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Monday, July 29, 2013

All In a Day's Woik

 Lazy lady's collard wrap. Tahini, mushrooms, carrot, tomato.

 Sorta sangria. Pear, frozen strawberries, frozen mango, ginger slices, orange juice, lotsa wine.

On the fire escape with a good book....
And a cat.

Joni and Gerri tester recipes:

                                                              With cucumber relish.

                 Cheesy cashew sauce. This was fun to make. Haven't tried it on anything yet.

                                                Clean up aka "Things Organized Neatly"

                           A treat for myself after cooking and cleaning. Ginger all the way.

Haxan came bounding out of my room last night with a mouse in her mouth, which she proceeded to let go and catch again and let go for about 20 minutes while I hid and freaked out. (Speaking of which, she makes an appearance in G's new comic - uh, NSFW) When I finally emerged, there was no mouse to be seen. SoooOOOoooo Haxan relaxed today too, having done her catly duty. Good baby.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bla Bla Bland

Been busy this week and kinda stressed out, blah blah who cares, haven't been eating as well or as much as I should as evidenced by these few photos and dearth of vegetables:

So Delicious Vanilla coconut milk yogurt with trail mix (almonds, goji berries, golden mulberries, golden raisins.)

22 Days PB + Chocolate Chip protein bar. Not the best flavor, but filling.
Lunch was mostly leftover potato salad this week. When I ran out I bought a Macro Vegetarian "Peking Duck with Shiitake mushrooms," which, blaergh.

I wrote "Peking Suck" at first and that seems more appropriate. I googled the name to find out what it was called and found a funny review (among other entertaining reviews - scroll almost to the bottom to read about the Peking Duck) of the product. I'm typically bored/annoyed with omnis hating on vegan meat analogues but this was just not good, so whatever. "Their delusions make them pitiful, like thirteen-year-olds with imaginary friends, and people who see Jesus in their toast." Bad vegan food does us all an injustice.
I attempted to supplement the chewy "duck" with another chewy vegetable to trick myself into believing I was eating food, thus:

Another lunch to finish out the week:

Santa Rosa pizza from Viva. Roasted garlic, kalamata olives, shredded miso tofu, sundried tomatoes. It was good, even though I meant to order a different slice, whatever.
G is kind and shared his sweets from Body & Soul from the farmer's market:

                                                                     Half a brownie.
1/3 of an oatmeal raisin cookie. This was awesome. Soft and cinnamon-y. Reminds me I ought to bake more.
I ate those as dinner, I guess, along with half a bottle of wine with my friend as we watched THE CRAFT in McCarren Park.
A sky befitting the movie, under an almost-full moon:

                                                         (photo credit, Tara's iphone)
Okay, maybe I'll be less grumpy next post. Or maybe I'll have found a spell that makes meals for me. Tell me something fun, guys.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Lots of ceteras lately.
I'm testing for a new Joni Marie Newman cookbook, Going Vegan:

                                                 Vegan potato salad! Pea-y, dilly, creamy.

Also this from the cookbook: mango-pineapple-coconut chia pudding. Only slightly sweet and really fun to eat.

Lunch out with G: avocado, arugula, kalamata olives, and sundried tomato on a delicious bread. From Pret a Manger.


New packaging on the Justin's cups! They are nestled in a lil containter. Not sure how I feel about that waste-wise, but I do know that it means that without a wrapper, they melt in yr hand. There is also a Justin's imprint on the bottom of the cuppy now. No detectable difference in taste.

                                                        Dinner today. It's a classic.

                     Not mine. G hunted down the Taim falafel truck and they had a beet falafel!

More falafel! This is the Mediterranean platter from Quantum Leap. The pita was delicious and soft. G helped his dad at a flea market and Ken kindly took us out to dinner. G got a Fiesta burger - the pictures didn't come out too clearly.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer Cooked a Fire in my Brain, Meanwhile I Ate

Dried Turkish figs. A fly got caught in the bag and now I don't want to eat the rest of them because I'm paranoid it laid eggs in the figs but apparently that's how figs are fertilized anyway, or something??
G and I made ramen and stir fry. It was good but I freaked out about cleaning and vegetables and noodles. Sometimes eating is really stressful.

From Paradis. Curried red lentils, jicama, heirloom tomatoes, spinach.

Collard wrap with tofu, sundried tomato hummus, mushrooms, and tomato. I had a second wrap and added carrots and sriracha. The hummus looked really gross and then I didn't want to eat anymore ever.

Chocolate chip cookie from Peacefood. As soon as I stepped outside, the chips started melting. It's hot, guys.

Raw broccoli, kimchee, tofu. Thrown together last minute in the morning. Sometimes it's hard to care about food.

