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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cookies for Nick

Thank goodness not another death, but food of a more celebratory nature for others. One of our managers at work has moved on to bigger and better and happier things. (Actually another manager left the day before, too. Work is getting weeeeiiiirdddd.) So I baked cookies.

Coconut-lime cookies, like I said I would! Just in time for Cinco de Mayo. I based the recipe on Kelly Peloza's Glazed Lime cookies (without the glaze) from The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur. Upon just now searching to see if the recipe was online, though, I came across some Zesty Coconut Lime Wedding cookies she made that are pretty similar to what I did. Hm. Wish I'd known about those earlier so I didn't have to wing the recipe. Oh wells!

          Chocolate Chocolate Chip Walnut cookies from Veganomicon. Always a crowd-pleaser.

And that's that. Then that night he came out to a Marsh Hens show and I got drunk and asked him to sign my boobs. (He didn't.) (And I was TOTALLY JOKING ANYWAY.)
How was YOUR Cinco de Mayo?


  1. Wow, lots of changes at work for you but thankfully this seems to be a happier occasion. Both kinds of cookies sound so good but I'm definitely drawn to those coconut lime cookies! Those sound so delicious and definitely something I need to make sooner rather than later. :)

    Sounds like a fun Cinco de Mayo :)

  2. YUM!! That looks like cookie heaven.

  3. Why did he pass up the boobs? You couldn't have been drinking that much if you were joking. I like how cookies can solve problems. Let's get on board with this idea and send it over to the Middle East. I'd be the first to start munching.

  4. Great looking cookies! A lot of people have been leaving where I work, too, and it's also been weird there.

  5. I hear ya on the changes at work - we're on the verge of a mass exodus. Changes in admin can do that, I suppose. I hope your changes are for the better good!

    Seriously good looking cookies, I'm almost drooling.

    Ha, ha! Too bad he didn't. :)

  6. Those chocolate chocolate chip walnut cookies have somehow escaped my attention until now. And me with a bag of walnuts hanging around...

  7. 1 1/4 cup cornstarch in the cookies? That seems excessive to me. Anyway, hope your folks still have your old room available.

  8. VaVa, I didn't try any so I can't attest! I hope they were okay.

    Leslie, another co-worker brought in whoopie pies for the occasion too, so it was definitely cookie heaven! (As you can see, this manager was much loved.)

    Blessed mama, ha! I think he's a little too classy for that. But I definitely love your cookies for world peace idea. Who wouldn't?

    molly, I'm just happy they can find jobs elsewhere at all. Gives one hope, really.

    Ingrid, I almost drooled over them too, until I realized I had to give them to other people, and that's just unsanitary.

    Abby, I've made them a bunch of times. They are REALLY good. Get on it!

    Shen, weird, I hardly looked at the recipe since I had only found it later. That does seem like a crazy amount. maybe she meant TBS? I hope Nick has his room available.

  9. Ahahaha just died laughing on the drunk-boobs-thing. That sounds like something I would totally do :)

    Love those cookies, would love them in my belly more!

  10. I was just saying that I need to add some variety to my cookie making "oeuvre" and now you've given me some ideas. Too bad you didn't get your boobs signed. Better luck next time!

  11. Clearly, your Cinco de mayo was far more exciting than mine. The chocolate chocolate chip cookies (even without walnuts and with less fat and sugar) always elicit extreme gratitude whenever we serve them. They have magical properties, I think.

  12. Jes, do you do the whole "d'oh" shame walk the next day too?

    miss rachel, and there WILL be a next time!

    Andrea, yes, they are magic!

  13. YUM! This post makes me want to break out my GF flours and make some yummy cookies! Coconut and Lime sounds like a refreshing combination! Love your blog!


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