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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Yo Yo hey what up people.  My name is Greg. Maud has mentioned me occasionally in this blog. Often she refers to me as "G". ANYWAY I'm not vegan but I'd say I'm a "Hard Vegetarian" or something like that. Basically I eat cheese occasionally, but otherwise my diet is mostly of a vegan nature. That being said, day one of my two-part series of guest posts happens to feature only Vegan foods, and some debatable chapstick.
Here goes:
Breakfast: KASHI CINNAMON HARVEST. This is basically my breakfast every single day, except on my days off I add a banana. I tried eating oatmeal for a while but I wasn't pooping enough. This does the trick and is about as cheap.

Mid-morning snack: I call this one "Sorrowful orange". Have you ever seen an orange look so longingly out a window? I guess he knew his days were numbered. Soon after this photo was taken, I ate him.

This is the video game I played on the subway. It's called "Solatorobo" and it is about a fox that drives a robot and does tasks for people around town.

Lunch: Okay, here is where things get good. When invited to do this post, I immediately began to obsess over what I would eat. I didn't want to show you stuff that you've seen on here before. Luckily, being a little more culinarily adventurous than Maud is (I.e. willing to eat grease) I have a few more options when it comes to eating out. I wound up at MAMOUN's FALAFEL on St. Marks. This place makes a very good, cheap, no frills falafel, which I have had a hundred times. So this time I got a lentil soup and spinach pie. The best thing about this place is that all their menu items are around 2-3 dollars so you can mix and match a few of them, change it up,  and get something nice for your meal...

 ...WITH DESSERT: Mubrumeh. A lot like baklava but with a fancy pile of nuts on top. ALMONDS, WALNUTS, PISTACHIOS, on PHYLLO DOUGH, SOAKED IN HONEY. And I do mean SOAKED. Only costs 2.00.

A BRIEF WORD ABOUT NYC FALAFEL: I have tried my fair share of falafel, though I am no expert. If you spend a little bit of time in the area you will invariably hear MAMOUN'S being touted as "The best falafel in the city". You may have even read this in a guide book or something. This statement can be considered true on a misleading grammatical technicality. While mamoun's falafel is indeed worthy of such a claim, it can only be applied to the falafel itself, that is to say the falafel balls. As I said above, this is a cheap, no frills falafel and as such, the pita, iceberg lettuce, tahini and diced tomatoes included in the 3.00 falafel sandwich at Mamoun's do add up to something inarguably delicious, yet not at all worthy of "Best falafel" status. For a complete, gourmet, mind blowing, high-scoring-in-all-categories, lovingly designed and prepared to order, slightly more expensive falafel, those in the know go to Taim.

This is a NYC pigeon on its way to some very important pigeony business, not at all interested in hearing what I have to say about falafel.

This is a case of juice. Maud blogged about these the other day. I usually get the "Spicy Super Green." It has kale, cayenne etc.

Have you guys seen these tofu ads with a "Croods" promotional tie-in? Weird.

CHAPSTICK: It has beeswax in it. I have tried A LOT of different chapsticks, and most of them give me a rash around the corners of my mouth. Gross, right? IT IS GROSS. So I'm trying to figure out why that happens. My best guess is the beeswax.  The best brand of vegan chapstick I have been able to find is ecolips. I was using their lemon-lime and grape flavor for a while and no rash. Then I got a rash with the lemon-lime. Then I stopped using chapstick. Then I wound up buying this whole foods brand in a pinch and then wham! Insta-rash. So I am trying to pinpoint exactly what ingredient is causing this. Anyone else have this problem?

This is pizza from viva. Broccoli, Tomato, Onions, Mushroom, Sauce, on a C-R-U-S-T. (Spelt crust, get it?) Their pizza is good and vegan but they have a "B" sanitary grade.

And this is MAUD grabbing her bounteous cheeks. Isn't she a beaut?


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Random Roundup

Today was the Veggie Pride Parade. I went into the city after the parade was over and just sort of roamed around the "campground." I wasn't hungry at the time and had errands to run but regretted later not picking at least one treat up from the Cinnamon Snail truck.

You can see the person in the pea costume ono the far left. They're there every year, along with other people in costumes.
What I've been eating:
Macro Saigon Soba from that same brand that makes the sushi I always eat. You should probably browse that website - it looks like it's from 1995.

The noodles were kinda gluey and pasty, but I didn't really expect much from a packaged meal like this. Rice seems to hold up a lot better. Flavorwise, it was pretty good though. There are fresh specks of parsley, a couple nice chunks of tofu and cabbage for chew. Lesson learned: if it ain't broke don't fix it, aka always buy the same thing over and over and over yes even for the blog. I ate half of it and swore to remedy the dish the next day.

Roughly chopped raw baby bok choy. Much better.
Been eating the raw cacao crunch cereal (went back for more) with banana.

Also actual fruit.

This was interesting:

Although I'm kinda confused about bee pollen.
Sweet snack (on sale):

Gorgeous, delicious salad: Spinach, mango, tomato, broccoli, Wildwood sprouted superfirm tofu, avocado with Braggs, turmeric, cayenne, ginger juice. I'm really enjoying fruits in salads lately and they go really well with the ginger.

Halfway through eating I remembered I bought this:

And added yet another color to my salad:

Okay, I won't be blogging for the next couple days but I'll still be reading and commenting AND I promise you something fun at the end of our time apart (and not just cuz distance makes the heart yadda yadda.)
Keep on keepin on.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Slightly Different Salads

Many things have conspired to my changing up the salads lately: lack of produce, trying not to eat carrots, trying to save money. Okay, maybe not "many," but "three."
Here's what I've been eating instead of the usual. (Do I have a "usual?")

