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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Choosing Raw's Salt-Kissed Vanilla Sunflower Seed Butter

Another "shuffle round in the pantry/fridge cuz there's no food and I sure as hell am not leaving the house in this rain" kind of day led to this:

I don't often eat sunflower seed butter but I don't know why! It's delicious and a fun change of pace from my usual almond butter. Sunflower seeds are also way cheaper than almonds - while still being high in protein and lower in fat than some other nuts or seeds. So when Gena posted this recipe, I was intrigued, though bookmarked it for later and luckily remembered it yesterday!
Gena does call it salt-kissed; the almond butter I usually eat is unsalted so that was a little too much for me but otherwise the flavor is really nice. Raw seeds are slightly roasted to bring out the warm nuttiness (seediness?). I love the slight vanilla undertones, but I'd also add more sweetener (I actually used maple syrup) or at least less salt if I made it again.
Hers looks like it got to a better texture than mine but that's probably because I'm impatient and wanted to eat it! It was hard enough having to roast the seeds and process them rather than opening a jar but, again, it's really fun and rewarding to make yr own nut butters - plus you can tweak the flavors like this! It would probably be really good with cinnamon in it too. Anyway, it was fantastic slightly warm (from whirring away in the food processor!) with the crisp, cold, sweet apple.
I'm dreaming up other ways to use it...


  1. yum! that looks so delicious! i actually just finished making nut butter! i make it about every 4 days -- i go through it that fast! i love it on GF crackers, veggies, in cookies - by the spoonful!! haha....thanks for sharing!

  2. Yum, we have bought sunflower butter a few times, and it is so delicious, but really expensive! Buying seeds is much cheaper, this is a great idea.

  3. This sounds so good! I still have a ton of my nut butters from Artisana but this is definitely something I'd like to try! You could probably add the butter back to the food processor and add a little more sweetener to cut down the saltiness? It sounds perfect with an apple :) I'd love to see how else you use it!

  4. Sunflower seed butter is my favorite nut/seed butter, but I've never tried making my own. I remember when Gena posted this recipe. I've been intrigued. The maple syrup sounds like the perfect addition. I think this would be great on celery and carrots. Probably tastes better and is cheaper than the stuff I've been buying too.

  5. What an awesome looking butter! I've never actually tried sunflower butter, but now I'm jonesing to give the recipe a whirl. Looks so good with the apples.

  6. Vanilla and nut butter?! I would take this to a desert island.
    I try to stay away from nut butters, but they haunt me. Thank you for posting.

  7. The texture of your seed butter looks great — and it sounds delicious. I've made sunflower seed dressing, and dips, but never butter. It seems like a great alternative to nut butters.

  8. I'm with Gigi up there - I stay away from them, we love each other too much. I wonder if this would work with pumpkin seeds?

  9. I've never had sunflower butter, but I'm sure I'd love it. I'd have to take it easy on the salt, though, too. Not a fan of it too much.

  10. GFHT, I can see myself making this one alot! I go throught it pretty quickly too, ha. There have definitely been some spoonfuls involved :)

    Theresa, that's usually how it works...making yr own is definitely worth it!

    VAVA, that's a good idea. I might do that! Thanks!

    Nikki, it would be fantastic with carrots now that you mention it. mmmmm. What brand do you buy?

    Jes, I was late to the sunflower seed butter game too but it's really good! A very unique flavor.

    GiGi, they obviously haunt me too - I was jonesing so bad for some that I HAD to make my own! But as Gena says, it's both saltier and sweeter than other kinds so a little bit goes a longer way.

    Andrea, sunflower seed dressing! I've never heard of such a thing. Have you made it? Or tried it elsewhere?

    Joey, I don't see why it wouldn't work with pumpkin seeds. I've found they're a little harder to blend together and get the pieces small enough but I bet if you let the food processor run long enough it would work!

    molly, do try it if you find it! Yeah, I've found I've become much more sensitive to salt recently though.

  11. Wow! It's pretty great that you made this. Wonder if you could set up a stand and start selling it at Farmers Markets? I would buy it rather than having to make it myself.

  12. I've never really given sunflower butter it's proper chance. I'm a raw almond butter die hard fan. Every afternoon I feel myself craving it with slice of tart granny smith apples!


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