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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Blurry but Good

Take the way-back machine with me: Vans waffles on sale. Smothered with raspberry jam and Tofutti cream cheese.

When I ran out of waffles (it happened sooner than I thought it would...) I was forced to resort to gluten free toast with cream cheese and apricot jam.

                Haxan took a couple sniffs but ultimately was not all that interested in eating any.

              Blurry but quick. G-F toast with olive hummus, sauteed kale and mushrooms.

I'm so sad this photo didn't come out well because the meal was delicious. G and I went to Bliss on Grand before going to see the Lego movie (recommended!) He got seitan parmesan with a side of greens. I got a vegetable plate that came with lentils, sauteed chard, steamed zucchini and pumpkin, grilled polenta, quinoa, and balsamic portabellas. It was all really nicely flavored and comforting on a cold, snowy night. Lemony miso tahini dressing on the side.

Post-Superbowl not-nachos. There are tortilla chips somewhere under there but these are a pretty loose interpretation of nachos. Chips, raw zucchini, mushroom, and cabbage, avocado, black beans, olives, and scallion. Topped with a scoop of salsa after the photo.

                                    Bought this chocolate bar for myself on Valentine's day.

Also treated myself to some radical Russian poetry despite having TOO MANY BOOKS. Alongside some PRETTY INTENSE coffee this morning. I'm writing in CAPITAL LETTERS because the coffee is so INTENSE.

And here is my sweet little valentine.
Off I go.


  1. What was the poetry like? I here admit to not having heard of that particular Russian (very Olympics-appropriate of you?)

  2. Awww love all of the Haxan pictures! What a sweet Valentine :) I would never think to put cream cheese and jam on a waffle but it looks so good. And the toast looks good too, even if Haxan wasn't interested. The vegetable plate looks and sounds really good... and I can imagine how comforting it was on a snowy night. How have you been doing with the snow? I'm constantly in pain from shoveling pretty much every day. I'm definitely over it but it's supposed to snow again on Tuesday. Grrr.

  3. Remy was my Valentine! Haxan looks like a great Valentine, too! Lots of delicious meals, and the cream cheese and jam toastables look divine!
    Beautiful veg dish - even blurry, I can tell it was fantastic! SOMETIMES WE NEED CAPITAL LETTER SENTENCES. Coffee really brings it out for me, too. ;)

  4. That cream cheese and jam looks like a fried egg, lol. I love that chocolate cherry bar – it's one of my favorite things. RADICAL Russina poetry? Do tell!

  5. Chocolate! I have one of those bars with dark chocolate and peppermint hanging out at home right now. Also, cream cheese on waffles? GENIUS.

  6. What a great Haxan shot!

    Why are you and Andrea insisting on torturing me with syrup-less waffles? Now I'm going to have to eat enough syrup to make up for both of you and let's just say I've hit my sugar quota for the month already. ALREADY. Ahem. Sugar can be just as intense as caffeine.

  7. i am so hungry for toast now!

    i tucked in a mini dark chocolate with almonds xoxo bar in my boyfriend's lunch for vday. next day at Whole Foods we saw the big bars were 2 for $3! score! they are usually around $3 a piece!

  8. How strong was that Coffee? So strong you had to eat it with a knife & fork! Yes, I'm so glad I broke my Coffee addiction.

    Haxan looks very glamorous.

    Gotta make me some Cream Cheese and Jelly goodness soon.

  9. I LIKE STRONG COFFEE. IT MAKES ME THINK FASTER AND CLEVERER. What's a vans waffle by the way? Is it made entirely of skate shoes?

  10. Hehe, I just had multiseeded bagels with Tofutti cream cheeze….so good and easy to eat! One of my favorite kitties has a thing for Tofutti cream cheeze, but he’s diabetic at the moment and can’t eat anything extreme.

  11. I really want a waffle now and Hexan is such a cutie!


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