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Monday, April 2, 2012

Rice Bowls

Hi guys, sorry for the absence of late. I've been busy lately - or so bored I can't be bothered to cook much - or eating the same things over and over and I'm sick of posting them. But Allysia had a cool post on similar sentiments the other day. Repeat meals are still worth a mention, even if not blog-worthy day after day.
In Allysia's post, she mentions that one of her favorite dishes is bi bim bap, which I coincidentally had for the first time the other day. G and I went to dinner at Wild Ginger again and I ordered bi bim bap with kim chee and it was so good! I wish I had a photo for you because it was so pretty (before I tore into it) but the outing was an off-the-cuff thing. I'm not even sure what was in it - rice, 2 kinds of beans, kim chee, steamed greens, veggie ham, some other stuff maybe.
Anyway, I want to recreate it and I will soon but here are some other rice bowls I've been enjoying in the meantime:

                  40 clove broccoli and chickpeas (AfR) over brown basmati rice and arugula

                                arugula, raw broccoli, tomatoes, olive, and brown basmati

 spinach, rice, olives, red onion, tomato, alfalfa sprouts, and a dollop of raw cashew cheese

This counts! Rice....noodles. My usual miso soup with spinach, broccoli, noodles, onion, carrot, shiitake mushrooms, and tofu. And a beautiful origami swan.
G and I threw a party the other night and one of the girls knew how to make them. My craft output of the party night was a number of obscure phrases scrawled on construction paper and a crown that says "Fuck You Henry Rollins" SO ANYWAY. I also made pizza for the party - and put the cashew cheese on it! (This is a new batch, by the way.) People liked it too. No photos because I was too busy...inexplicably hating on Henry Rollins. (I don't really hate you so much, Henry.)
See yaz.


  1. I have a lot of repeat meals myself! The rice bowls look fantastic! I've been particularly into soup as of late, but perhaps a little more rice is in my future - thanks to you. :)

  2. I agree, the rice bowls do look fantastic! I haven't had much to post about lately, either, which is fine because like you, I've been super busy.

    The swan is so cool. Love it!

  3. I know what you mean about repetitive eating. I never get tired of seeing other people's choices, but I don't usually post my own repeats, especially if I don't have a recipe. Which I often don't. I took a photo of tonight's bowl, but whether it makes it into a post remains to be seen. I just read something about arugula being especially healthful.

  4. I just had to google "Henry Rollins." :) Maybe next time you could go a different route on the crown, something like "I love cashew cheese."

  5. I had to look up Henry Rollins too. Black Flag is one of Sweetie's favorite punk bands. I'm OK with repetitious food. The bowls are all very pretty, and I especially like the miso soup one.

    BTW, I'm going to address your question (in the previous post's comments) about me and smoothies in a blog entry this week.

  6. I've been eating repeat meals for a while now. Mostly green smoothies and RICE BOWLS. Yours look great! Mine have been steamed greens, rice, and a bean. I actually feel really good after I eat them so I've just stuck with it. Doesn't do much for the ol' blog, but I've been too busy to care :)

  7. THe rice bowls all look so amazing! Im so with you about the repetitive eating. I bore myself with my meals so I feel like I'm going to bore all of my readers with the same things every day, but I guess any post is better than no post.

    Your bowls all look amazing but that soup looks phenomenal!!! I love the swan too, it's so pretty!

  8. Love rice bowls! I keep saying I need to make more & then I forget. Really need to work on that commitment. :)

  9. Your miso soup always looks so incredible- filled with veggies so unlike the plain old stuff with a coupla tofu cubes. One day it will make it into my repertoire!

  10. Your rice bowls look great! I've been feeling a little lacklustre in the kitchen these days as well.

    I really want to make some bimbibap sometime...I have some kim chee in my fridge that I'm afraid to open.

    Clearly, I'm out of the loop; not sure who Henry Rollins is.

  11. I LOVE WILD GINGER!!!! My boyfriend and I ate there three times while we were visiting. So. Good. You know what else looks good? Those rice bowls. Especially the first one ;)

  12. What a strange sounding party. I'm sad I wasn't invited;-(

  13. Ahh yes, repeat eats! :) I wanted to say, it's awesome that you got to try bibimbap, it's definitely one of the most amazing rice bowls of all. And even simplified to raw veggies/rice/gochujang sauce, it's still hella good.


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