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Monday, September 30, 2013

MoFo 2013, day 30: All Fall, Two fer One

Another awesome fall day, another fantastic fall salad for the last day of MoFo. Sorry bout dropping off a bit towards the end. Life sometimes, you know?
Picked up a leek ($1) at the Union Square market on Friday and just now got around to preparing it.

No grit here. Washed 'er up real good.
Brown rice on to cook, threw the leeks in near the last 10 minutes or so. Despite still being up to my eyeballs in collards, I threw the leek rice over spinach. Had an opened can of pumpkin (hey, at least I waited til the last day of September to mention the p-word) and some rehydrated shiitake mushrooms to throw into the salad as well.

Black pepper and Braggs on top after the photo.
Yesterday I went to a Mets game with G and some friends, the last of the season. It was a gorgeous day.

                                            Flushing Meadows-Corona Park Unisphere

We fueled up before the game with another fall classic, oatmeal:

Warm rolled oats, cashew butter, raisins, and a pear from the farmer's market. RIP 2013 baseball season. RIP MoFo, see you next year.
And finally, here is a sleepy ball of fur:

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

MoFo 2013, day 25: Lunch and Dinner

I can't keep making new food! My fridge is stuffed to the gills.
Lunch: raw collard salad, half a roasted sweet potato, tomato, and tofu. Only the tofu was not from the farmer's market.

Collards dressed with olive oil, apple cider vinegar, salt, and red pepper flakes.
Ate in the park with G, who grabbed his meal from Paradis which, as we've established, is pretty seasonal and locally sourced too.
Broccoli rabe with chickpeas and tomato in a garlic dressing.

I had picked up two zucchini (for $2/lb) at the St. Mark's market yesterday, along with the collards.

I am still working on a few last test recipes for Joni Newman's other upcoming cookbook. The other day I made Hearty Chicken Noodle Soup (with rice) and tonight I tossed in spinach along with the chopped zucchini.

The base of the soup is really delicious, and is super hearty. There are lentils and tofu in there along with the rice. Not as "local" as lunch but definitely seasonal. Soup-seasonal!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

MoFo 2013, day 24: Sweet Potato Collard Wraps

Tonight's dinner was a variation on a high-raw dinner I often make in the summer: collard wraps stuffed full of tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, bell pepper, hummus, and whatever else is in the fridge. Somehow it always tastes good and manages to fill me up but not sit heavily in my stomach.
It was 52 degrees this morning so my mind was less on a cooling, raw dinner, but an easy, handheld warming something er other.
Picked up collards and a sweet potato at the St. Marks market:

                               Gigaaaaantic: A big big love. This monster was three dollahs.
Tomato from Grand Army Plaza, already cooked sweet potater ($1.50/ lb). I learned this way of roasting them from my mom: just puncture them all over with a fork and roast em in the skin. They cook pretty quickly and taste really sweet. At 400 degrees, it took about 40 minutes to get really soft.

Wash and de-vein yr collard leaf carefully! I always picture jabbing myself with the knife. That would sure ruin dinner. I put down some roasted garlic hummus, smushed the warm sweet potato on, and topped it with some tomato. I never really have a hard time eating the collard leaves raw. If you prefer, you can blanch the leaves though putting the hot sweet potato on immediately softened them up a bit anyway. Quick, minimal prep, infinitely variable.

Ain't no looker but whatever! It was good. I ate and spent the next half hour prepping the rest of those leaves! Mucho collard salad, some chopped for smoothies, lunch for tomorrow, and I STILL have leaves left. Not complaining.

Monday, September 23, 2013

MoFo 2013, day 23: Grand Army Plaza Farmer's Market

Yet another new-to-me farmer's market today. Well, not exactly today today since today is Monday and this market is only on Saturdays. But I went this last Saturday and I am posting it for you today. It is also technically not "new-to-me"since I was here once before, but that was when I was helping at a stand so basically I was there at 6:30 am to set up and left at like 8, not really looking around.
Now that we've gotten that all cleared up, here is the Grand Army Plaza market, just north of Prospect Park in Brooklyn.
I took the bus down Nostrand Avenue and walked along tree-lined Eastern Parkway to get there. Lots of people far more motivated than I run along this stretch. I strolled, keeping my eyes out for coffee.

You walk past both the Brooklyn Museum, with the fountain outside and usually pretty fantastic exhibits inside...

and the main Brooklyn Public Library:

But we are here to eat. Or, at least gather things to prepare and then eat.

The market is actually a bit smaller than I thought it was, but it is the second largest that I've visited, besides Union Square and even that one is getting smaller as the fall comes in. Both Grand Army Plaza and Union Square markets are open year-round. GAP is Saturdays only from 8am to 4pm.

                    (I saw okra at a not-FarMar today for 2.99/lb so it seems like 4/lb here is fair.)

                                              I love that the broccoli comes with its leaves.
                                      DANCE WITH ALL THE COLORS OF THE WIND
Lots of cute (and dangerously spicy) peppers. The smaller the hotter, usually. I find that to be the case with people as well.
Hot sauces made with said peppers.

Perks of outdoor grocery shopping? You can bring the pooch. And throw husks on the ground right there! Yeah! Damn the man!
Leaving the market, the arch:

Dedicated to "The Defenders of the Union."
I didn't buy anything all that exciting, hence the extensive 'hood tour. I got a peach, which I ate right away and was not mindblowing, the okra you saw in the salad yesterday and two tomatoes.

