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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Soup & Salad & Spring

Dinner with G at Quantum Leap before seeing a friend off to a new job.

Vegetable curry soup: pretty but unfortunately flavorless and texturally bizarre. There were huge chunks of mushroom in the soup that were impossible to bite through alongside okra so overcooked it was stringy and disturbing. This is why I always order the same things at restaurants!!

                                           It came with "basmati" rice, which this was not.

While we waited for our food, G perused a copy of my new zine.... If you are in the city this weekend, the Brooklyn Zine Fest is happening! I'll be there Sunday.

A new recipe from Isa Does It - Ranch salad with roasted potatoes and smoky chickpeas.

                And the next day for lunch with the awesome avocado-dill dressing in the book.

Quinoa-asparagus pilaf over arugula with edamame and cilantro-jalapeno hummus. Green. The pilaf is an Eat Pretty recipe.

                                                  St. Mark's Church in the Bowery.



  1. Bummer about the weird soup! The picture of G with the zine is awesome. Isa's salads always sound and look so great. I'm going to try her classic caesar dressing and I'm really excited about it! Have you tried that one?

    Beautiful springtime pics! I love the shadows in the second one. Looks like you had a beautiful day.

    1. I have not tried the caesar dressing! Is it in the cookbook? Do you have it? I know she always says "ABS" (Always Be Soaking) but I eat my raw cashews before I can soak em! So if the dressing is blended cashews, that's probably what happened before I could make it, haha.
      The weather has been so nice lately. Hope you've been able to enjoy it.

  2. It's hard to imagine, from looking at the soup, that it wasn't good. I'm with you on ordering the same things at restaurants because I'm usually sorry when I don't. At least you can count on Isa to come through for you no matter which you choose.

  3. I think that Soup looks pretty great. Maybe you are just spoiled from the plethora of vegan grub in NYC and don't appreciate it anymore.

    Is G doing a Banksy thing?

    The Isa Does it meals look fantastic. Will I buy the book now? Doubtful.

    1. It tasted like curry powder and water. Even you in the boonies would have been disappointed.
      G is doing his own thing.
      You're full of questions these days but at least this time you were able to answer it yrself.

    2. You gotta admit, you leave a lot of stuff unexplained.

  4. I love the spring photos! And some delicious looking meals. How was the cilantro jalapeno hummus?

    Such a great shot of G reading your zine!

    1. The cilantro jalapeno hummus was a good flavor - it has promise - but is TJ's brand, which I kinda don't love the texture of. If I had the patience to make my own hummus on a regular basis, I'd probably try to make it.

  5. That pilaf has everything good in the world in it. Bad news on the curry soup though - it does look really promising from the photo. How can you make mushrooms hard?!


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