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Thursday, October 24, 2013

4 Breakfasts, 1 Lunch, and 2 Dinners.

One weekend breakfast:

Cooked oats with apricot jam and Galaxy vegan cream cheese blended in. With coffee, of course.
Other oatmeal sludge:
Overnight oats in a jar with Justin's almond butter, water, cacao nibs and a banana. Kinda gloopy, but okay.
Also breakfasts:


There was a huge bag of free bagels at work the other day which sounds sketchy, haha, but I took one and froze it and bought the cream cheese to keep at work for when I was otherwise unprepared. Way cheaper than buying a bagel every time that happened. The schmear was a little less than I'd get but I think that's a good thing.

Today's lunch: chipotle baked beans, brown rice, raw collards.
Dinners the last two days, to stave off a maybe oncoming cold:

"miso" en scene, ha! Ha... ha...ugh. Top bowl with spinach, rice, tofu, seaweed, spices. Bottom bowl with carrot, spinach, tofu, seaweed. Lots of ginger and scallion in both.
Can't count it as a full day (or three) without at least one dessert:


  1. Sketchy? In the past week alone, I've scored three full loaves of bread and more Halloween candy than I'll admit from my work's freebie table. Food tastes better when it's free.

  2. Cream Cheese in Oatmeal? That's a first for me.

    That Bagel is really a thing of beauty. I doubt you appreciate it though.

    Get under a big pile of blankets and or a comforter and drink a few hot toddies. It will kill your cold so you can get back out on the streets again wreaking havoc.

    1. It was the force that drove me to do it! Pretty good, actually.
      maybe I really am spoiled bagel-wise because I was not all that impressed. Who knows how long they were in that bag for?
      I'll have you know, Shen, I haven't had a drink for 5 days!! Though if you say hot toddies, hot toddy is the word.

  3. Porridge looks crazy good…I have never used cream cheese in it before, but I enjoyed the Galaxy vegan cream cheese, it’s really good on bagels! Love the miso soup, looks wonderful with ginger & scallions!

    1. I had never done that before either, but it wasn't bad. I may start doing it more often. It was kinda cheesecakey with the sweet banana in there too.
      Galaxy isn't my favorite vegan cc brand but it was the cheapest one I found that day.

  4. Yum! I like all of these meals, and you've reminded me that I need to bring oatmeal back into my breakfast rotation. And miso soup. And Justin's chocolate. ;)

    1. Yes to oatmeal! Always yes.
      miso soup is a lifesaver in these cooler months: quick, filling, warm, and comforting.

  5. OK, this may be a stupid-ass question, but bear with me - with overnight oats, are you meant to eat them cold the next day, or warm them up? Or either?

    Also, every time I see those peanut butter cups, I want to lick the screen.

    1. I eat my overnnight oats cold. I never thought about warming them up - to me it's just something that's quick to grab and go with, although maybe some people warm them! I don't have a problem eating cold food, though.


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