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Friday, February 28, 2014

The Usual

Wild Ginger curry noodle soup:

Paradis three-bean vegan chili:

Foam art in coffee. I call this The Scream. Waiting for the hipster coffee shops to call me.

An LPQ matcha muffin. Shen was right. They good.

And something I rarely do anymore: almost a full day's worth of eats.
Banana and blackberries for breakfast and snack.

Orange juice, apple cider vinegar, lime selzer, and goji berries.

Lunch was whatever I could find in the fridge. Black beans, olives, chopped tomato and zucchini, millet (a new to me food!) With hot sauce.

Had a doctor's appointment (apparently I'm low on Vitamin D but otherwise a healthy vegan), went to buy groceries, lost my wallet, ran back to the doctor's office, found the wallet, and ran back to the grocery store. I should have shown the haul, but almost all of it made its way into this stir-fry for dinner:

garlic, ginger, onion, cabbage, tofu, millet, carrots, bell pepper, and bok choy with red pepper flakes, soy sauce, and ume plum vinegar.
That was ALMOST everything I ate - I also had a couple handfuls of roasted. salted almonds and too many dark chocolate & oats granola cookies.
If you are in NYC, tomorrow is the NYC Feminist Zine Fest! I hope to get some cool zines and maybe explore the vegan food scene up near Barnard. Laterrrr.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Super Spices brightening up Gray Days

This weekend in New York was so beautiful, but the chill and snow and gray will be coming back. These foods might fight that force for you:
Still more Choosing Raw spirulina barley with tahini-turmeric dressing, this time with steamed broccoli and carrots (roasted in olive oil with salt and more turmeric.)

Still with the spirulina theme:

and yet more turmeric in this tofu scramble - part of a complete breakfast! (or brunch)

G's plate - toasted pumpernickel bagel with Tofutti cream cheese, mango, salsa, scramble, black beans, avocado.

And mine. With mucho delicious coffee.
Besides spirulina and turmeric doing good for yr insides, they are also very good for yr outsides. I've said before that this winter was really rough on my skin and I got super dried out. Two face masks I've made recently that really helped moisturize and brighten my skin are:
-avocado, agave, and turmeric mashed into a paste, and
-spirulina, agave, and apple cider vinegar.

Spirulina and turmeric help even out skin tone and nourish the cells, agave and avocado are moisturizing, and apple cider vinegar is an antibacterial. Two people commented on my skin looking better after both of these! And, being completely natural they are mild enough to use more frequently than other masks. (I also use a green tea/tea tree oil/apple cider vinegar toner most days.)
Though of course, I'd rather just eat the food...

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Eating Out, Staying In

                                                                 and more snow

Due to not ever wanting to leave the house and go out into the icy air, I finished my poetry book and put it together. Just glad that's done with.

                                A grabbed breakfast one morning. Apple, CLIF bar, coffee.

my mom threw a post-Valentine's day dinner party! Sauteed kale with chickpeas and roasted potato, brown rice, orange gingered carrots, salad. Everything was delicious, everyone was nice to talk to and see again.

Choosing Raw spirulina millet (except I used barley) and Gena's turmeric dressing to top:

Lunch today got a lot of those "what freakish vegan thing is that freakish vegan eating?" But I don't pay no mind. Served over raw kale.

G and I went to Bliss on Grand again. Here is my lentil beet burger (with special sauce, not melted cheese). Pickles, onion, tomato, and lettuce to top, coleslaw and fries on the side.

He got BBQ seitan wraps with coleslaw and fries.

Aaaaand we shared a brownie topped with coconut ice cream (and raspberry coulis.) It was not my favorite brownie - a little too cakey rather than dense and fudgey and overwhelmed by the kind of icey ice cream BUT enjoyable company. And a good burger.

The End.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Blurry but Good

Take the way-back machine with me: Vans waffles on sale. Smothered with raspberry jam and Tofutti cream cheese.

When I ran out of waffles (it happened sooner than I thought it would...) I was forced to resort to gluten free toast with cream cheese and apricot jam.

                Haxan took a couple sniffs but ultimately was not all that interested in eating any.

              Blurry but quick. G-F toast with olive hummus, sauteed kale and mushrooms.

I'm so sad this photo didn't come out well because the meal was delicious. G and I went to Bliss on Grand before going to see the Lego movie (recommended!) He got seitan parmesan with a side of greens. I got a vegetable plate that came with lentils, sauteed chard, steamed zucchini and pumpkin, grilled polenta, quinoa, and balsamic portabellas. It was all really nicely flavored and comforting on a cold, snowy night. Lemony miso tahini dressing on the side.

Post-Superbowl not-nachos. There are tortilla chips somewhere under there but these are a pretty loose interpretation of nachos. Chips, raw zucchini, mushroom, and cabbage, avocado, black beans, olives, and scallion. Topped with a scoop of salsa after the photo.

