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Saturday, June 30, 2012


Yep, more of me actually too lazy to make lunch despite really needing to save money:

Lentil, kale, asparagus salad in a grain mustard dressing from Paradis. This was pretty perfect. Eaten in the other park perviously mentioned but I did not take photos of the environs because it was apparently the site for an open-call casting of White Girl, whatever that is, and I didn't want the line of white girls to ask me questions.

Whole Foods bar: fattoush salad, sans pita, with three falafel, a bit of tabbouleh, and some melting hummus eaten in the park in 102 degrees. The salady stuff stayed cool. The hummus was obliterated by heat. It was all still very tasty.

Zatar-spiced chopped salad over lentil-bulghur tabbouleh with cucumbers, pepper, and watermelon radish, also from Paradis.
One of the reasons I like Paradis is because it appears they make a shit-ton of one basic ingredient (this week was apparently lentils) but find infinite creative ways in which to use it up. This is my sort of cooking - get the hard part over with all at once and then play around with the easier (and more raw) other fun ingredients and variations.
Looks like this week's theme was legume-y protein over delicious raw veg. It works.


  1. Gorgeous salads! That Whole Foods lunch sounds pretty perfect. You can't go wrong with falafel and hummus and tabbouleh! I love that they used lentils a lot this week, I feel like I need to experiment with lentils. Hope you are able to stay cool. Such a hot summer already!

  2. Looks like Paradis knows what they are doing! Beautiful salads! I've been taking a break from hummus (after eating it too often!), but I bet yours was great. I hope your place of work is air conditioned, as that might be the only reason to endure 102 degrees at lunch! :)

  3. I'm in for the falafel. And the lentils. And the hummus. And the... oh, alright, send me the whole lot.

    I have weather envy too. You could serve me dry bread and I'd think it would taste like heaven when you've got that much sun!

  4. Our local WF's dont have Falafel, Fattoush or Hummus on their Salad Bar. The Paradis eats look great. You done good.

  5. VAVA, yeah, middle eastern stuff like that is so classic and usually pretty clean. Surprising they didn't have yr fave stuffed grape leaves alongside!

    Ingrid, oh Paradis is so great! I really ought to take a cue from their menu and recreate or veganize their dishes. There is no such thing as too much hummus, except for what I ate that day. And NO my job is not air conditioned (at least in the basement, where I am) so that job is NOT worth it. Ha. Ugh.

    Joey, the hummus melted so quickly I'm not sure it woudld make it overseas to you! But sure, you can have the sun and stale bread :)

    Shen, I try! Oh, wait, no I don't. Paradis does so I don't have to!


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