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Monday, April 29, 2013

The Great Paradis Dis-bate

When G was guest posting, he made it a point to show you Paradis (which I've also talked about before many a time) and said that they have a vegan option every day.  He then proceeded to eat a sandwich with cheese in it, but whatever, that's his deal.
What I took issue with was the "vegan option every day" because I feel like I've gone in there and ordered a supposed vegan meal to find that it had one random piece of cheese in there - and they are usually pretty thorough with listing the ingredients on their daily menu, or seen perfectly delicious meals dairy-fied and thereby RUINED by a small sprinkling of cheese.
Anyway, I made a bet with G that over the course of one week, there would be at least one day in which there was not a vegan option. And, **although there is one iffy day in which I saw a supposed vegan item on the menu, but didn't see it in the case and it was too busy for me to get a better look,** I GUESS I lost the bet, WHATEVER I'm not mad. So the other day I bought G and I both lunch from "vegan-friendly" Paradis. And it was tasty.
 I got roasted broccoli, lime scented black beans with sweet potato salata. There was a bit of cumin and carmelized onions as well. Kind of a repeat dish, but delicious as ever.

And here's G's roasted vegetable sandwich with butternut squash and cheese.

A repeat for him too; I guess there's a reason for that. It looked good.
He also got a brownie, which wasn't vegan but is very pretty.

Just because I do not go softly into any good night, I will restate that using cheese as a garnish is really stupid. I'd almost rather they make an entirely non-vegan dish. Pretty sure salads are still delicious without Parmesan on top. Secondly, I really wish they'd make it more obvious which items are vegan. They usually mark the soups as specifically vegan but patrons have to fend for themselves with the salads. I'm really awkward and shy about asking questions and I'd be a lot more likely to buy something if it was stated vegan. ALSO (and this is just a personal preference) often their vegan option is a pasta salad (orecchiette or orzo with kale or something) and that's not something I usually enjoy so I wish they would branch out a little in that respect.
Also, bring on the vegan baked goods, geez!
That said, when they are on point, they are 110% on point. The employees are friendly, the prices are fair, and I love the variety. I am also pretty sure that the owner/chef sources the food locally. It is always wonderfully seasonal and fresh.
Are you happy now, Greg?

Monday, April 22, 2013

DIY or Die

Hey okay so yesterday was cool! It was the second annual Brooklyn Zine Fest at Public Assembly in Williamsburg.

I volunteered to help set up in the morning so I was there at 9, fueled by coffee and gf toast with almond butter.

Did not eat the apple. After and hour and a half or so, I walked to the Williamsburg waterfront. It was a gorgeous day.

I schmoooozed for a while at the zine fest with another food zine editor from DC (Shen, go find them - Runcible Spoon!) and a couple friends, got some zines and headed home.
Zinesters love pins, if you didn't know. Now you know.

Romaine, tempeh, broccoli, tomato, red onion in a thinned hummus dressing with nooch and turmeric.
Greg came over and we walked the hood, got a couple groceries and, unsatisfied with the local pastry shop’s vegan offerings, came home and make our own cookies. DIY was the theme of the day, obviously.
Picture heavy, here is how you (I) make Pecan-Ginger Cookies from Ripe from Around Here by Jae Steele:
Okay first ya gotta choppity chop fresh ginger.

make yr first and only YouTube hit kitchen cooking show.

Then, look really angrily into yr bag of flour.

Next, dump a little too much salt into the bowl with the flour.
Check, and check again that yr doing everything wrong, then check again to make three times and three is the magic number so that makes everything yr doing right.

make sure yr little babycat is fed too or else she’ll jump onto the counter in a jealous food rage.

(Interlude – you do whatever you want, maybe put on some B-52s and dance while yr partner takes pretty pictures)

Oh yes I forgot to mention, this is my first time buying and using barley malt. Lookit that pretty barley malt.

Choppity chop some pecans, watch them fly all over the counter.

measure out the dried cranberries.

Give yr partner something else to do. “Are you okay? Are you mad at me? Are you bored? Here, stir this dough. But not too much! That’s too much! Just until the flour is incorporated! I'm gonna dance to the B-52s now!

