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Monday, April 1, 2013


HEY YA'LL. Greg here again. Maud moved last week and doesn't have internet yet so I am filling in for her. This is day two of my two consecutive days of blog-minded eating. This post is not entirely vegan but I did remove the photo of a roast beef sandwich.

This is the sign outside of think, my regular coffee shop. It has seen a drastic decrease in patronage ever since "the bean" has opened a block away, but Think has way better coffee. Best thing about the bean is that they have pretty decent vegan sandwiches and the day-olds are half price. Maybe next time I am on a blog kick I will feature one of their baked tofu sauerkraut arugula sandies. Anyway, the coffee at the bean is always burnt tasting so fuck 'em.
This is the nasty fruit offering at Think. Does anyone ever buy these sickly green bananas at coffee shops and gas stations? Please. I only buy fruit at designated fruit establishments. When it comes to fruit I am on another level.
to wit:

You've seen it before, but not like this. I support farmers, as instructed by the chalkboard. 
This market is here 4 times a week, and I usually stop by at least once a day. Aside from tons of fruit and veg, wine, cheese, fish, flowers, etc., this is THE place to go for pastries.
 to wit:

This is the case at 'Bread Alone'. Aside from any type of bread, muffin, roll, they have some bangin' freshly made, reasonably priced pastries. My faves are the pecan danish (far right), raspberry danish (second from left), and, most recently, the SEASONAL FRUIT BUCKLE (pictured below).

Moist and cakey with... seasonal fruit. Berries, apple. This is the first season I've gotten it so I don't know what else they may make it with. Printed on all their bags is a quote from poet Paul Claudel. "Intelligence is nothing without delight." 

And then there are the apples. Being in New York, This is what we see a lot of at the market. During fall there are at least ten varieties for sale from at least a dozen vendors, of which my favorite would have to be LOCUST GROVE. Their apples are just the best, and something about their storage methods provides for choice apples even this long after the season. The guy there told me "Never eat a shiny apple." TRUTH.

 "Got a pocket full of fujis and my homeboys do too."

Which brings us to lunch time. Above pictured is the break room at my job. Swarming with mice and roaches. Note the Christmas tree in the background. Probably from the last time this place was cleaned. Believe it or not, people eat here. 

This is the fridge. I assume this is typical of most workplaces? Anyway, this is part of the reason why I never bring my lunch. On a typical day, I will go to Paradis.

Maud has mentioned this place before, but she tends to downplay it. So here it is. Best food in the union square area. They have at least one vegan offering each day, but often they add shaved cheese to otherwise perfectly vegan dishes. This bothers Maud, but in my opinion, it is a testament to their culinary acumen. That little shaving of cheese is not frivolous. Quite the contrary, it makes the dish. Veganism be damned.

Just kidding. But seriously. Nobody ever told picasso not to use red. Or maybe they did. 

If you take a look at what is in that case, you will see ingredients and pairings that aren't typical of corner luncheons, and like I said, at least one vegan option (in this example, french lentils, green beans, tomato, basil, pine nuts. Which is just not something you see everywhere).

What is truly outstanding and mind boggling about Paradis is that each day brings a new menu. I have never seen the same thing offered twice. This is their menu from today.

And that applies to their dessert menu as well, save for a few staples like their famous chocolate chip cookies. You may have heard legend of their chocolate chip cookies. None of this is vegan, sorry. But sometimes they do make a vegan or gluten free dessert. Today they had flourless chocolate cake. These options are always mindfully labeled, which implies at least an awareness of those dietary restrictions (more than you can say for some).

Fruit, lemonade.

More pastries. 

And this is what I ate that day. Seasonal vegetable sandwich. Pickled portobello, pesto, some cheese, squash, on ciabatta. House New York Times in the background. There is an old man who eats lunch there at the same time of day as me and we are always eyeing each other to be finished with the house New York Times.

Also don't forget to bus your own dishes, ya filthy animals.  


  1. Wonderful photo illustrations. Greg took me to the Union Square Market last year, great bread everywhere.

  2. For a substitute, you sure blog like a pro. I will probably never get to Union Square, but it's good to know it exists. I'm relating to the old man who wants to read the paper. It is so great to read and eat at the same time.

  3. That "seasonal fruit" buckle is kinda funny, no? No berry that I know of is in season in NY right now, and really, neither are apples (though apples store well, so could be left over from the fall harvest if they were kept properly). Berries + apples = NOT in season together in NY unless I'm missing something pretty great, like seasonal berries in NY in early April. I think 'Bread Alone' be scammin'!! :-))

  4. I love to satisfy my daily bread consumption from the Union Square greenmarket. Why buy from Whole Foods when you can get fresh, local loaves just a step away? I used to buy from Bread Alone (bread only) a lot, but recently, they've lost their mojo for me. :*( Ditto on the apples. The ugliest, the better flavor. :)

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