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Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Treats

Gah! Not too many photos recently but I'll show you some treats and things I've been working on gifting since IT IS THAT TIME.

                                  These are for RECIPES. For OTHER PEOPLE. Hopefully.
See? I even started on this one. This is Holiday Spiced Rum from Vegan Food Gifts, which I bought for myself.... but I had to! To make gifts for other people! This is the Bacardi rum with cinnamon sticks, fennel seeds (!), allspice berries, ginger, nutmeg, and maybe some other stuff. Still figuring out who to impress with this one, and who will let me taste it. Now this tincture just has to sit for 5 days. Not as bad as last year's bitters, which I had to start two weeks before it was ready!
I did a baking test run of mini banana bread loaves using the recipe from Vegan Holiday Kitchen (which I'm pretty sure I ALSO bought for myself last year.)

These came out well, although the book never really gives the measurements of the mini loaves and I think mine are smaller than whatever Nava Atlas used. I had to bake them for a little longer (maybe 10 minutes) and also had batter enough for one in a muffin cup. That was okay by me, though, because then I could taste test :)
Also, it was my birthday recently and I picked up this raw cacao cup as a treat:

It was pretty good. A little too much raw cacao at once though; kind of bitter but the cup part was tasty.
I feel like I've been overdoing it recently with the treats and booze. I bought some ingredients to make a treat for a friend and just found myself snacking on them until I didn't even have enough to make the stupid things. Does anyone else have that problem? Yuck. Hopefully tomorrow will look a lot greener.


  1. Oh man that spiced rum sounds AMAZING!!! I seriously need to get that book. I love making edible gifts and some new ideas are always welcome :) The loaves came out really pretty too! So far everything I'm seeing is looking really great :)

    I don't typically snack on ingredients because I know I'm more than likely going to sample a bite of the finished product. I don't really want to overload too much since I don't really like to send things out before I try it. Can't have my friends and family eating crap! The cup sounds great but I bet a smaller dose would do the trick :)

    Happy Happy Belated Birthday!! I hope you enjoyed your day :)

  2. You've got some lucky friends! The trick to having enough to make the treats is to buy too much and put aside the amount you need for the treats. Then you can snack (relatively) guilt free. Oh, and make the gifts before you start snacking, just in case.

  3. Um, wheredo i sign up as your official taste tester??? Or how do i get on the list of "friends" who get these awesome gifts?
    And obviously you needed the new book....
    Maybe next special occasion skip the prewrapped mystery chocolate and go straight to babycakes ;)

  4. Can I volunteer to be one of those other people?!

    I've got some spiced rum on the go, as well as some lemoncello. The hard bit is the waiting and stopping the occasional test glass becoming a full-on mug...

  5. Brandy and spiced rum? You should totally make eggnog! :D And happy birthday - guess that makes you a Sagittarius? Ha ha, lots of leftover knowledge from my teenage years. :) And yeah, the indulgence thing is hard to avoid this time of year. My mom just gave me a care package with six or seven different treats! Which is awesome, but also a lot of damn treats.

  6. I love homemade gifts, and this sounds so amazing! I'm curious to see how it tastes in the end! I will have to check out that book soon.

    Ha ha! I buy things for myself during the holidays, too. I was really good and only "gifted" myself one item (argan oil for my face, as it helps with dryness). Technically, you are using your gift to create gifts for others - so everyone wins. ;)

  7. I ate mini tacos for dinner on Sunday. It was shameful, but so so delicious. (+1 for treats sometimes!)

    Love those boozy gifts you're making!

  8. I made all my gifts from Vegan Food Gifts this year!! So there was lots of booze-making in my house all month. And of course, I had to make a batch of everything for myself too (you know, for quality control). Made the Irish Creme, the Vanilla Mint Vodka, the Kalua, and the Margarita Mix. :-)

  9. I love that you make such wonderfully yummy gifts. Those mini loaves sound especially good. I've had that problem a few times, when I eat too much myself and have to go back to the store for more ingredients. Oops! :)

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday! You certainly had a delicious looking treat!

  10. As my mother always says, 'Food is love'. Your friends are very fortunate. (Although there is an Indian woman in my office that makes Rum Balls every Christmas and then everyone gets a cold. Not sure what that's about).

  11. Speaking of treats and booze...last shop-up of the month on Saturday! I've been eyeing that Vegan Gifts book but I've been feeling very lazy lately. Also I'd probably eat/drink everything before it got to its intended recipient.

  12. Ach, I'm exactly the same. I keep eating junk and blaming it on Xmas. Really want to get back to healthy eating, I get cross with myself when I eat rubbish! Love your booze ideas though and the banana loaves look delicious :)

  13. I love homemade gifts. And add in the mini bread loaves for cuteness! Looking forward to reading through more of your blog!

  14. Gifting yourself in an effort to gift to others is totally acceptable! : ) love the idea of doing boozey gifts, but they are not as fun as food gifts, because you don't get to taste-test as much! That said, taste-testing treats can get out of hand, and yeah, I've been there with the over-snacking around the holidays. That's why I love doing cleanses in January!


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