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Monday, July 15, 2013


I don't know if it's the heat or what but my brain has been so disoriented this last week or so. It's also a little difficult because I've been working on three specific food projects, so they take precedence but they also take time. Gonna try to be better about sitting down and writing posts (and work on other stuff.)

                                                               PREP DAYYYYYYEEE

Tofu with red pepper hummus and spinach on Rudi's Whole Wheat. I'm not celiac but you guys know I don't eat bread very often. This was good but kinda messed up my stomach, eh.

                                                            Iced nettle tea with lemon

                                           Brown rice sushi with avocado and cucumber

G's non-vegan pizza: mozzarella with spinach, olives, tomato, and red bell pepper from Carmine's. Sometimes they'll have a slice without cheese; today they didn't so G got the pizza, I got the sushi next door and we sat in a park. There is probably a noise caption he wants to go with this that I can't remember. Something like "shang shang" or "pizza yea boyyye." Also, question: Do you, dear reader, object to non-vegan shots like this? I hate seeing pictures of meat but cheese doesn't bother me. I can see other people being upset by it, though, this being a VEGAN BLOG so let me know and I won't in the future. Peace and thx.

                                   Reading comics alone in a bar because I am the coolest!!!

Wasn't sure how a banana-less smoothie would be but this was great: frozen mango, frozen blueberries, spinach, collards, lemon juice, vegan protein powder, orange juice, and water.

Baby frozen blueberries! I buy a pint, wash em, and freeze my own: wayyyy cheaper than frozen blueberries by the bag.

Really gross looking but delicious collard wrap: collard, carrot, kimchee, hummus, tomato, tempeh bacon strips.
Okay, hopefully fun cool things soon.


  1. Great title for this post!

    My brain has been disoriented this last week, too. Must be the heat.

    Did you make the nettle tea? I give Rowan nettle for her allergies and it really helps her.

    1. I bought nettle tea bags; I just brewed it myself. What are dog allergies like??

  2. I will have to recreate that sandwich at home. May I steal the concept and brand it my own?

  3. Haha love the title! Much more creative than my prep day title ;) I think the heat is definitely the problem and it's going to be worse this week. So brutal.

    Great looking meals! How was the nettle iced tea? Sounds yummy! The sandwich, sushi and wrap all look delicious. Love the blueberry pic, so cute!!

    1. The nettle iced tea was really refreshing. Gonna have to buy more soon.

  4. Love the post title!
    I am fairly certain the heat has scrambled everyone's brains lately. I don't mind the non vegan dairy food pics- i'm not especially sensitive.
    Hanging out in a bar drinking beer and reading comics you're going to get a lot of male attention!!
    That sushi looks great. I always end up with garlic knots and a side of broccoli with marinara at pizza shops. And garlic breath for hours on end

  5. Genesee beer — now that brings back memories. Hmmm.

    I ran out of bananas and my smoothies seemed lacking in body — maybe because I don't add protein powder, or maybe I forgot to add mango.

    The collard wrap looks good to me. I've got c-wrap photos if I ever get around to posting them. I get so behind. The heat seems like a good excuse to me.

  6. Witnessing productive prep days is so motivating! Makes me wanna go prep-crazy. Cheese doesn't bother me either. Meat def. does, but I can handle when my vegetarian partner eats cheese, no prob.

    That collard wrap sounds majorly delicious.

  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one whose kitchen looks like this on a regular basis. People who eat food out of packages don't have this issue!

    As for the non-vegan food, just don't see the point. We all know the meat and dairy industries are intertwined; can't say one is worse than the other to look at- especially when there's so many substitutes if you're looking for them. $.02

    1. Also, I just got the title. I really should wear my glasses all the time; I was (mis)reading it as a play on the word cafeteria.

    2. Point taken. I feel like if it bothers anyone, it should be taken into account. Thanks.

  8. Ha ha ha ha, you crack me up. Reading comics alone at a bar IS cool. And it doesn't bother me at all to see non-vegan food, even if it is meat...I read conventional food magazines/cookbooks all the time.

  9. Reading comics alone in a bar is so much cooler than half-heartedly playing with one's phone. You win.

    P.S. I, of course, don't mind at all about non-vegan food, but I'm probably not the person you're worrying about :P

  10. Reading alone in the bar is the best! As long as you have a good bar, that is. I love that huge wedges of leaves in your sandwich. Must get more leaves in mouth!

    (I definitely don't mind seeing whatever you want to take pictures of, but then I also eat meat, so.)

  11. Kimchee and collards? You must have some nutritionally-generated super powers now! Non-vegan shots don't bother me, but I can live without them - more vegan pizza pics please!

  12. My brain's been all over the place this week too, I can't concentrate on anything! I blame the heat! I also love to read comics/zines/books/magazines alone in bars especially whilst I'm travelling.

    As you asked I prefer not to see any non vegan food on vegan blogs, it certainly doesn't go as far as to upset or offend me but I just don't see the point I guess. I'll still be reading whatever you take pictures of though!


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