Dollop out some dollops.

Add chocolate chips at the last mo cuz “everything is better with chocolate chips,” yr partner insists.

Step whatever, bake fer 14 minutes NOT 16 cuz THEY WILL BURN not that I ever burn anything I always do everything exactly correctly, then cool and eat ya cookies!

Cookies taste best while reading zines. Speaking OF (how serendipitous of me to steer the conversation in this direction!), not having internet means you can finish a new zine in like two weeks, rather than two months.
And....Happy Earth day.

Monday, April 15, 2013

TACOS and whatever else other stuff that isn't as important as TACOS

Still using up the mangoes. These have been breakfasts most mornings.

Supplemented later with tamari roasted almonds, which are dangerously addictive.

Lunch in blooming Union Square Park:

Raw chard, hummus, tomatoes, avocado, raw sunflower seeds, nooch, onion. This on repeat thrice more.
Lunch at home with a mangled California "burger" (atop chard):

 How the hell does anyone cook these things without destroying them? To quote Homer J. Simpson, though: “It’s still good! It’s still good!” (Not vegan)
Grocery haul to Trader Joe’s this morning.

Kimchi, romaine leaves, cauliflower florets, 10 minute barley, tofu, raw agave syrup, Pure bars, dates, organic lemons, raw sunflower seeds, tempeh, GF brown rice bread, chocolate chips, sunflower seed butter. Also unpictured unsweetened applesauce.
Not heavy on the produce because I pick that stuff up at local stores rather than lugging it on the bus. Pretty excited to try that kimchi! It’s been a really long time since I’ve gone to TJ and they have a bunch of new products that I mostly did not impulse-buy. Nota bene: this kimchi is vegan (thank you! So unnecessary to add fish!) but they also sell dried kimchi chips, or flakes, or something that I was curious about but they contain anchovies.
Dinner with G at Taco Chulo. We used to go to Taco Chulo a lot. I’ve probably blogged about the remains of a burrito, but here you see it in all its fresh glory. Thank you, Greg, for "de-freakifying" me.

Nopalitos taco


Shared chips with guacamole and salsa

Greg’s Santa Cruz taco. Plus a couple beeahs.
A Ridgewood tour is coming forthwith.

Friday, April 12, 2013


In the brief readings of yr pages, I've been taking mental notes.
Chia pudding, inspired by Allysia

with ginger juice, mango, goji berries
Other mango stuff, like Dawn is doing:

From this same modified recipe, no nuts.
Noodles, bought after looking at Ingrid's and Andrea's pages:

spinach, shirataki noodles, chili paste, onion
same thing, different bowl.
I have yet to eat a vegan cupcake a la Shen, but I did go straight to the source.

Thanks, guys. Let's do this again sometime.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Both leftover backlog photos, and use of leftovers from Easter. The folks sent me home with some of the snap peas, thus this:

(spinach, snap peas in sesame oil, tofu, shiitake mushrooms, ginger juice and chili paste - ya know, that stuff that's always next to the sriracha). With a little light reading. e.e.'s lovely.
And I had roasted some beets for Easter to put in a salad that didn't end up getting made, thus these:

(spinach, avo, roasted beets, orange segments, salt + pepper)
(spinach, raw broccoli, roasted beet, red cabbage kraut, tomatoes, tofu, avocado)
(spinach, roasted beets, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, avocado, hummus, nooch)
Lots of repeats have been had of the above.
Breakfasts have been right back at the bars, post-Lent, but also picking up fruit I usually don't (the pear, WF fruit salad)

Note the ICED coffee!! Number one, it was totally delicious and perfectly made and so refreshing because Number two, SPRING IS HERE:

Finally made the Vega chai drink with coconut water. Kinda too sweet, I watered it down towards the end. Gotta find a good medium.
Baby bok choy with tahini and hot pepper paste, grilled "So Spice" (?) tofu from WF salad bar.

And, finally, back to Champs when it wasn't totally crowded:

 my a la carte: side salad, scrambled tofu (they really know how to do), home fries
Greg's French Toast Slam: french toast slices, scramble, tempeh bacon, soysage patties, greens.
Til we meet again.