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Friday, May 18, 2012

Making Up for Lost Meals

          Shiitake mushroom sushi rolls with brown rice mmmm. I love the chewy texture of these.

Two almost exactly similar salads. Watercress, avocado, spinach, broccoli, zucchini, olive, tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots, red onion, tofu. In a balsamic-mustard dressing with nooch.
Hope you guys are having a good night. Enjoy the weekend, eat some fun stuff.


  1. Um, those sushi rolls sound SOOOOOO good! I love mushrooms and I've never had them in sushi. I'm so jealous of this meal! Where did you find these?

    Your salads look so yummy. I'm definitely going to start eating more salads again while I'm cleansing. You always have such yummy salad combos!

    Have a great night and weekend!

  2. Fantastic looking sushi rolls! Mike would be all over those. He adores mushrooms.

    Great salads, as usual! I always love the variety you put in them.

  3. Ha, ha! I'll try to eat some "fun stuff"! Hope you're having a great weekend! Beautiful salads, as usual :)

  4. Nice-looking salads. I never get tired of all my "similar" salads. Last week I bought a large bunch of frisée at whole foods for $2 and added it to my salads every day. It made them look and taste better than usual.

  5. The Shitake Sushi looks phenomenal. It is not common around these parts. We're fortunate to just get Avocado or Cucumber Sushi. Hope the Shitake catches on.

  6. OMG! Those sushi rolls look amazing! I must learn how to make them. Salads look great, as usual.

  7. Oh, glad you all like the shiitake sushi! They were just from a local health-food store... I wish they were more common but it only seems they show up at this one place. Probably should work on making them myself, tho.


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