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Monday, April 30, 2012

May Day / Catchall

I'm sorry I've been sort of absent lately. I'm working on three different zines right now (including one for Workers for a Democratic Workplace), helping G letter his comics, and we are gearing up for May Day at the store. It's been busy but it's been good. Tonight a co-worker is hosting a potluck/ May Day picket protest crafting night. I will attempt to resize union t-shirts (not all union workers are XXL beer-bellied men!) with semi-drunken hands without stabbing anyone with needles or scissors.
I also made this easy bean salad to bring to the party:

with black beans, pinto beans, tomatoes, tomatillos, corn, zucchini, onion, avocado, chopped jalapeno, lime juice, hot sauce, cumin, a little agave, and hot sauce. Pretty basic.
Here are also a couple other things I've been randomly eating/making lately:

                                               Rising Sun Smoothie, good as always
                       Raw kale salad, curry kraut, cucumber, tomato, sunflower seeds
                                                                   more bibimbap!
Whole Foods cold bar: steamed kale with "Mediterranean salad," which was basically chickpeas, tofu, tomatoes, basil, scallions, and red onion. Not sure what made it Mediterranean.
                                     Vanilla soy yogurt with banana and raw almond butter
Vegan Bloody Mary with homemade Worcestershire sauce! I had two of these to begin a very unproductive day. Based on these two recipes from Vegtastic and Jenny Lewis! She's a cutie. Added spicy pickled green beans and an olive.

Some really nasty muffins I made. I accidentally bought sweetened applesauce so I figured I could use NO other sugar in them but I was wrong. Blech. Too bad too, cuz they sounded good. They have walnuts, raisins, and grated zucchini and carrot in them. Oh wells. For the birds.
Guys, Happy May Day! Go off the grid. Riot quietly, riot loudly. Make it a day without the 99%: No work, no school, no shopping, no compliance! And check this page out, if you are so inclined: May Day 2012.
Solidarity and peace!


  1. Whoa, there's a lot of awesome eats in this post, I don't even know where to start! Well first, very cool about the May Day potluck! Sounds like lots of fun! Seems like you and your coworkers really get along well and enjoy each other's company :)

    All of your salads look amazing as usual and I love the idea of adding almond butter to the yogurt and banana. Such a great idea! Too bad the muffins didn't work out, it sounds like such a great combo!

    Happy May Day! I'm going to check out that page right now :)

  2. Wow, mega-post! I love it. Your May Day events sound like wonderful things to be involved in, and the salad looks suitably wonderful to go along with them.

    Starting off the day with Bloody Marys would render me a wee bit unproductive too, but hey, it's a drink that goes well with veggies, so has to be healthy right? I'm intrigued by the homemade Worcestershire sauce...must check out that recipe.

    Happy May Day to you too; I'll be pretty much off the grid, as I have been these past few months!
    Take care!

  3. That bean salad is so awesome looking! I'd love a forkful or five of it right now. Happy May!

  4. The bean salad looks like a great dish for a potluck! That's awesome you're doing so much for May Day. I'm going to follow Sarah's lead and check out the link!

  5. Oooh, a vegan bloody mary sounds really good about now. Definitely onto something with the veggie muffins, I bet with a little more experimenting they will turn out perfectly!

    Great looking meals all the way around! There were a few May Day activities near the Capitol today, good stuff for sure.

  6. I love your salads so much — they always leave me craving salad even though I may have just had salad for lunch. I have to say though, if I started the day with two bloody Mary's, the start of the day would also be the end.

  7. It all looks fantastic. No oil in the bean salad? Hard to believe those muffins wouldn't taste good. They're a thing of beauty. Lucky birds.


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