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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

MoFo 2013, day 4: Radishes and Green Beans

Even nicer than the shopping in fresh air and hand-picking yr own produce (from the selection made available, if not the ground/tree itself) is having real live interactions with the people responsible for putting food on yr plate.
The guy manning the stand I got the radishes and potatoes from today assured me that these were the best radishes of the season. "Why's that?" "The weather has just been perfect for them lately. They're earthy and not too spicy." "Funny, I've always thought the best radish weather was in the spring." Turns out, radishes have two seasons - one in the spring to early summer and another from the fall to mid-winter (this still doesn't exactly explain why they're so good in September, but I wasn't going to push it.)

The radishes were a dollar a bunch; the green beans were $3.50 a pound - $1.50 for these. The potatoes were also a dollar.
I was actually looking for snap peas but I didn't see any. Green beans are something I like but never use, so it worked out anyway. Sometimes you just have to take what nature provides and roll with it.
Therefore, a variation on Alicia Silverstone's sugar snap peas, radishes, and edamame with lemon butter from The Kind Diet. I used onion instead of shallot, and cooked the vegetables in Earth Balance instead of olive oil.

Pretty perfect bowl of food. I might have been too heavy handed with the umeboshi vinegar and should have added more lemon zest. I've made it once before two years ago (wow); if I make it again, I think I'd keep some of the radishes raw because I like the peppery-ness.
ALSO CRAZY STORY: As I was walking back to work through the market, I saw a large crowd, which isn't unusual for Union Square - there are often drum circles, or political crazies yelling, or dance troupes doin' they thang, so I just walked by. But later G told me he'd seen three cops running through the park. APPARENTLY someone slashed a person and two other people who tried to help him. Ugh. So um Stay Safe and Eat Radishes.


  1. What a beautiful dish! Those vibrant pinks and greens could entice anyone to take a bite. I don't often cook my radishes, but that does sound delicious and definitely worth a try.

  2. You've been getting some great deals on gorgeous produce! I think you'll definitely be inspiring lots of people this month to get out there and support the local farmers at the farmer's markets! I agree, that is definitely a perfect bowl of food.

    OK that's really creepy about the slashing. WHat the hell is wrong with people?

  3. Aaah! Definitely stay safe and eat radishes! It's probably better you didn't know at the time!

    This does sound delicious, and I love the interaction with the growers/farmers. It's very grounding and humbling; for centuries this is how people lived. I forget that, and definitely take advantage of grocers!

  4. The food looks gorgeous — nice combination even though not exactly what you were looking for. The crowd thing is a little scary. You never know when someone might snap.

  5. The colours alone make me very happy - stick a frame round it, that shiz is art. I love umeboshi and radishes - I'd can't stop myself going overboard with the vinegar, so send this my way and I'd be a happy camper

  6. Radishes are one of those things that I can't resist buying because I just like how they look- especially those Easter egg radishes! Nice to have another recipe for 'em, although I usually throw them in any dish that could benefit from their crunch.

  7. Slashers, not cool; radishes in September? Oh fuck yes awesome! That bowl o' food looks like amazing perfection. I need to find me some tasty, spicy radishes stat!

  8. Holy frick I ate chopped radishes, edamame and zucchini for lunch today too. This may not seem a big deal, but I hadn't eaten radishes in over a year, nor edamame since winter. We're the saaaaaame. Almost.

  9. What a great combo for a salad!
    I hope you kept the radish greens??? They're really great sauteed.

    What whackos in union sq- glad you were safe


  10. Great choices of vegetables! Radishes are beautiful, including the enlongated and rustic green beans. The salad looks refreshing and delicious, filled with vibrant colors! I miss Earth Balance, it's going to be awhile. I've tried a couple of vegan margarines here in Spain, most of them are just plain (unsalted), I had to add salt to them, but they are pretty good though for unsalted vegan butter/margarine.


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