot to upload - About a month ago G and I went to go see Only Lovers Left Alive, the new Jim Jarmusch movie about vampires. On the walk down to the theatre, we stopped at Atlas Cafe for a sandwich.
Atlas isn't totally vegan but they have an incredible selection of vegan options, and are one of the few places in NYC that I know of that sell Vegan Treats stuff.

                                                               a funny inside shot

I got a Moroccan chick'n sandwich with harissa, greens, and roasted red pepper sauce. G got an avocado-artichoke chick'n sandwich on a baguette.
The movie was okay. Kinda pointless but pretty to watch. And I'm a big fan of Tilda Swinton. Also, usually, Jim Jarmusch.
Anyway, G and I pretended we were vampires walking around the city after dark and got this bloody ginger-apple-beet juice. Ah, yes, just as refreshing as the vampires would have you believe.

More red-splurted stuff lately:
              WW wrap with tomatoes, arugula, onion, carrot, tempeh, tahini and sriracha.

                                      GF toast with peanut butter and strawberry jam
I guess that's it. Less red, more green next time.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Breakfasts, Birthdays, Beyond Sushi

Hello! I've been busy, which is a good thing, but I haven't been taking all that many photos of my food lately. Guess that's summer for you. Some random foodstuffs lately:
Breakfasts have been quick and simple -

                                                                    huge berries or

 cereal (this is Kashi GoLean with banana slices and dried cranberries with vanilla soy milk) or

if I don't have time at home, I'll grab a vegan yogurt from WF (this is WholeSoy lemon with raspberries on top.)
G and I have been seeing his family a lot lately; first was his nephew's 1st birthday and later in the week was his younger brother's birthday. I don't know why I didn't get any photos because they always have delicious vegan food, but the celebrations seemed more important. I did get this shot though:

              This was for Ben's 21st birthday part cuz 21 is still a tiny little babyyyyy :D jkjk jk
                                (Edited to add these that Andy sent me from the party)

    G's adorable nephew, Luca and the chocolate raspberry cake from Vegan with a Vengeance

The cake plus strawberry cream cupcakes and lemon banana cupcakes from Chloe's Kitchen

G and I also went out for lunch one day at work, which we don't do together often. We went back to Beyond Sushi after what seems like a long time away.
He got miso soup and a roll of the month (Black rice, avocado, chayote, and pickled jalapeno topped with jicama and guajillo slaw) and two pieces. I got the magic mushroom roll and two pieces (including the piece of the month - black rice with charred corn and guajillo salsa)

                                                     The second piece is a mango piece.

We also stopped at Peacefood for a magic cookie (what a magical lunch I had!) before sugar crashing our way back to work.

Random hydration to end the post with. I bought one of these because it was on sale, but also because the coworker next to me took a sip and couldn't stop saying how good this was. I like VitaCoco coconut waters but this wasn't my favorite. Definitely not something I'd exclaim to a coworker about. I think I like the mango one the best. But it was refreshing.
See y'all soon.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Two More Testers

More from Jess's upcoming book.
Samosa burrito! Fusion foodfeud:

                      Potatoes, peas, carrots, etc. warming in a pan with toasted Indian spices.

I have no idea why I don't just put jars and glasses on a flat surface cuz then I get wonky angles like this, but anyway, here is some mango ginger chutney from TJ in my chubby lil hand.

                                                               assembled + wrapped
Good stuff.
Also, Swiss Chard and Farro Stew:

I used pearled barley instead of farro because I couldn't find it, which is weird, but I'm under the impression they're pretty similar. Swiss Chard is great and I don't usually buy it, so it's nice to have had this delicious reminder. I'll probably finish the stew up in these last cool days before it gets gross and sticky.
I've had a spectacularly crappy past week, but I think I got the last of it out cooking this stew - I spilled all but a cup of the barley on the floor, messed up the order of adding the ingredients, knocked over the can of tomatoes while opening them, and squirted the broth concentrate on the floor. Hopefully the bad vibes cooked out because I would like to enjoy this meal....

Monday, May 19, 2014

Produce and Products

A smoothie: kale, frozen banana, protein powder, other stuff maybe, and some of this Sambazon energy acai juice. I tried the juice on its own; it's good! I had a coupon, so it wasn't too pricey either.

Tester recipe for Jess' Greens cookbook - shaved raw Brussels sprouts salad. Plain tofu on the side...

Another Jess tester - soba noodles + veg with a peanut sauce and scallions on top. I couldn't find soba noodles, so I tried these gluten free soybean noodles from Explore Asia. They're really great and so filling. There's 23 grams of protein in one serving, and I get full from eating less than a serving of them. Taste and texture-wise they're very good too.

Soy yogurt with trail mix has been a good snack lately:

A Big Salad on the fire escape. The weather was super warm last week, but it seems to have cooled off a bit again.
           This salad had romaine, endive, tomatoes, zucchini, tempeh, carrots, and hummus.

                                 A quick dinner before running out to meet a friend last week.

                        Success lies in not finishing a bag of these in one day. (I gave it three.)

It had been a while, which meant I relished this everything bagel with tofu cream cheese and iced coffee breakfast all the more.

Another smoothie, the stripped down version. Kale, banana, water, protein powder, trail mix sinking in on top.

                    Flowers my roommate got, added with lilacs from my mom's garden.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Food I Made, Mother's Day Walk

No treats here. This is pure, strictly unfun food. Well, I mean, it was all still very good but maybe wouldn't qualify as a treat. This is the stuff I've been eating in the meanwhile between all my other spectacular posts.

  Smoothie: kale, spirulina, frozen banana, protein powder, coconut, lemon juice, ginger.

                                Tempeh, cilantro, romaine, carrot, avocado, onion salad.

Stir fry over mun bean noodles. Kale, carrot, bell pepper, eggplant, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, rice vinegar and red pepper flakes.

                       When I remember and have time, hot lemon water in the mornings.

                                    Leftover stirfry, no kale but broccoli + all the other stuff.

I finally found okra, so I kinda made the Bhindi masala. Really, it's just sauteed okra with hing, curry powder, cumin, and cayenne over black eyed peas and topped with a chunky tomato sauce I made. There's red curry paste and coconut in the tomato sauce.

                               Oatmeal, protein powder, cacao nibs, vanilla almond milk

 Curried carrot pate from Ricki Heller, spread into romaine leaves, rather than in collard wraps

                               More pate, with a romaine leaf, this time inside a nori wrap.

               delicious strawberries, but not organic, and not as cheap as Shen can find em.

Cereal! I never buy cereal! But then I did. This is Cascadian Farms Ancient Grains. With almond milk and banana.
Then it was Mother's Day. I ate an orange and went to the folks' house.

We went for a nature walk down to a wildlife reserve, came back, and ate lunch.

This was the lunch salad - Boston lettuce, arugula, onion, chickpeas, carrot, tomato with lemon juice, salt and pepper. Light and nice and real talk with the folks.
Photos from the nature walk:

This is a breach created by Hurricane Sandy. Apparently a lot of the wildlife has changed because of the salt water that has now overtaken previously fresh water.