Whole Foods had 16 oz of organic strawberries on sale for two dollars the other day! Yeeeaaahhhh. I ate those and tossed some blueberries in for good antioxidant measure. I rarely buy strawberries but whenever I do, I'm reminded of how they whiten teeth... although maybe the blueberries counteracted that.
This is pretty much everything I've been eating. This is the part of the summer where food either makes me feel insane or I just don't want to eat anything at all. I did go to a Mets game the other night, though, and ate a lot of peanuts.

                                                                    The Nosebleeds
Also this from yesterday:

                                        The slightest rainbow. I didn't eat any Lucky Charms.
Uuugghh does making food decisions or eating at all ever stress you guys out? I can't deal with this right now hahah okay bye!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Aimee Hughes' The Sexy Vegan Kitchen

Crossing Food Project #1 off the list: reviewing Aimee's new cookbook, The Sexy Vegan Kitchen!!
First of all, congratulations to Aimee on publishing her book. She has incredible, healthy, delicious recipes over on her blog but it's always nice to have a tangible collection in hand. It's also easier not to get overwhelmed with making EVERYTHING!
She sent me the PDFs of the book and I wanted to make a ton of recipes from each section (smoothies, soups, salads, drinks, desserts, snacks) but limited myself to four:
First was Carrot Dip with Olives:

This was awesome, and easy to make. I ate it on toast with tomatoes. I also ate it straight from the jar. It's really versatile, which is kind of dangerous because I want to put it on everything.
Aimee has a ton of smoothie recipes in her book,which is great especially for the summer. This is Blueberry Seduction: brazil nuts, collards, frozen blueberries, a few other things.

This Celery salad with Garbanzos was awesome:

Besides the obvious ingredients, there are dates and garlic-stuffed olives in the salad, which gave it an incredible flavor. The parsley was also nice, since it's so detoxifying.

Finally, today, I briefly turned on the oven to make these Almond Butter cookies with Dates. These were good, but kind of difficult to work with. They are very soft and crumble easily so they aren't' exactly the transportable-eat-nine-at-lunch kinda cookie.
Overall, I really liked the book! It has a unique perspective. I feel like eating a clean, vegan diet is best for yr overall health anyway, so it only makes sense that these recipes will increase sexual appetite and pleasure (I won't get into what doing a raw vegan cleanse did for me, BUT!!)
As befitting lovers (unless yr into three+somes) the recipes serve two people, which is cool because I hate to have a ton of leftovers to slog my way through tediously. If you enjoy that, you could easily tweak the recipes to make more. I also appreciate that Aimee uses a mix of "superfoods" and super easy to find foods. Even the ingredients that I wouldn't normally buy (like stevia for the blueberry smoothie) repeat themselves in other recipes, so it's not a buy once and have the exact same amount when you move three years later kinda thing. *Vegans should take note that certain recipes do contain honey. You'd probably be fine swapping agave in.
Aimee provides a very thorough introduction to the ingredients, detailing what each will provide, nourish, and stimulate yr body with. The more you know.
Other recipes I wanted to try in the book: raw brownies, a Bellini, broccoli salad, a Green God/Goddess smoothie, and so on.... I'm sure we've all heard that the way to a person's heart is through their stomach. I honestly do love cooking with a person: it's sexy to see them moving confidently around a kitchen and producing a meal made with love. To then share it with someone you really like can be incredible. Let's move oysters off the top of the aphrodisiac list and eat more greens. Nothing more attractive than a compassionate partner.

Monday, July 15, 2013


I don't know if it's the heat or what but my brain has been so disoriented this last week or so. It's also a little difficult because I've been working on three specific food projects, so they take precedence but they also take time. Gonna try to be better about sitting down and writing posts (and work on other stuff.)

                                                               PREP DAYYYYYYEEE

Tofu with red pepper hummus and spinach on Rudi's Whole Wheat. I'm not celiac but you guys know I don't eat bread very often. This was good but kinda messed up my stomach, eh.

                                                            Iced nettle tea with lemon

                                           Brown rice sushi with avocado and cucumber

G's non-vegan pizza: mozzarella with spinach, olives, tomato, and red bell pepper from Carmine's. Sometimes they'll have a slice without cheese; today they didn't so G got the pizza, I got the sushi next door and we sat in a park. There is probably a noise caption he wants to go with this that I can't remember. Something like "shang shang" or "pizza yea boyyye." Also, question: Do you, dear reader, object to non-vegan shots like this? I hate seeing pictures of meat but cheese doesn't bother me. I can see other people being upset by it, though, this being a VEGAN BLOG so let me know and I won't in the future. Peace and thx.

                                   Reading comics alone in a bar because I am the coolest!!!

Wasn't sure how a banana-less smoothie would be but this was great: frozen mango, frozen blueberries, spinach, collards, lemon juice, vegan protein powder, orange juice, and water.

Baby frozen blueberries! I buy a pint, wash em, and freeze my own: wayyyy cheaper than frozen blueberries by the bag.

Really gross looking but delicious collard wrap: collard, carrot, kimchee, hummus, tomato, tempeh bacon strips.
Okay, hopefully fun cool things soon.