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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Celebrations and Snow (a reason for more celebration)

Friday was NOT my birthday or maybe it was I can't remember but in any case I went out to dinner with my mom and cousin to Spring Street Natural in SoHo.

We'd been here a year or two ago when other family was in town. It's easy for me to get to from work and my mom to get to from home, plus they have a nice bar and decent vegan options, though it's not a vegan restaurant.

I got Malaysian curry tofu with noodles and bok choy in a peanut sauce. It wasn't really what I expected (too many noodles, not really spicy or curry-y) but it was good and I ate it all like a growing girl. They were generous with the tofu, which was very tasty.
The next day I woke up to SNOW! Actually, that's not true. It started just as I left for work and kept coming down throughout the day.
First, breakfast:

 Toasted cornbread with Earth Balance and dried apricots.
At work, there was a gift from G at my desk, which I also worked on throughout the day...

Brooklyn's own $$$ artisan chocolate from Mast Brothers. This was really nice. Subtle. TY bb.
On lunch I walked around the city, avoiding drunk people bar-hopping while dressed like Santa.

Grace Church, again. You can also see some people here dressed like Santa. THEY ARE HEADED RIGHT FOR ME!!!

I also ate a stupid Whole Foods salad from the bar because LIKE A DOPE I put my lunch in the freezer instead of the fridge at work and forgot about it. Sad.

This was kale salad and jerk Beyond Meat unchicken with mango, red onion, and red bell pepper. Totally underwhelming and I'm so happy to be a miserly stickler about making and bringing my own lunches these days because the food I made is a million times better.
Later that night I ventured out into the still thickly falling snow to Greenpoint.

                                                                   McGuinness Blvd

                                                     Monsignor McGolrick Park
That's all for now. Stay warm!


  1. We were in Philly last weekend and got six inches of snow — a real treat for me but my husband never sees the good side of snow so I had to enjoy it by myself. I've been craving tofu for the last couple of days — fried tofu, though, from the tofu shop.

  2. Happy birthday or happy un-birthday! Either way.

    I've only ever experienced Mast Brothers when it's been given as a gift. I like to think that makes it particularly delicious.

  3. Happy Birthday!! Looks like a really nice dinner and chocolate is a pretty great gift in my book. Haha oh Santa Con! I bet a great time was had by all, even with the snow and cold. Your pictures are really beautiful. I am such a scrooge about snow but I like looking at other people's pics of it. I was so happy to wake up and see that it was mostly gone this morning. Gotta love that it turned to rain last night and washed it all away!

    1. Oh I guess the santas beating the crap out of each other didn't have a good time :X

  4. Happy Birthday! Nice looking Tofu dish. I may try to emulate that.

    However, boo! hiss! on your attitude toward Santacon: How may folks get to experience the Christmas season in Manhattan?

    Did G get you anything else for your bday?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Okay, maybe you're right. Upon further investigation, it sounds like Santacon got out of control. My bad.

  7. your birthday!! Spring st natural is a good vegan and omni place, better too many noodles than not enough :)
    That chocolate bar sounds divine- how sweet for G to give you that. Ugh, those santas invade my hood! Luckily by late afternoon when i wandered out most had stumbled home or were off the streets.
    Your lunches are way more delicious than any whole foods salad bar creation- the fridge/freezer mix up is kinda funny though :)

  8. Whole Foods got me last week too! The salads always look so appetizing, but once I weed out (pun intended) all those that contain cilantro OR HONEY, I'm left with a container of blah. I can't face those Santas; I don't leave the house then or St. Patty's day; good on you for meeting them head on. And happy birthday! If, in fact, it was ;-)
    PS I'm a big fan of Mast and that flavor sounds treat! I usually stick to the C-one; from the Dominican Republic? Oh man, now I have to go back to the shop to taste test again...

  9. I love trying vegan-friendly places and the toasted cornbread with Earth Balance (my fave butter) look very, very scrumptious! Pretty snowy weather in NY! Stay warm!

  10. Too many noodles? No such thing! :-) That dish looks tasty at least. And I'm always sorely disappointed by the WF salad bar. Always.

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  12. Happy not birthday!

    Also, more SantaCon photos needed stat. Kthanx.

  13. The artisan chocolate sounds amazing-- pass some over! :) And I love those snowy pictures. Everything looks beautiful covered with snow.


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