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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Nothing super stand-out today, so back to the basics:

Banana (with sunflower seed butter) and blackberries for breakfast, and not just for the alliteration. Lots of green tea throughout the day.

Lunch was spinach, roasted sweet potato, raw broccoli, olives, and tempeh with black pepper.
Unpictured apple as a snack.

Dinner was shredded collards, raw kimchee, rice, and raw broccoli.
Raw granola for dessert, also some dates! That's all she wrote.


  1. Looks simple and fabulous! Yum to the kimchee added to your dinner bowl :)

  2. Looks like a perfect food day! I really need to make my tempeh... it's just sitting in my fridge. I hope it's still good actually...

    Dinner looks great! I think raw granola is going to be my next dehydrator experiment.

  3. looks like a veg-tastic day!! i tried kimchee for the first time was so delicious! thanks for sharing!

  4. I'm craving your lunch like mad right now--nothing like sweet potatoes, spinach, and broccoli to make the day shine!

  5. Do you make your own kimchi? I tried for the first time recently, and it just turned out terrible. I'd love to know where I went wrong... all tips gratefully received!

  6. Sweet potato! Zomg! I have determined as of this moment that I'm buying some today. It's been far too long. I haven't had kimchi in a while either, but it's like the superior sauerkraut. Though sauerkraut is pretty damn awesome too.

  7. Where did the Rice come from? Seems sort of random.

  8. The dinner looks great. Have you tried Red rice? It apparently is higher in antioxidants than brown.

  9. Nikki, I wish I could add kimchee to everything!

    VAVA, that's the thing about's hard to tell if it's still good.

    GFHT, it's great stuff, yes.

    Jes, sweet potatoes for sure. It's been too long.

    Joey, I HAVE made my own in the past but this kimchee was bought. I ought to make it more often because it's kind of pricey. What was the problem with yrs? mine wasn't spectacular but it was okay. I have some brief instructions here:

    Allysia, they're great, no? I always forget about them in the summer but, shame, shame.

    Shen, eh, I thought the rice would be good with the kimchee. And it was.

    BYOL, I have not! Where do you buy it?

  10. I love roasted sweet potato in my bowl — especially with tahini dressing. The tempeh looks a lot like tofu. :) Your teasing me with the sunflower butter — I have to make some. It would be good in dressing, too, instead of tahini.

  11. Beautiful meals! With this salad challenge from Angela, I am seeing that my salad creation skills still need help. Think I need to click through your previous posts for some inspiration! :)

  12. I know Andrea, right. She is teasing with that sunflower butter. There it is again,aaaand with lots of my favorites. Now you got me jonesing for everything here. Trouble maker.

  13. Andrea, I'm going to try yr umeboshi/tahini dressing soon. And perhaps the sunflower dressing - you mentioned that last post and it sounds awesome.

    Ingrid, well, Angela is hard to beat in the salad department. mine are just vegetables thrown together!

    Gigi, No tease! It's good stuff! Just go for it!


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