Yeah! Spinach, cucumber, raw sunflower seeds, cherry tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, mushroom, avocado, crumbled end of bag flax pizza crackers! Dressed with lemon juice.
Let's see that again because it's so damn pretty.

Salad sandwich!
I had a bread craving. WW bread, hummus, avocado, sundried tom, shredded carrot, spinach, and mushrooms.

WF's bar. Raw cabbage, so pretty. Smoked freekeh salad (w/ tomatoes, bell pepper, cucumber and onion) with Beyond Meat chunks! That's some pretty serious unmeat product.

This is all the produce I had in the house the other night. Spinach, cherry tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, orange, raw sunflower seeds, crumbled Black Pepper Mary's Gone Crackers. Topped with Braggs, cayenne pepper, turmeric, and then I randomly grabbed some powdered ginger and put some on the salad too, hoping it would go well with the orange and spicy cayenne. It did!
However, had I first seen THIS surprise ginger juice in the mail (Shen is on a kindess kick + thank you - I will find a million uses for this!) I would have used that. What a funny coincidence.

So of course I took that gingery flavor combination and ran with it for dinner again tonight:
Spinach, raw broccoli, cherry tomatoes, cara cara orange, Caribbean-style SoyBoy baked tofu. Topped with Braggs, cayenne, and ginger juice! I thought I might have put too much juice on, but it wasn't super spicy and hell, who am I kidding? You can never have too much ginger.
Ooohh I wonder how it would be in a cocktail....Thanks again, Shen.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Quintessence, Take 3

Another night, another Groupon. This one was actually hard to meet the Groupon price and was filled with vegetables, leaving me feeling full, nourished, and happy. I will definitely keep returning to Quintessence, Groupon or no.
Sorry for the kinda crummy photos. The lighting is "romantic" or something.

my plate: Greek pizza with "Greek-spiced nut cheesed & tomato sauce, topped with kalamata olives, bell pepper, red onion rings." Served with a side salad and an awesome dressing. The pizza is buried somewhere under the greenery.

Greg's plate: Santa Fe Pizza with "Bell pepper cheese with tomato sauce, Mexican-spiced vegetables, sour cream, & guacamole." You can see the pizza itself a little better here.

Shared dessert: pecan pie with lime ice cream and vanilla creme. This was not my preferred dessert but it was good, especially with the ice cream. They didn't have plain vanilla ice cream, which was odd, but the lime went well. Otherwise it was a little on the dry side.

                                          G took this photo of the street from the restaurant.

Also this shot of the train station. "These people don't know what subways look like!" I will spare you the shot of our teeth.

However, I WILL share this fuzzy picture of a fuzzy, fuzzy cat. She needed dinner too. It wasn't raw or vegan, though.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NYC Vegan Tour: Downtown Brooklyn + Perelandra

Until pretty recently, visitors to New York mostly spent their time in Manhattan. In the last 20 years or so, Brooklyn has really come into its own. A lot of the vegan goodness popping up is found in the hipper parts of the borough, like Williamsburg or East Bushwick (not my part, haha) and even Bed-Stuy (Clementine Bakery, I'm coming for you one of these days) but I don't find those areas as historically or aesthetically compelling as Downtown Brooklyn and DUMBO. And, for those of you stuck on Manhattan, downtown Brooklyn is just a short(ish) walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.
As an added incentive, one of The Cinnamon Snail's regular rotating sites is just at the foot of the bridge!

One of many gorgeous old churches in the area. Another, St. Ann's has a peace garden you can sit in to rest yr feet after all that walking around. Greg and I used to go to UU services in a church that has been there since 1833.

                                                         Brooklyn Transit Museum
Borough Hall, near the court house. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, year-round, there is a Farmer's Market out front. A nice break from jury duty.
Walking along the Brooklyn promenade. Foreground, Brooklyn Bridge; background, Empire State Building.
Vegans might especially appreciate the fruit-named streets around the Promenade: Cranberry, Orange, Pineapple. It might be a holdover from imported fruit deliveries to the area. 
 Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (not vegan, but a nice bit of architecture)
"Flow on, River, Flow..." The lines from Crossing Brooklyn Ferry by Walt Whitman are engraved in the barriers on the dock.
                                                 Walking towards the Manhattan side.
                  For Molly. These fish heads growing out of the ground seemed cute and quirky.
Similar to the Oy Vey sign on the Williamsburg Bridge (looking back on that post, I sure love walking across bridges on rainy days.)
ANYWAY on to the food. Perelandra is close to the Court House (at 175 Remsen St.) and they're another fun health food store to browse. It was busy when I got there, and I wasn't super hungry, so I just picked up a couple items to snack on my walk, and to eat later. However, Greg had jury duty recently and has been telling me about the wonders of their prepared foods/deli case (the crowd would support that sentiment.)

                                                                  Sooooo good.
A new flavor of those macro sushi I always buy. This one is brown rice with cabbage, tofu, and sundried tomato.

Also, sooo good. Although kinda salty? Maybe it was because I had it in my bag walking around all morning. Probably better chilled. Also, SHEN STILL SEND ME YR TART.
If you want to actually sit and dine in the area, I recommend Siggy's on Henry St. (it was closed when I walked past though.) There are also tons of Indian and Chinese food places in the area, and I passed a place called Vegetarian Ginger that had an incredibly cheap but tasty looking lunch menu.
So, yeah: Explore! Enjoy!