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Monday, December 3, 2012

NYC Vegan Tour: Foodswings

Okay, guys. So after 2 1/2 beers yesterday at Brooklyn Brewery, inhibitions were down and Greg persuaded me to visit Foodswings, an entirely vegan "comfort food joint" in Williamsburg. During MoFo I had Foodswings on the list to visit but eventually took it off because I really just couldn't make myself want to eat the greasy (but delicious) food that Foodswings is known for. Even for you, dear readers. But whatever. FOR YOU:
The menu:

The diner vibe inside:

I asked Greg if he thought most of the clientele was vegan - he thought it was probably half veg*n/ half drunk hipsters in need of buffalo wings at 2am. Greasy food is greasy food, I guess. However, there was a woman sitting behind us with a big NO FUR pin on her jacket, so that was nice to see.
When Greg suggested the spot, I immediately tried to remember if the menu had anything like spinach or vegetables on it, even as a side. Not really. I ended up getting the Buffalo Chik'n Salad in a wrap - "grilled mock chicken in buffalo sauce, romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and shredded carrots." I figured it had the most vegetables but wasn't just a plain salad.

Not a great photo but you get the idea. With dill spear and coleslaw. I really liked the coleslaw! It was surprisingly not overly fake-mayonaissey.
Greg got the Chick'n Parmagiana sandwich - "Breaded mock chicken cutlets with Daiya mozzarella cheese, covered in marinara sauce on Italian bread."

He liked it. I tasted it, and it was pretty good but you know, not really my thing.
We did NOT get one of their milkshakes. We held our stomaches and walked slowly to the train. Once I got home I ate some raw kale salad, stuffed as I was, just because I felt like I would cry if I didn't get some leafy dark green in me. Greg texted me later, "I think I'm gonna puke."
Soooo don't let me turn you off to Foodswings. The food is good. But it's just not really something my body can handle. I actually prefer Champs, which has the same type of vibe - dinery, kitschy - while providing this type of comfort food AND healthier alternatives. I also feel like Champs is a little cheaper?
But do what you want, dear reader. What would you order?


  1. This is a place Mike and I would love, although we wouldn't go there often. It sounds a lot like the type of food Palomino in Milwaukee has. I would probably either get the nachos or reuben.

    I think it's awesome that you ate some kale salad when you got home. :)

  2. That's so funny because I really wanted to suggest this place to you for MoFo but didn't think you would enjoy it so I held it back. Now I'm glad I didn't, I'd feel so guilty for your tummy ache!

    I have to tell you, their menu looks really perfect for exactly what they claim to be... late night post drinking snacks. I'd definitely want to get something that I could never even attempt to make at home so my first choice would probably be the gyro. Mostly cuz I'd be curious and also because I would love to try vegan tzatziki sauce too ;)

    I just checked out the menu for Champs too and I really want to go there now. I'm with you, I'd probably visit there first. Their breakfast sounds sooooooo good.

    I love that you ate a kale salad when you got home. I know veggie depravation feels!

  3. This places looks pretty neat! The sandwiches do look a little heavy, so I'd probably split something and order a root beer float!

    I hear ya - I tend to want greens after rich meals.

    How about a trip to Champs soon - just for comparison. ;)

  4. I'd order the Tempeh Reuben like any sane vegan would do.

  5. I couldn't believe I saw food swings on your page! It is light on the veggies but is a fun place to take someone who thinks all you eat is raw tempeh.

  6. Yay, this sounds like my kinda place! :) Those menu items sound ridiculously awesome. I really like teetering between having a healthy diet and still being able to swing to junk food with little repercussion...the "sweet spot", heh heh. :) Actually I think my stomach is just a tank. There is way. Too. Much. To choose from. For some reason the Fish n Chips is calling to me. Very fried, I know, but I haven't eaten anything like that in forever!

  7. ..."I think I'm gonna puke."...poor Greg! I had a similar experience recently, after a feed of pints, my hubby and I were starving so we went to a sort of punk rock vegan place...the food was sooo greasy, it was revolting. I'm all for eating a bit of fried stuff once in a while as a treat, but not just everything doused in grease. There seems to be a strain of vegan chefs who think lots of grease makes up for not using the omni comfort food ingredients.

    Having said that, your selection looks pretty fresh and crunchy. Looks like you made a wise choice.

    I can't quite read the menu, but if there was a reuben on the menu, I might have to go for that, grease and all...I'm a sucker for sauerkraut and rye.

  8. "Greasy (and delicious)." Yes, I know that kind of place, and why do vegans regularly flock to spots like that? I suppose for the same reasons that non-vegans frequent meaty greasy spoons. Sometimes I feel like the odd one out because I can only stomach a greasy spoon on occasion. And I like a little balance even then, like a side of kale or something to cut the grease. I wonder which place Rose went to — I can think of a couple that meet the description. Grease sells!

    1. We went to that Hiline place on Broadway...I think it's a punky place, or just rockers...whatever, we got rueben sandwiches and it was too greasy even to eat. The beer was stale too. Ick.

    2. That's where I thought you went. I had the fish fry and it was pretty good. I had something else there once that was horrible — it can go either way.

  9. I'd have to go with the corn dogs (mainly because I've never tried them before...)

    I'm a sucker for greasy food - deep fry something, and I'm a happy bunny. But too much meat analogues gets a little weird after a time. Think it's something about the texture.

    I totally empathise with the "I'm going to puke" statement. Sometimes after a good dinner, you end up feeling like some kind of python...

  10. i love that you cleansed your palate with kale after your meal!

    The first time I went here with VM we devoured every Daiya-laden item on the menu- PLUS milkshakes...and then she said, "Why do so many vegan places offer junk food like this?" BECAUSE THIS IS AMERICA! I also love their burger, chicken parm, definitely their drumsticks (southern fried FTW), but not the corn dogs (must go to Portland for that. Truth be told, my friends and I call it Fatswings...but, sometimes you just gotta have it ;-)

  11. I definitely would want to try the nachos and some variety of those French fries! This place seems to have both yummy food and a cool atmosphere. The food may not be the healthiest, but I think it's great that it's all vegan.

  12. You know, I'm kinda like Greg. I love healthy food, for sure. I love greens, love shrooms, love beans, etc. But, I'm down for some good, greasy comfort food now and again. So, I'd take turns eating out with both of you.

  13. oh my gosh that looks so good! i'm going to have to check out the brewery! sounds like fun!


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