                                    Bought this chocolate bar for myself on Valentine's day.

Also treated myself to some radical Russian poetry despite having TOO MANY BOOKS. Alongside some PRETTY INTENSE coffee this morning. I'm writing in CAPITAL LETTERS because the coffee is so INTENSE.

And here is my sweet little valentine.
Off I go.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Warm Food for Cold Days

more snow, later slush, finally ice. The snow is gorgeous; the ice is dangerous. much better to stay inside and eat:

Hot & Sour mushroom soup from Isa Does It. Not something I believe I've ever ordered, but I'm glad I made. Lots of interesting textures and flavors. I finally found wood ear mushrooms for this, and while they taste fine, they look so gross! It seriously looks like you have to chop up an actual floppy ear when they are rehydrated oh man so creepy. Blarf o rama.

                                                        cute little samurai snowman

Gingery-garlicky stir-fry with rice, cabbage, tofu, onion, carrot, shiitake mushrooms, and red pepper flakes with sesame oil and soy sauce.

I made fermented cashew cheese, flavored with a little paprika and cayenne. Spread on woven wheat crackers.

Also, it was recently Imbolc, a Gaelic and Wiccan festival welcoming the beginning of the end of winter. One etymology says Imbolc means "ewe's milk" so it is traditional to drink and eat dairy. I made a milky chai tea drink - the spices in the tea also represent the beginnings of warmth. This is just black tea brewed with cinnamon, star anise, ginger, and vanilla extract. Almond milk was the milk of choice, agave syrup was added to sweeten.

                                      Here is Haxan catching some snowflakes on her head.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Loving Hut, Cinnamon Girl

G and I NEEDED curry one cold winter night after work. Or, I did because I had no groceries at home and was really hungry, so I dragged him out with me. Wild Ginger and its curry noodle soup would be our usual go-to but we decided to switch things up a little and go to Loving Hut on Grand Street in Bushwick. We seemed to recall that they had a couple different curry dishes BUT they changed the whole menu up AND everything was really expensive. We were also told that the menu was about to be overhauled again.
After an uncomfortable exchange and longing looks at the menu, a server told us that there was a special that day for a curry. We even were able to get it as a lunch size serving, for 7 dollars. It came with a crispy spring roll and brown rice on the side.

It was good, though I probably would have preferred a different curry dish. This came with soy protein. It did have potatoes in it, which I thought were delicious. It was spicy (which I like) but a little too salty...and you could see the swirls of oil in it, which I just kind of looked the other way over. As opposed to our last visit, this time the servers were OVERattentive to the point of being disturbing. We will probably not be back. I will say that the "lunch size" is definitely a good-sized portion.
We also recently stopped by Cinnamon Girl (NOT to be confused with Cinnamon Snail) in Bed-Stuy for some zine fuel. It's an upscale bodega/cafe kind of, that sells local beer by the growler and vegan cake by the slice, as well as jams, organic eggs, Annie's mac & cheese boxes, that sort of crap. G picked a slice of red velvet cake for us to share (we had already had lunch! This wasn't our only fuel, I promise!) They had a decent selection of other options, too.

This was 5 dollars, and enough for two of us. It was good! I am not one much for cake because the icing (frosting? What's the difference?) is always so sweet. Obviously this was sweet too but they didn't slather it on. Also, red velvet would not have been a flavor I'd pick because I'm wary of food colorings but I couldn't taste anything chemically or weird.
So, yeah. Brooklyn is changing. Lots of vegan options in formerly low-income neighborhoods (well, still,) for better or worse.
I leave you with Cinnamon Girl by some of Brooklyn's own prodigal sons: Type O!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Savory, Sweet, Snacks

                                         Rice,lentils, kale, sundried tomatoes, sriracha

Chunky potato-lentils soup with kale and carrots, onion, and garlic sauteed in a little red curry paste

Spring greens mix, tofu, avocado, carrot, tomatoes with apple cider vinegar, cayenne, and salt

G bought me this shortbread cookie from Body & Soul that I had with genmaicha (green and toasted rice) tea

I found sample size Ritter marzipans! This is good news since I get a little out of control around the full size bars. These are so good.

We picked up these mini ice cream sandwiches for dessert one night. They're good, although we were calculating how many of these would be the equivalent of the number of cookies we usually eat for dessert. Go big or go home. (Ultimately, we only had one each.)

I made popcorn one night while watching Blue Valentine. With salt and nooch on top. Simple stuff. Good movie.

Empire apple from the Farmer's market. So crisp and sweet, though the skin was a little tough. I'm on a never-ending search for a perfect apple. Which isn't helped by the fact that I can never remember which types I've had or liked. The brain is all mushy like snow slush.

Aaaaand finally, I nabbed a sample size bag of these new chili flavored pistachios that were beeing handed out the other day. I like them! They taste kinda pizza-y. Or maybe more Doritos-y? Anyway, tasty.