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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Random Roundup

Today was the Veggie Pride Parade. I went into the city after the parade was over and just sort of roamed around the "campground." I wasn't hungry at the time and had errands to run but regretted later not picking at least one treat up from the Cinnamon Snail truck.

You can see the person in the pea costume ono the far left. They're there every year, along with other people in costumes.
What I've been eating:
Macro Saigon Soba from that same brand that makes the sushi I always eat. You should probably browse that website - it looks like it's from 1995.

The noodles were kinda gluey and pasty, but I didn't really expect much from a packaged meal like this. Rice seems to hold up a lot better. Flavorwise, it was pretty good though. There are fresh specks of parsley, a couple nice chunks of tofu and cabbage for chew. Lesson learned: if it ain't broke don't fix it, aka always buy the same thing over and over and over yes even for the blog. I ate half of it and swore to remedy the dish the next day.

Roughly chopped raw baby bok choy. Much better.
Been eating the raw cacao crunch cereal (went back for more) with banana.

Also actual fruit.

This was interesting:

Although I'm kinda confused about bee pollen.
Sweet snack (on sale):

Gorgeous, delicious salad: Spinach, mango, tomato, broccoli, Wildwood sprouted superfirm tofu, avocado with Braggs, turmeric, cayenne, ginger juice. I'm really enjoying fruits in salads lately and they go really well with the ginger.

Halfway through eating I remembered I bought this:

And added yet another color to my salad:

Okay, I won't be blogging for the next couple days but I'll still be reading and commenting AND I promise you something fun at the end of our time apart (and not just cuz distance makes the heart yadda yadda.)
Keep on keepin on.


  1. Oooh so many great meals! I don't know what rock I'm hiding under but I never know anything about the Veggie Pride Parade. I'm a crappy New Yorker lol!

    That website is hilarious! So informative! *insert eye roll here* I've had quite a few products from that company before and I agree that the sushi is the best by far. I've had the buckwheat soba noodles and I imagine it was pretty close to your experience with these noodles. Yay for the cereal and how did you like the bar? I've had that one before and thought it was ok. Those are definitely some beautiful salads, as always!

    See you in a few days!

  2. The DC area food trucks only operate M-F. It's a government mentality down here.

    Pretty cool Salad (literally and figuratively). Mango AND Tofu. Together again. With Tomato no less. I can barely ever think of two things to put in a salad let alone fruit.

    I'm sure the Bee Pollen was vegan if no Bees were harmed while they shaved their tiny legs.

  3. Would this perhaps be due to an apartment move?!?! I hope so. Or a vacation to somewhere beautiful, would also be acceptable. ;)

    I'm just like you - I'll go somewhere awesome, and not being hungry, won't purchase anything. I know that I will eat in the future, but for some reason I can't see that far. Kind of like anti-hoarding.

  4. That parade would be fun to watch on TV, but I'm not at all a crowd person. I think you're brave for going there after it was over (something I still couldn't bring myself to do, most likely). The costumes would be really fun to see.

    Such a pretty salad. So many colors! I'll be looking forward to see what you have in store for us in a few days. Exciting!

  5. Did you catch the corn-on-the-cob lady? Nice change-up from the whole peapod/carrot people from year to year ;-)

  6. I die every time you blog about the macro sushi, not because I miss it, but because I know that wherever the macro sushi (and noodles) be, so be (so be so be so be!) the veggie turkey and the utter love of my heart, the soy-tein with spinach. Sigh.

  7. Cinnamon snail truck sold out of everything and I buy the vegan bento macro box about once a week...good if its fresh

  8. Out of all that, the salad wins it for me. Especially with the cabbage. Something about pickles sets off the endorphins or whatever in my brain. A pickled gherkin and I'm a happy bunny!

  9. Maud hai!!! Long time no see. I didn't even know veggie pride parades existed, but I'm glad it does. I want all your fooooood. And enjoy your time off, you super punctual blogger you! :)

  10. Wait, what the heck is going on with that Macro Saigon website?! Amazeballs.

  11. I was looking for the person in the carrot costume, and so it was funny that Abby Bean mentioned her/him too. The pea and carrot always seem to be in the parade's promo material! I walked in the LA Veggie Pride Parade a few years back and there were all kinds of funny costumes. My favorite had to be the guy in the huge white box with "TOFU" written on the side. That was before Justin Timberlake mastered that costume! :)


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