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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Super Quick Dinner

As, for some reason, I was famished when I got home. (Okay, first I ate a couple crackers.)

Blanched broccoli and raw mushrooms with a splash of rice vinegar, soy sauce, and sriracha, and some chopped ginger.

A couple forkfuls of unphotographed chickpeas as well. Ya know, for protein. Yes, they'd been cooked. I wasn't THAT hungry.


  1. Yum, this looks like a perfect dinner! I feel like I need to try cooking with ginger more because I have convinced myself I don't like it even though I'm sure I've had it a million times and liked it. I should get myself some ginger tomorrow. Hmm.

  2. Ginger makes everything so tasty and wonderful! And you can freeze it so its a "pantry staple!" thanks for sharing!

  3. Ooh chopped fresh ginger must pack a nice punch. Looks like a great quick dinner. I've got to get me some sriracha sauce!

  4. Did you put the garbanzo beans in with the broccoli after the photo? I would have definitely added the beans. I almost feel as fondly toward garbanzo beans as I do toward tomatoes.

  5. Mmm awesome bowl yet again!

  6. Chickpeas are the champions. I've been eating them a lot lately too, mostly in the form of hummus! Because hummus is one of life's perfect foods.

  7. I had stir-fired broccoli and mushrooms with a similar sauce, raw grape tomatoes on the side. No chickpeas, though.

  8. Sriracha is insanely addictive!

  9. Yum! There should be a tab for all your delicious meals served in bowls. :)

  10. That's not dinner, that's a side dish.

  11. VaVa, ginger is so great! It's less potent when cooked, anyway. And it's really good for you.

    GFHT, I did not know that; thanks!

    miss rachel, sriracha sauce is a must.

    Blessed mama, I kept them separate...I love chickpeas too but I didn't really think they'd go so well with the Asiany broccoli.

    Thanks, Jes.

    Allysia, I wanted to make hummus with this batch but I've already eaten too many plain!

    Andrea, could seriously use some tomatoes here....

    Joey, OH YES.

    Ingrid, you're right! It would probably just be everything, though.

    Shen, hence the chickpeas.


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