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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Good Things Come in Medium Sized Packages

Mail is awesome. Food mail is even better. And free food mail is the best!
Firstly and bestly, Abby Bean, who won the giveaway a while back, was incredibly sweet and generous and turned it into a swap! It was totally unexpected, too, so it was an especially nice surprise.
I feel like Abby actually totally one-upped the random goods I sent her, because look at all this fantastic stuff:

Yeah! Little Lad's But-tah popcorn (which G zeroed in on right away), Beanfield's nacho cheezy bean + rice chips, XXXtra hot sauce (!), chestnuts (Abby what do you do with these?), 2 bags of Barbara's Snackimals cookies, a Quorn coupon (with lukewarm reviews but for some reason that makes me want to try them more), Brad's raw kale chips, two granola-y bars, and a gluten-free coconut brownie and candied ginger from Gone Pie, plus a nice note!! Thanks so much, Abby.

The first thing I tried was the coconut brownie, duhhhh. I'm pretty sure this is actually the first specifically gluten-free baked good I've tried. And it was amazing. Super dense and fudgy and really flavorful. (For a little bit more about Gone Pie and what else I missed at the Pop Up Shop, Abby has a post on that here.)
So yeah, I will be having a lot of food fun for the coming week or so. It's funny that she included the Beanfields bean and rice chips because just a couple of days later, I received a package from that company with a couple samples of their chips:

They sent the nacho flavor, a sea salt flavor, and pico de gallo, which I think is my favorite of the three with a mix of lime-y flavor and a good bit of spice. All three flavors are vegan, corn-free and gluten-free. The texture is a little weird: when you keep chewing, they change back from crunchy chips to an actual beany texture. Other than that, they definitely satisfy the snacky crunch. Also, being made with beans and rice means they have more protein and fiber than other chips (though, of course, um, don't eat too many.)
Thanks to Beanfield's for sending these over!
I have not been subsisting solely on chips and brownies. Tomorrow: tacos, tacos, tacos!


  1. That is an AMAZING food package!! It looks like so much fun stuff. And I would have totally gone for that gluten free brownie too :DD

  2. Oh! That package would have made my year. I'm a sucker for mail... and mail that has food in it, well, that is the best kind there is!

  3. What a fun post!! That package from Abby is amazing! What an amazing assortment of vegan goodies. Naturally I'd be right there with you and I'd zero in on that brownie too, it looks so amazing! I'm a little jealous actually ;)

    I got the samples of the rice and bean chips too, and I tried the pico de gallo first :) They were so good! Hope you are doing well! Very stoked to see the taco post!

  4. If there's one thing Abby knows a lot about it's snacks and sweets, and she obviously put her knowledge to work when assembling your box. It looks great! I'm especially interested in the Gone Pie brownie, which I've seen her glorify on her blog. It sounds so good! Enjoy all the treats.

  5. Yay, free food! I love it when that happens.

  6. Candied Ginger? I'm sure that will totally go to waste.

  7. Wow, Abby sent you a sweet package! I think that you can just eat chestnuts as is, but I could be wrong. I'm interested in hearing what you think of them because I've always wanted to try them. Candied ginger sounds like heaven to me.

    I've been reading about those chips on several blogs now. They sound great!

  8. malin, I would question anyone who DIDN'T go straight for the brownie :)

    S&S, likewise - I appreciate anything that isn't a bill.

    VAVA, you can order from GonePie online if you reeeeaaallly need a brownie, though I'm sure you're talented enough to make one yrself. Yeah, now that I'm catching up on blog posts, apparently everyone got the package! So funny.

    Andrea, she is definitely a pro and I trust all the choices.

    Blessed mama, all I want for Christmas is vegan food of the month.

    Shen, au contraire! I ate a nibble already...but I may save the rest to bake with.

    molly, I will keep you posted on the chestnuts! They say on the back you can use them in baking - I may try that somehow??

  9. I have a feeling I'd zero in on the But-tah popcorn too--holy yum looking!

  10. I'm so glad you loved the package; it was so much fun assembling a bunch of my favorite stuff for someone else!

    You can certainly eat the chestnuts right out of the bag, but you can also roast them with any veggies (I'm partial to Brussel sprouts).

    Would you believe I got my bean & rice chips right after buying these? Bean & rice chips for all! Are we certain that all of the flavors are vegan? I noticed that only the nacho bag says vegan on the top (even though the ingredients look safe). Waiting to taste...

    Enjoy your feast (and, um, the burgers).

  11. So glad you enjoyed the brownie! That used to be Abby's favorite until the caramashew cups. Which were replaced by the chai nut brownies. And so on... The Bean knows how to snack!

    If it makes you feel any better, the ginger is cooked in brown rice syrup and then just rolled in sugar to finish it.

    The next Shop Up is June 10th. Perhaps I will see you there.

  12. ^ She speaks the truth. My loyalty to GP goodness sways from one item to the next. Eat them all, I say!!

  13. Jes, I just tried the But-tah popcorn; it was really great.

    Abby, I ought to try roasting them soon while it's still cool out. Thanks again; I'm really having fun with it. most of it I haven't even seen (maybe I should get out more?)

    Gone Pie, it was delicious! I WILL make it to the next Shop Up. And the ginger was delicious (and all gone by now)


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