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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Eating Out

I typically bring my own lunches to work and head right home after dinner, making for some delicious food, no doubt, but nothing new or special. Lately, I haven't had too much time to prepare lunches in the mornings, so here's some of the stuff I've picked up lately:

Grain-free sushi from the Whole Foods sushi bar. It's all vegetables (avocado, spinach, carrot, cucmber, red pepper) except some silken tofu in the middle there.

These two are salads from a really tiny take-away place right near work. In that small kitchen they work some incredible magic. G has been talking about this place for a long time and I finally got the guts to go in alone and check it out. They have daily specials and whoever runs the menu definitely has an incredible understanding of the local farmers markets, I think. Everything is so fresh and seasonal. The top salad (bad photo, sorry) is massaged kale salad with sweet potatoes and chickpeas and the second salad is mixed greens, lime radish, raddichio, tomatoes, and chickpeas in a dilled tahini sauce. They aren't super vegan-friendly but there is always at least one vegan option and they're incredible each time so I'll take my chances. They also cook their chickpeas really well.

Bonus, not lunch but dinner, and poorly lit; sorry. After a union meeting, G and I caught a quick dinner at Angelica's since it was right across the street. We unfortunately found out that they are no longer BYOB so we consoled ourselves with salads. His kale salad "chiffonade of kale with miso-marinated tofu feta, diced sundried tomatoes and toasted walnuts" and my "Si Se Puede" (obviously still in union mode!); "balsamic-roasted cherry tomatoes and basil-olive marinated chickpeas over mixed greens, with tofu-ricotta crostini." I gave G the crostini. We ate it all and skedaddled.
Don't worry, tomorrow I'll be back with the boring usual. Don't get yr knickers in a twist. Oh! Speaking of which, here's a book that came through work the other day. Compelling reading, for sure. I think.


  1. Pretty major food score up there. I way prefer this to the Beets topped with Nooch in a bowl on the radiator. My knickers are totally loose. Course the elastic is pretty shot, so that might be why.

  2. oh my gosh Angelica Kitchen is my FAVORITE nyc spot! I literally ate there every night for dinner for 2 months while I was moving apartments! haha...they're like family! thanks for sharing! enjoy your sunday!

  3. They offer booze there now?? I can't remember?? I LOVED that you could buy Frey around the corner for cheap and bring it......

  4. Ooh, I haven't seen the grain-free sushi - will have to look for it on the next trip. You are one strong woman; I would have eaten all the crostini and not shared a bite. Ha!

    Please check out the raw vegan van you saw recently! Would definitely love to hear about it! :)

  5. Whoa, lots of great meals here! I've had grain free sushi once and loved it, and now I can't seem to find it again! Such a bummer cuz it's so good! Both lunch salads look really great but I'm love the kale with chickpeas and sweet potatoes. That sounds so good!

    Both dinner salads look really great too! Did you get to try the tofu feta? That sounds so yummy! Now I'm craving a big salad!

  6. Look at you, gettin' out there ! Everything looks good! We didn't make it to Angelica's this time, but I like it there. It always feels like one of the healthier vegan places. I've been trying to eat a lot of salads since I've been home to make up for the doughnuts, yikes.

  7. Shen, I figured you might like this stuff. You and yr lunches out, and all. maybe I'll stop by PB & Co one day for lunch but uhhhhh probably not.

    GFHT, Lucky you! it's so great. It's actually one of the few places I've dined at more than once, so that's definitely saying something.

    GSGV, they are apparently in between negotiations for a liquor license. They don't sell any yet - but can you imagine how awesome their cocktail menu will be??!

    Ingrid, the sushi were good but a little bland. I should have brought them home to eat with soy sauce and sriracha! Will DEFINITELY check the truck out for you (and me) if it's there again next week!

    VAVA, yeah, the sweet potatoes and chickpeas were don to perfection. I didn't try the tofu feta, as G gobbled his up very quickly but it does sound great! I'd like to try to make my own soon, maybe.

    Jenny, this is totally yr doing! If you can tote two kids around this big city by yrself and find happy vegan food...well, maybe I can walk around the corner on my lunch break and find something. But yes, Angelica's is very virtuous so I don't feel so bad about eating there. Doughnuts, eh?? Hope you got some fresh ones!

  8. Very envious of all the good vegan options for you near work. Looks pretty darn tasty - anything with tahini or kale in it is a winner in my book.

  9. that sushi looks awesome! who needs rice in sushi anyway, when it's full of lovely veggies?

    the salads look great too!


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