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Friday, February 28, 2014

The Usual

Wild Ginger curry noodle soup:

Paradis three-bean vegan chili:

Foam art in coffee. I call this The Scream. Waiting for the hipster coffee shops to call me.

An LPQ matcha muffin. Shen was right. They good.

And something I rarely do anymore: almost a full day's worth of eats.
Banana and blackberries for breakfast and snack.

Orange juice, apple cider vinegar, lime selzer, and goji berries.

Lunch was whatever I could find in the fridge. Black beans, olives, chopped tomato and zucchini, millet (a new to me food!) With hot sauce.

Had a doctor's appointment (apparently I'm low on Vitamin D but otherwise a healthy vegan), went to buy groceries, lost my wallet, ran back to the doctor's office, found the wallet, and ran back to the grocery store. I should have shown the haul, but almost all of it made its way into this stir-fry for dinner:

garlic, ginger, onion, cabbage, tofu, millet, carrots, bell pepper, and bok choy with red pepper flakes, soy sauce, and ume plum vinegar.
That was ALMOST everything I ate - I also had a couple handfuls of roasted. salted almonds and too many dark chocolate & oats granola cookies.
If you are in NYC, tomorrow is the NYC Feminist Zine Fest! I hope to get some cool zines and maybe explore the vegan food scene up near Barnard. Laterrrr.


  1. At least all the 'usual' meals are different from each other. My 'usual' tends to be the same for every meal until it's gone. The Wild Ginger soup sure looks good.

    1. maybe that wasn't the best title for the post. The Wild Ginger soup is great. I wish it were more usual.

  2. Once we get out of winter, your Vitamin D levels should return! Bring on the sunshine! I'm not one for tanning, but there have been a few sunny days where I stick my face full on in the sun, soaking it up for a few seconds. Ha!

    Great looking, colorful meals! As usual! The two soups at the beginning looks pretty incredible, too!

    Enjoy your time at the zine fest!

    1. Yeah, she prescribed me a 5 month dose for "until the sun comes back." I wear sunscreen even in winter, so we'll see what happens.
      The chili was great, but so hot! I had a burned tongue for 3 days that made tasting other food no fun.

  3. You sure love Curry Noodle Soup, but I don't recall seeing Black Olives on your blog before. Told ya so about that Matcha Muffin.

    If you're going to lose your wallet AGAIN the doctor's office is the place to do it.

    Dang! Guess I missed the Feminist Zine Fest. Maybe next year.

    1. Well, the Brooklyn Zine Fest is in April, so you have fair warning for that one :)
      matcha muffins and black olives - I'm turning into you. I think I originally bought them for a zucchini + black bean taco that most likely never happened.
      I KNOW, right?? I am SO bad at wallets!!! And I was even sober this time.

  4. So jealous of that Matcha Muffin! Ugh it must have been so stressful to lose your wallet nut at least you recovered it! Ugh I can't wait to get some sunshine and raise my vitamin d too. The soup looks amazing and hooray for blackberries!!

    1. The muffin was great. Such a warm flavor.
      I totally got a hot flash and saw spots when I realized I'd misplaced the wallet. I panic all the time about it. Ugh.
      Yes, sunshine, please!

  5. Love the coffee art- i actually have a whole collection of photos i take of my coffees, usually just the fancy ones but there are a few starbucks shots with bizarre versions of my name.
    The millet black bean lunch and oj cider vinegar concoction sound soooo good to me!
    And i think the entire east coast is vitamin D deficient about now......(your calcium supplement should have D. You DO take a calcium supp, right??)
    Glad you located your wallet quickly, its such a pain in the a$$ to deal with a lost one.

    1. Haha one day I will get some fancy foam art drink!
      man, I don't take a calcium supplement but good point. What do you use or recommend?? I already take a multivitamin and am not really into taking pills etc. my Vitamin D was at 7, when normal levels are 70-100! Oyye.

    2. Hey! Be careful!! Did you dr give you a Rx for vitamin D? That kind of deficiency can be really serious.....if he/she didn't then consider calling to ask for one to raise your levels back up quicker than an OTC supp. I take this one cuz its cheap :) -


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