I couldn't even think of much to do with the tomatoes. But when it's coming to the end of tomato season, they are pretty damn good straight up. Quick lunch today:

Gluten-free brown rice bread with Tofutti, tomato, hot sauce (not from the market), and scallions (still going strong from the market uhhh...two weeks ago? I put em in a glass with water.)
And, well, gosh, that's it for now. Perhaps something extraordinary tomorrow.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

MoFo 2013, day 22: Mabon Salad

Happy Mabon! Happy Fall! Happy Equinox! Gahhh the weather is nice and the produce is crisp and my cat is warm on my lap and this is my favorite, favorite time of the year. Even though I am not personally in a field harvesting goodness, I feel really productive and healthy and, like, ridden through with nature and stuff. It is time to break out the flannels and listen to Sleater-Kinney and grunge and Sebadoh and Tom Waits (okok I do that year-round.)
Forgive the slight break in posts so I could take a walk to a park and pick up leaves and breathe air. I hope you all can find time to do that too. It's definitely a time to celebrate the earth and its bounty. I figured there was no better way to do that than to make a huge salad incorporating the best of the last summer produce and the incoming fall goods.
But first, an attempt at making Haxan wear a Mabon crown. Mostly she just ended up wearing the gatherings and sniffing around. Cats just don't put up with that crap.

Anywho, I didn't pick up too much new produce at the market the other day, just a purple kohlrabi for a dollar. (Oh, and some okra for $4/lb but I don't have a picture.)

And some apple cider. Had to.

The rest of the produce in the salad was already in the house. I roasted the okra along with the rest of the radishes. Tossed in olive oil with salt and pepper. Those were the cooked elements. Everything else was raw:

Microgreens from the Columbia University market, raw corn, grated carrot, julienned kohlrabi. Along side a tahini-mustard dressing (just thinned with water.)

It was perfect. The mustard spiced up the sweeter elements (corn, carrots) and the tahini mellowed the radish and kohlrabi. I hardly had to do anything to the meal. So, so good. Eaten out on the fire escape. Little missy came to visit in the wind:

ALSO I would probably usually cheers the equinox holiday with some wine or something but opted for Bilberry Kombucha instead. The bubbliness feels celebratory. Cheers.

What Autumn produce are you most excited for?? ALSO: YO LAAAA!! What is yr favorite music to listen to in the Fall?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

MoFo 2013, day 19: Columbia Farmers Market + Shenwich

Today was another new Farmers Market stop, on the Upper West Side near Columbia University. It was nice to visit another part of the city that I so, so rarely get to and who knows, maybe I soaked up some of the smarts in the air on campus.

                                                                       The library
Or maybe just some of the neuroses?

Speaking of Seinfeld (I was) look what I found at the market! Look to the cookie!

The market is small - and I actually was confused and thought that I'd been to this market before but it looked totally different. Most of the produce was stuff you (and I) have already seen before. There were some nice looking early squashes, some broccoli I considered, and still plenty of tomatoes, corn, and eggplant (including a teensy Thai eggplant you can apparently eat raw.)

                                                                  Tiny little squash!
                                                                 gooseneck squash

However, it was a warm day and I didn't want to stay inside doing a lot of prep, or even heating food. The first thing I thought of was an intriguing seasonal lunch from everyone's favorite blogger, The Shenandoah Vegan and her radish sandwich. Definitely not something I would have thought to make, but looks refreshing every time I see it.
Haxan had to first inspect the produce:

Three dollars for this bunch. I was determined not to waste a bit and as the leaves were in pretty good shape, I sauteed those up with some garlic and olive oil.

Toasted gluten-free brown rice bread and Sabra olive tapenade hummus came into play as well. I learned last time I bought radishes that they go really well with olive hummus.

This was really quick and filling and great. The only thing that detracted from the sandwich was that the leaves were still gritty. Wash them well! Don't be lazy like me. I'll just pretend it was pepper...

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

MoFo 2013, day 18: WIAW - FarMar leftovers

Phew! Buying and making new stuff everyday from the farmers market is leaving me with a lot of leftovers. I even tried to push some onto my friends but they just won't take it.
Here is a What I Ate Wednesday (remember when I used to post my daily eats on the reg? How did I ever do that?) using up some of the stuffs. Tried to keep it fresh.
Breakfast, marcona almonds from the dinner-which-shall-not-be-named. Later, an unpictured, non-local banana.

Later, at work, a "mind-blowing" peach G picked up for me from the farmer's market. Would you believe this is the first (and probably last) peach I've had all season?
Sticker is one of many a co-worker decorated my desk with.

Cooked amaranth leaves, brown rice, scallions, and re-hydrated shiitake mushrooms with soy sauce. 

Dinner, for G and I:

         $2.50/lb tomatoes. The prices are rising! Does that mean the end (of the season) is nigh?

In a pan with cooked red lentils, coconut oil, brown rice, onions, garlic, ginger, red pepper flakes, and curry powder.

  my bowl, over amaranth and spinach. Bonus: Haxan in the background eating her dinner too!

G's bowl, with wilted spinach. It was awesome. ALSO I AM STILL CATCHING UP WITH ALL YOU PROLIFIC DELICIOUS BLOGGERS. Keep on keepin on. See you tomorrow.