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Monday, April 30, 2012

May Day / Catchall

I'm sorry I've been sort of absent lately. I'm working on three different zines right now (including one for Workers for a Democratic Workplace), helping G letter his comics, and we are gearing up for May Day at the store. It's been busy but it's been good. Tonight a co-worker is hosting a potluck/ May Day picket protest crafting night. I will attempt to resize union t-shirts (not all union workers are XXL beer-bellied men!) with semi-drunken hands without stabbing anyone with needles or scissors.
I also made this easy bean salad to bring to the party:

with black beans, pinto beans, tomatoes, tomatillos, corn, zucchini, onion, avocado, chopped jalapeno, lime juice, hot sauce, cumin, a little agave, and hot sauce. Pretty basic.
Here are also a couple other things I've been randomly eating/making lately:

                                               Rising Sun Smoothie, good as always
                       Raw kale salad, curry kraut, cucumber, tomato, sunflower seeds
                                                                   more bibimbap!
Whole Foods cold bar: steamed kale with "Mediterranean salad," which was basically chickpeas, tofu, tomatoes, basil, scallions, and red onion. Not sure what made it Mediterranean.
                                     Vanilla soy yogurt with banana and raw almond butter
Vegan Bloody Mary with homemade Worcestershire sauce! I had two of these to begin a very unproductive day. Based on these two recipes from Vegtastic and Jenny Lewis! She's a cutie. Added spicy pickled green beans and an olive.

Some really nasty muffins I made. I accidentally bought sweetened applesauce so I figured I could use NO other sugar in them but I was wrong. Blech. Too bad too, cuz they sounded good. They have walnuts, raisins, and grated zucchini and carrot in them. Oh wells. For the birds.
Guys, Happy May Day! Go off the grid. Riot quietly, riot loudly. Make it a day without the 99%: No work, no school, no shopping, no compliance! And check this page out, if you are so inclined: May Day 2012.
Solidarity and peace!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Bake Sale, BiBimBap

One of our co-workers has been out of work sick for almost a month and racked up some incredible medical bills (despite our health insurance, which I have other issues with...). We had a bake sale at the store today to raise him some money.
My contributions:

                       Chocolate Chip-Walnut Scones, adapted from an Urban Vegan recipe

Lemon-Blueberry muffins from The Joy of Vegan Baking. A gay co-worker told me he'd marry me for these. I guess that's a rave review.

 I did not partake of any goods, but I heard the folks who put the bake sale together surpassed their goal, so that's great. Not sure what else was vegan out there but a friend came down smiling over a lime-coconut cookie that sounded amazing and I will try to find a vegan recipe for. AND I found out another co-worker was vegan! I think that makes, ah, four of us there? He's a dude, too. I love when vegans come out of the woodwork for tasty goods.
Anyway, I came home and made bibimbap because I've been dreaming about it foreverrrr.

This version included raw spinach, warmed rice, adzuki beans, raw mushrooms, shredded carrot, cucumber, and raw kim chee, topped with sesame seeds and gochujang sauce:

Thanks to Allysia for the tip on the sauce. I would have been pretty content to smother the bowl in sriracha but I think this sort of sweet but spicy, vinegary red pepper paste was an awesome addition. I found it at an Asian convenience mart near work, after a bit of searching.
The end.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Trying to cut back on / eliminate wheat, soy, nuts lately - as well as exercising more, drinking less.

                                   breakfast t'other day: sweet pistachio bites and a banana

best salad ever - pretty much every vegetable in the fridge: chard, sweet potatoes, tomato, avocado, mushrooms, zucchini - in a hummus dressing. G stopped me from adding sauerkraut

 Here he is "approving" the side strata with the sniff test. Disregard his facial disgust, it was a good salad.

 This salad I DID put kraut on: spinach, red pepper, sweet potato, and radioactive yellow kraut

Curry kraut! From a local fermented foods-crazy company. Cumin, chili peppers, and turmeric flavor it

This was tonight's dinner: composed salad with spinach, cucumber, carrot, bell pepper, tomato, raw sunflower seeds, and green olives topped with raw zucchini hummus and Two moms in the Raw tomato-basil sea crackers.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

VegNews Veracruz Tacos

Greg loves tacos. There's no denying that. And while they're never my first choice for a meal, they're fun to eat and can be stuffed with any number of fillings.
I get VegNews updates via e-mail occasionally and recently, this recipe stuck out at me for being an interesting combination of flavors and a good mix of healthy (Swiss chard) and decadent (vegan chorizo). I didn't follow the recipe or directions exactly, as I was more interested in certain separate ingredients than verisimilitude.
G and I used vegan multigrain flour tortillas, rather than corn; I used sweet potatoes rather than regular because I had them on hand and I thought the sweetness would be a good contrast with the spicy fillings; I also left out the oregano, capers,  tomatoes, and oil. We also both topped our tortillas with avocado because that is never a bad idea.

