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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One Bowl Hot, One Bowl Cold

...One bowl of kale going on three days old. It's still good, though, it's still good.
Dinner tonight, but also for the last three nights, pretty much.

Kale salad with tomatoes, red pepper, onion, carrot, ACV+olive oil, red pepper flakes, and salt. On the side, steamed broccoli with sriracha, sesame seeds, and sesame-ginger dressing.
Also, this isn't food related but G drew an awesome comic about some recent contract issues we've been having with our store. If you're interested, you can see that here.
I'm very proud of him, no matter what I might say jealously and drunkenly otherwise.


  1. Wow, after reading that comic, I'm breathles with anticipation on how it's going to turn out for G! For the record, we are union family - go unions! As for your food, I'm wondering if I'm reading Shenandoah's blog. Three days old and going strong! Kale only lasts a day here - we can't keep our hands, er mouths, off it.

  2. G is a talented cartoonist.

    Sometimes food stays 'fresh' longer than we can reason. Who are we to ask 'why?'.

  3. Beautiful meals! I find that kale survives longer than other fresh greens - and the greens that have started to wilt are great for use in smoothies (as my blender doesn't break down ruffage very well).

    Wow! Applause for the witty and arduous comic, he has a lot of talent! I blame the Nook (and Kindle) as well, Famous Rapper! I can so relate to what he wrote, our teacher's union is crap. Don't even get me started!

  4. Big up to unions! They're responsible for all the things we take for granted today in terms of decent working environments: the 40 hour week, etc...Let us know how it goes...also, G is very talented indeed! I love that little froggy!

    The kale salad looks so vibrant and lovely...

  5. Haha I love the comic! G is so talented! I wish I had a union, then I'd probably have at least one personal or sick day!

    3 days old or not that kale looks great! I'm just dipping my toe in the kale pool with these kale chips I made. I'm working on it, and with beautiful salads like these I'm inspired to try to figure out a way to eat raw kale :) Beautiful meals!

  6. Wow! That was an amazing comic! Stand strong!

  7. Loved the comic (and your kale); fight the good fight!

  8. The green food looks delicious, and the comic is great, both the message and the artwork. Power to the people.

  9. Hey guys, thanks for checking out the comic. G really is very talented and I'm so glad you appreciate the message and sentiments.
    I've said it before - I love this supportive vegan blogging community and the importance of community resounds in every aspect of our lives, especially at work where our livelihoods can seem so precarious.

  10. Kale seems to last forever for us, too.

    G is quite talented! Mike and I are very pro-union, especially with what's happened in Wisconsin lately. While we work at the same place, he's union (warehouse) and I'm not (office). As a result, I have had many benefits stripped away while he has decent ones. We're fearing the next contract negotiation because it's going to be very ugly.


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