                                                                   Greg's plate

                                        my plate; I left the chard raw

But either way, we both loaded it up and it was delicious. We used the mexican chipotle Field Roast links, which were pretty spicy, especially with the canned adobo chipotles, but the avocado and sweet potato really tempered it nicely.
Any ideas on what else to do with the leftover chipotles? I was thinking of blending them into some hummus.
Anyway, I hope you all had a nice Earth Day! It was raining all day here, good for the ground. I tried not to breathe too much (ya know, to conserve oxygen) but mostly I worked on an essay and enjoyed some vegan food (one of the healthiest things you can do for both yrself and the planet!) Did you celebrate in any way?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Good Things Come in Medium Sized Packages

Mail is awesome. Food mail is even better. And free food mail is the best!
Firstly and bestly, Abby Bean, who won the giveaway a while back, was incredibly sweet and generous and turned it into a swap! It was totally unexpected, too, so it was an especially nice surprise.
I feel like Abby actually totally one-upped the random goods I sent her, because look at all this fantastic stuff:

Yeah! Little Lad's But-tah popcorn (which G zeroed in on right away), Beanfield's nacho cheezy bean + rice chips, XXXtra hot sauce (!), chestnuts (Abby what do you do with these?), 2 bags of Barbara's Snackimals cookies, a Quorn coupon (with lukewarm reviews but for some reason that makes me want to try them more), Brad's raw kale chips, two granola-y bars, and a gluten-free coconut brownie and candied ginger from Gone Pie, plus a nice note!! Thanks so much, Abby.

The first thing I tried was the coconut brownie, duhhhh. I'm pretty sure this is actually the first specifically gluten-free baked good I've tried. And it was amazing. Super dense and fudgy and really flavorful. (For a little bit more about Gone Pie and what else I missed at the Pop Up Shop, Abby has a post on that here.)
So yeah, I will be having a lot of food fun for the coming week or so. It's funny that she included the Beanfields bean and rice chips because just a couple of days later, I received a package from that company with a couple samples of their chips:

They sent the nacho flavor, a sea salt flavor, and pico de gallo, which I think is my favorite of the three with a mix of lime-y flavor and a good bit of spice. All three flavors are vegan, corn-free and gluten-free. The texture is a little weird: when you keep chewing, they change back from crunchy chips to an actual beany texture. Other than that, they definitely satisfy the snacky crunch. Also, being made with beans and rice means they have more protein and fiber than other chips (though, of course, um, don't eat too many.)
Thanks to Beanfield's for sending these over!
I have not been subsisting solely on chips and brownies. Tomorrow: tacos, tacos, tacos!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Zines and Eats

Hey all (including potential new friends I met yesterday who took the trouble to actually visit the website scrawled on the inside of Marmalade Umlaut.)
Anyway, the Brooklyn Zine Fest yesterday was lots of fun. I didn't make it to the vegan pop up shop (perhaps Abby Bean will have a recap of that for you?) so I can't show you all the goodies I might have picked up there - and there did seem to be a bunch of exciting vendors - but I WILL show you my zine haul!

Lots of fun stuff - it's going to take me a while to get through it all. Some I particularly look forward to/ enjoyed already are: International Girl Gang Underground, Homos in Herstory (1920s ed.), This Isn't Working (Comics about Ex-Boyfriends), Hairstory, Wall Street Cat, Panic, and so on...I'm excited.
Anyway, fun as it was to talk to people (fueled by much beer) and trade reading materials, the day was pretty draining, mentally and physically - I biked to both this event and Greg's show later that night (which was a great one btw). See, it's funny; I zine partially because I have a lot of anxiety about social interaction so I prefer to stay home and write my thoughts out in solitude. And then the whole concept of a zine fest is about being social and talking things up and ahhh..! But I sort of figure most people who zine feel the same way, so I tried to step it up and be friendly.
SO I was happy to sleep in a little this morning, run a couple errands, and read and clean the house. I got groceries and baked Jackie's Blackberry Mango Muffins.

Lookit that cute little berry nestled inside! These also have pistachios in them; you can kind of see them at the top, being all green and nutty and awesome. I was a little worried about how they'd come out because I halved the recipe and you know how they say baking just can't successfully be played around with like that BUT the muffins are delicious and not very sweet, which I love. I feel like you can taste the flavors better that way.
One of these was basically my lunch. Okay, plus a couple extra pistachios.
Dinner was equally tasty and a bit more nutritious:

Spinach, carrots, tomato, bell pepper, chickpeas AND tempeh, avocado, zucchini topped with nooch, black pepper, in a dijon-balsamic dressing.
And all was well. Okay, I'm gonna go work on my zine!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Peanut Butter Problems

Mangoes have been on sale lately and despite their obvious non-local status, I just can't say no to mangoes. Hence, yesterday's breakfast:

With banana, coconut flakes, flax meal, and ginger. Basically the other morning's smoothie, minus the spinach and pre-blender.
Yesterday's lunch was the salad the night's before dinner was intended to be (how ungrammatical is that sentence?):

kale salad with tomato, red pepper, carrot, sweet potato, and tempeh in hummus dressing.
Dinner was miso soup. It was good, but that's boring. Dessert was another cookie I had baked a while back and found in the fridge: Peanut Butter criss cross cookies, again from VCIYCJ. Although, the dough was a bit crumbly so I didn't want to flatten them too much. Hence, only one fork pat: I guess you could call these peanut butter criss cookies.

Topped with extra peanut butter, they tasted like nutter butters!
The thing is, I don't really like peanut butter. I bought the PB to make these cookies for other people - then I realized I didn't have vanilla extract so I randomly used coffee extract - then I overbaked the cookies etc etc until I basically didn't want to serve these cookies to anyone. They aren't bad so I'm slowly making my way through them and in the meantime also trying to get rid of the rest of the jar of PB.
Breakfast this morning:

Warm oatmeal with pb, banana, rice milk, and cinnamon. With Irish breakfast tea.

                                                          Yuuuummmmmmm, right?
My allergies, or something else, have been acting up lately, though, so I'll probably do some sort of elimination diet soon, targeting soy and corn (G and I have been enjoying late night popcorn recently) and of course no more grosso PB.
Anyway, today will probably be on the busy side: there is another vegan pop up shop at Pine Box Rock Shop (which I may or may not make it to), a zine fest at Public Assembly (totally going), and then tonight, G's band, the Marsh Hens, (yes, he's a drummer as well as a talented cartoonist) is playing a show.

                                                          All my zinesies ready to go.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Greens and Greens and Cookies

Broke fast with a smoothie:

mango, frozen banana, coconut flakes, flax seed, spinach, spirulina, ginger, and lemon. It's good to have a green breakfast again.
Lunch was leftovers of yesterday's dinner.
Dinner was missing a desired component (I bought a sweet potato to throw in, but it just wouldn't cook quickly enough) but still very tasty.

Raw kale salad with tomatoes, onion, and uncooked tempeh in a tahini-dijon dressing (equal parts tahini to mustard, water to thin).
Dessert was a cornmeal-poppyseed biscotti from VCIYCJ.

This is one of the few leftovers - I actually made these on Easter to give to my family, who I didn't end up seeing so I brought some into the city when G and I went to a Workers for a Democratic Workplace meeting at a bar. Surprisingly (?), people will eat sugary cookies as they drink beer. Whoda thunkit? Have a good weekend.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Show Me What a Breakfast Bowl Looks Like -

This is what a breakfast bowl looks like!

(From a few days ago when I was feeling slightly more enterprising than my usual plain banana these days.)
Raw granola, watered down soy milk - we usually drink rice milk if anything so soy tastes pretty rich - and banana slices. Pretty simple, totally tasty. A mite hard to chew the granola chunks, though.

And...this is what dinner looks like tonight:

Steamed broccoli, sliced raw zucchini, mushrooms, cannelini beans, and tomatoes sauteed with onion, garlic (duh), fennel seeds, and red pepper flakes. I also tossed some chopped olives in for good measure, poured some (jarred) marinara sauce somewhere in there and topped the whole damn thing off with nooch. Booya.
All I need now is a huge bottle of wine.
I'm really glad you guys liked G's comic yesterday. He's working on some new issues with employee interviews, which should be cool. I've got a poem up on the website today.
Have a good night, everyone.